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A Birdy Weekend

So this weekend I had the opportunity to participate in some really cool bird banding out in the desert with some friends. I have done my share of mist netting, which is catching birds in a fine net, but never … Continue reading

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What I Wish She Could Have Seen

I’ve been doing some reflecting lately with Whit about various things and one thing that has come up while talking with him, my family the past few days and in my dreams (go figure, right?) is my Grandma (ie my … Continue reading

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20 June: My Favorite Picture

20 June: My Favorite Picture I took this shot over 5 years ago at Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego, CA.  Something about the picture always makes me feel good and I can’t help but feel relaxed around it.  Hence … Continue reading

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I Tried

I sure did fail on the whole: take a picture for everyday in June challenge, didn’t I?  I have taken a handful of them, but not as often as I was supposed to.  Lets see what we have, shall we? … Continue reading

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The Question

When it comes to working in the environmental technician world you’re constantly moving around.  My current job ends in two days, which started only three months ago, and in a short three weeks I’ll be headed off to Peru for … Continue reading

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Birding Thursday: Acorn Woodpecker

Birding Thursday: Acorn Woodpecker Or, Monday?  Can’t have enough birds now can we?!?!?!! This is most definitely one of my favorite woodpeckers.  I suppose it would be all those Saturday mornings I spent watching Woody the Woodpecker (although some argue … Continue reading

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Test test…sorry about this everyone….

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Close-up, Sign, and Hat

4 June: Close-up Of some some sort of lizard, that decided to crawl up a fellow biologist’s pants.  Quite funny. I thought this would be an awesome close up. I wish I could make it even more up close so … Continue reading

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The Day I Ran A Marathon

I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I trained and ran the San Diego Rock n’ Roll Marathon.  I think to this day it is one of the hardest physical feats that I’ve put my body through and … Continue reading

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Empty and Plate

2 June: Empty I drank my water plus more for the day!!!  All while diving into many out of date magazines that have been piling up at my parents… 3 June: On My Plate Ok, not a plate per say…but … Continue reading

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