From one part of the jungle

Well hello my readers. My deepest apologies for not having written you a post sooner. I have missed writing for you and letting you in on my wild and crazy adventures.

Well, i just finished working at the first of my 2 sites and have just moved into the second one a few days ago. Before i tell you about the new one though, let’s talk about the old one, shall we?

The first site i worked at is called San Pedro, at The Clock of the Rock Lodge. I have several friends who have been here before and loved it, so i was excited to go. I wasn’t staying at the lodge though, but an outdoor platform where i got to set up my tent and do some tent living! It wasn’t the easiest, with the bugs and monkeys constantly attacking us, but i got through it! Oh, and did i mention showers with water straight from the river? Yeah, no hot showers here!

We spent most of our days out in the field catching birds and watching flowers. Yes, watching flowers. Don’t ask. We caught a ton of birds and i was so excited with every single one caught.  It was a wide variety of species including a manaquin that not much is know about in the stage caught it in! Yay! My favorites of course were the hummingbird. I squealed like a small child with the first one we got!

The scenery was also pretty amazing when it was clouded or raining.

A lot of our work took place along this river, along with in the forest, which had its own sense of wonder and beauty.


The work there was long, hard and quite dirty. Not day went by that wasn’t covered in mud and worried i was going to get foot rot from running around in rubber boots all day. We worked sun unto sun down most days, which lucky us is only 12 hours long, but that didn’t include the long hikes we had to take to get to our sites. I’m not going to be all honkey dory about this trip and say that it was perfect, because it wasn’t. It was really hard to deal with. I’ve been working out in the field for the past few years, but that nothing has been as hard core as this. It wasn’t easy at first to adjust to not being clean, having no hot water and constantly being exhausted from all the hard work. It has certainly been an adjustment being here, but I’m trying to take it one step at a time and enjoy it while it’s here.

We have now been at our new site, which is about 3,000 meters in elevation, compared to our last site which was at 1,800 meters. It’s much much colder here and given transmits winter right now, I’m sure you can imagine how we are failing in tents! I’ve had the misfortune of coming down with the flu since we got here, fighting many fevers and trying to stay warm, but it comes with the territory. At least i have some advil to help with it all.


And we are already catching birds! Yay! Too bad though that about 5 min before i wrote this our toilet exploded. Oh dear…

Internet here is better than the other area we were, except that it’s only between six and nine at night, and it’s a half hour hike to get there. At least they have a shower with hot water, that i tried yesterday but think someone got to it before i did and there was no not water left. Going on week three of no hot shower, oh yeah.

So, hopefully I’ll be able to check blog’s and emails again soon! I’ve missed catching up on everyone’s life!

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5 Responses to From one part of the jungle

  1. Krista says:

    Sounds like quite the adventure!!

  2. I am SO impressed by you, Melissa. What an incredible adventure you have embarked on – it’s so interesting to read about. The no hot showers and crazy bug/monkeys sound like a real challenge, but you seem to be doing extremely well through it all and I am so glad you’ve seen some fun birds along the way. Keep us posted – we’re thinking of you often!!

  3. Maggie says:

    Yeah, field work can be brutally hard, even when you’re in an amazing place like the Amazon. I’m glad you’re able to focus on the positives, and soak up just being there, rather than being stuck on the bad parts. Your descriptions make life at CRS, even post-Larry life, sound super posh. Even if we had no electricity or much running water for nearly two weeks, at least we had roofs over our heads and no monkeys!

    I’m super-proud of you for taking this job and for pushing yourself in new areas. Can’t wait to hear more about your work and life down there!

  4. Mica says:

    Wow, lady! You are really, REALLY roughin’ it this summer. It’s so impressive that you jumped into such an unknown and are really embracing the challenge. Good for you! It’s very inspiring…and makes me feel a little more grateful for being in, you know, a city all summer.

    • Melissa says:

      Haha, thanks Mica! It’s certainly been an adventure not showering the second after you get filthy dirty! Enjoy the city for me!

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