Peru, So Far

So, I’ve been in Lima a few days, but i already feel like I’ve been here for a while; is that weird? As you can tell, I’m definitely enjoying it! But let’s go back a little.

Monday afternoon at LAX seems to be a pretty busy time, but i think that had highly to do with the construction in the area. Anyhow, we got to my terminal and i had no idea American Airlines had basically gone “peopless ” where you check in baggage! It was quite weird, but i figured it out and went on my way through security and to my gate to wait 2 hours for my first flight to Miami. Thank goodness i just purchased a bunch of kindle books or it would have been a very boring wait.

The flight to Miami was nice and i got to ride on one of the new 777 jets, which is much bigger than the 757 jets they normally use. I was happy to have my own tv where i got to watch Hunger Games and The Lorax. I figured i better get my movie fill in before i have no tv/computer at all, right?

Anyhow, i arrived in Miami without problems and soon got on the plane to go to Lima. But get this, as the plane taxing backwards to get on the runway, the whole plane shuts down. Lights off, pitch black, dead. It was like that for about 5 seconds until the emergency lights went on and we just sat there for ten minutes. No one ever said anything about what had happened either! A little sketchy. But, soon enough everything was back to normal and we were off! This flight was not fun at all since it left Miami at almost midnight, and i could barely sleep. Not a fun mixture if you ask me. But, i got through it, made it through immigration and customs without a hitch to get picked upby the woman that I’m working for this summer (technically winter where i am though!).

We have spent the past few days running around the city of Lima getting things done for her project before we leave to Cuzco, hopefully on Friday. I have had the pleasure of riding in a few cabs to experience the madness of driving in this city. No joke, the way they drive is nuts! It’s kind of a no holds bar type of driving where if you actually follow the rules of driving, you’ll probably get hit, or killed for that matter! Haha!

Anyhow, i haven’t done much sight seeing because i haven’t had time, but that’s ok as i don’t feel like there is much to see where I’m at. But, i have had the chance to ha’ve some tasty food over the past few days at this great little vegetarian restaurant down the street from our hostel! It’s called El Vegetariano and the people already know us…we have gone there three times in the past three days!

Here are a few pictures of the food i got to try:


This one is called Lomo Saltado (ours had fake meat in it)


This is some sort of soup of the day that i got with the meal pictured below.


This dish was what they call a Tortilla , basically an omelet with veggies in it. It came with a side of brown rice and a mixed vegetable kind of curry that was just spicy enough for me and my weak taste buds.


The rest of that meal also came with the above items which were a type of tea that was slightly thick but sweet, yogurt that we poured honey into, and a sweetened and spiced pineapple dish for dessert.

There have been more soups from that place that i thought i got pictures of but obviously forgot. I have caught a really nasty cold since i arrived so i blame that for my forgetfulness, it has not been easy to work with!

That’s about all for now as we are getting ready to leave to Cuzco on Friday, fingers crossed! I was certainly jealous of everyone’s 4th of July celebrations; being in Peru means i certainly don’t get to celebrate! Instead, as some of you might have season instagram , i was playing with circuit boards for our hummingbird work.


Until later…ciao!

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3 Responses to Peru, So Far

  1. So glad you arrived safely – although that runway story is CRAZY – and have been enjoying some delicious eats already! I can feel the excitement emanating from your post and can’t wait to hear an update from Cuzco! Safe travels there, lady! Thinking of you a lot!

  2. Amy Lauren says:

    I’m glad you got to Peru safely with all the flights and getting through customs! It looks like you’ve had some great food so far, I’m glad there are lots of vegetarian options there too. Good luck with work when you start!

  3. Joanna says:

    Glad your travels went pretty smoothly. Aside from that last leg of your flight which wouldn’t scared that crap out of me, sounds like it went well. There is some yummy Peruvian restaurants here in Los Angeles and Lomo Saltado is my FAV!! The fries mixed with that sauce is so delicious! Have a safe trip to Cuzco!

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