Barriers and, The Rainforest

There are two main things that have me on the edge right now about my upcoming adventure to the rainforests of Peru: Language barriers and literally, The Rainforest.

There is so much unknown that I’m going into alone and it’s quite terrifying for one, but also totally exciting in my book.  As much as I’m a control freak and hate the unknown, sometimes you just have to dive right into something you don’t understand to really enjoy it, right?  Yeah, that’s the way to think about it…so you don’t get so scared. Hah!

Right now, the language barrier has me on the rocks.  I know hardly any Spanish, only French (so much for all 7 years of French throughout High School and College!!!) and I’m going to a Spanish speaking country.  I know the two languages are similar, but also different in so many ways.  To help combat the anxiety that I know I’ll suddenly be overwhelmed with in the coming weeks I was fortunate enough to have Whit let me borrow something of his: Rosetta Stone!

I know I won’t be able to learn an entire language in four weeks but I’m hoping to learn as much as I can, or at least the basics to get me around.  I’m most worried about when I arrive at the airport and won’t be able to find anyone to help me in English…that and I won’t even know where to go or how to do it!  Yikes!  Hopefully after 3 months in Peru I’ll be able to come back with some Spanish under my belt so the next time I go back…hahaha…we’ll see about that.

The other thing though, is simply the rainforest.  There is some crazy freaking stuff out there.  I’ve been doing my research and have come upon two of the most dangerous and crazy things I could come across (and undoubtedly will) during my excursion:

The Bullet Ant:

Lets just say…that it’s name says everything about it.  At an inch long, they live in trees and fall from them to bite you and protect themselves.  And they shriek.  SHRIEK!!!!  Have you ever heard of an ant doing that!  I most certainly do not want to be hit by one of these guys…but if I do, you’ll hear about it.  And I’ll be able to tell you what it’s like to get shot…by an ant. Haha.

And, the Bot Fly:

Now this one, this one is the most extreme one to me.

First of all, there are several varieties, one just for good ol’ humans.  They lay their eggs on other insects like mosquitoes, which then bite humans and drop the egg, reacting to heat and burrowing into your skin. Yeah, they are freaking parasites and live there, larvae and all, eating you until you remove them or the develop fully and basically fall out.  How fun does that sound?  I know right, just marvelous.  I’m hoping to keep enough of me covered (literally, head to toe) to keep these guys off me.  I don’t want to have to come back through US customs in October asking me what that is that’s wriggling on my arm. Hah!

Of course those are just a few of the insects I need to be highly aware of, but there are also other things like big mammals…including mountain lions, jaguars, bears, other big cats and goodness gracious who knows what else…fun right?!