Huacarpay Lake and

In an effort to get out of the city today and get some fresh air we headed out to Huacarpay Lake to find the famous Bearded Mountaineer Hummingbird. I mean, how gorgeous is this bird (from my bird book):


We saw it buzzing around some trees and flowers while we were walking around some pre Incan ruins called Kanaracay. They were so cool looking, and it was my first glimpse at these kinds of ruins.



We saw a bunch of other birds while we were there but ultimately none of them amounted to our excitement we were we saw that hummingbird. This just tells you what kind of birders we are. Although, i did get pretty pumped when we saw two Variable Hawks and a Cinncerous Harrier near the marsh and open fields. They were absolutely gorgeous flying through the sky.


We didn’t stay for too long out there as we still had stuff to do in town and we’ve both got something wrong with our stomachs…so traveling has been a bit complicated as of late. Anyhow, doesn’t keep us from at least some short trips out of Cuzco!


We might head out towards the sacred valley tomorrow depending on how we’re feeling, which i hope is up to par as I’d really like to go before we head out to the jungle! We’ll see;recovery is of the priority right now.


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  1. I’m loving every post, Melissa! The Incan ruins look so cool and I’m glad you saw the famous hummingbird! Hope your stomach is feeling better today. I’ll be curious to hear more about the sacred valley!

  2. gina says:

    Glad you are enjoying Peru and not having too much trouble finding food. Sorry I am so late to respond to your comment- been out in the field. I was in the lowland jungle, helping out on a macaw project. We were based in a more permanent field station, so refrigeration was not an issue. Anyhow, I did travel to Cuzco- are you having any trouble with the altitude? I felt pretty low energy the first days and also had a stomach bug (the big D). Pepto every two hours and no raw fruits or veggies that you do not wash yourself (it was a salad for me too). Good luck!

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