The Question

When it comes to working in the environmental technician world you’re constantly moving around.  My current job ends in two days, which started only three months ago, and in a short three weeks I’ll be headed off to Peru for almost three months to work on hummingbirds in the rainforest.  And I’m already getting the questions before I leave for Peru: What will I do when I get back?

Herein lies the question…who the heck knows.  October will come around and at that point in the U.S. things are starting to wind down in the bird world.  Spring anywhere in the country is the time to look for a new technician position so I’ll have my eyes out for something during that time.  But what will go on between October and the beginning of January is beyond me.  I’m really hoping I can get back on an airboat in January because seriously, driving those things is so fun, but I have no idea if that could happen.  There is also a possibility that I could not even be in the continental U.S. anymore and actually be living in Maui…fingers crossed for Whit (!!!).

(Ok, that’s not Maui but Kauai…but you get what I’m going for)

So ultimately, anything can happen.  There are so many possibilities out there to apply for and hopefully choose from when the time comes to it.  I’m hoping to pursue jobs more in my arena of hummingbirds or raptors but sometimes you gotta go with what you can get!  I still love working with any and all birds, so I’d be happy with any job that gets me out in the field.  We’ll see what happens!

It can be nerve racking at times to not know what you’re going to be doing, or making any money, but that just comes with the territory and what you do in your life to conserve funds for future adventures!  You just have to be aware and careful, but you can still have fun with it!!!  The future holds an abundance of chances…I just have to find and grab them.



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7 Responses to The Question

  1. Biz says:

    I will be anxiously awaiting to see where your future lies! Fingers crossed for Maui too – how cool would that be?

    Be well Mel! Have a great weekend!

  2. Mica says:

    Wow, Melissa! I really envy your venturesomeness! It’s really awesome that you not only pursue jobs that you are passionate about, but that you also task risks as to when and where you’ll be working. So awesome!

  3. Biz says:

    Thanks for your comment today Mel – I’ll “talk” to you soon! :D

  4. what a crazy life you lead!!! you only live once though right? Hope all is well!

  5. Katie says:

    I just found your blog and this is too funny – I was also a seasonal avian field tech for about four years! I worked in Hawaii, Arizona (Willow Flycatchers), Panana, and many other places. I completely get what you are saying in this post and how it is a feeling that is exciting and scary at the same time and is nearly impossible to explain to other people!

    I’m having a ton of fun reading your older posts and I (of course) LOVE the Thursday bird posts!! Have a great time in Peru!

    • Melissa says:

      Thanks for checking out the blog Katie! I almost took a job doing WIFL work in AZ/CA this spring; how funny! Please enjoy the Birding Thursday posts and I’m hoping to keep up with them while I’m in Peru! We’ll see!

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