What I Wish She Could Have Seen

I’ve been doing some reflecting lately with Whit about various things and one thing that has come up while talking with him, my family the past few days and in my dreams (go figure, right?) is my Grandma (ie my Mom’s Mom).  She unfortunately isn’t with us any more since she passed away in late July of 2001 but she is with me everyday no matter what I’m doing or where I go.

Over the past ten plus years since she’s been gone there are so many things that I wish I could have talked to her about and she could have seen me do.  I was only a Junior in High School when she passed away and there has been so much that I have done since then.  She was a world traveler herself, going to places like Japan and Egypt, which I think is where I get my traveling bug from.

(Yeah, I had honk’n cheeks back in the day…and body rolls. LOL!)

I never had to ask my Grandmother’s approval for anything, but there are times when I wish I could take in her wisdom about some of the choices I’m bound to make.  And of course I wish she could meet people like Whit, because I know she would love and adore him, just like I do.

I was closer to my Grandmother than any other grandparent.  She lived closer than the rest of my grandparents and of course, she always had great baked goods to offer us when we came over. I mean, who makes Chocolate Chip Cookies with Ruffles Potato Chips mixed in?!  I have never known another person to do that, but let me tell you, it is the greatest balance of sweet and salty in a cookie you will ever taste.  It makes me wish that she could have been here after I learned how much I really loved food, baking in particular, and could have shared all my recipes with her, taste and display.  She was always one for great baked goods, and donuts.  There were never no donuts in her house.

Ultimately I look into the future and wish that she could be there for things like my engagement, wedding, children and so much more.  I know she would have loved to have watched all of us grand kids grow up into the adults we are today, since we were still relatively young when she left. Her warmth and tenderness is something I miss everyday and wish I could bring back in myself to those that I interact with.  I know my Mom holds those same attributes, so I should too, right?  Haha, we can only hope!

I miss you Grandma.  I wish you were here to see everything I do.  One day I’ll see you again.

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2 Responses to What I Wish She Could Have Seen

  1. Amanda says:

    My grandma passed away when I was young too. I wish she could have seen me grow up too. I totally understand that feeling. Cute pictures!

  2. Biz says:

    I love that baby picture of you Mel – I would pinch those cheeks – so cute!

    All my grandparents died by the time I was 19, so I am going on 25 years without grandparents. I too wish I would have known them as an adult – but I like to think they watch over me! :D

    Happy Friday!

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