I Tried

I sure did fail on the whole: take a picture for everyday in June challenge, didn’t I?  I have taken a handful of them, but not as often as I was supposed to.  Lets see what we have, shall we?

11 June: Door

Essentially, I was too lazy to get up off the floor to take a picture of the door.  But who really wanted to see my hotel door anyways?  Boring!

12 June: Low Angle

A beautiful Ironwood Tree out in the desert.  I sat under this lovely for over an hour waiting for a hummingbird to arrive…which didn’t.  Oh well.

14 June: Time

I’m pretty sure I was supposed to take a picture of a clock with the time on it, but I’m using this instead…because 26 years of TIME has gone by for this guy…he had his 26th birthday on the 14th!! Happy Birthday Whit!

16 June: Out and About

We were out and about…at a wedding. :)

17 June: In Your Bag

I actually use two purses rather frequently and this is the contents for both.  You can see one in the background.  I feel like this is not your typical “woman’s purse” content.

18 June: Something we don’t know about you

Every morning if available, I will eat breakfast and read the paper. Especially the comics.  But the best part is that after I finish reading and eating, I end it all with doing the word search. Yes, word search.  I could do those things for HOURS I like them so much!!!

There is a bit of a recap…hopefully I’ll remember to do this until the end of the month as I’m running around like a nut trying to get all my crap done before I leave…which is on JULY 2nd!!!!!  I booked my flight to Peru the other night and it’s now official!  Well, I need to get some shots (which are happening today) but otherwise that’s about it!  EEK!  Less than two weeks and I’ll be in PERU!!!  The madness!  And I’m totally getting nervous…like, really nervous.  This should be very interesting…

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  1. Amy Lauren says:

    I still really like your pictures, even if it was hard to take them each day. Your bowl of fruit looks super delicious too, I always read the paper and eat breakfast like that on Sunday mornings :).

    Good luck with getting ready for Peru!

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