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Barriers and, The Rainforest

There are two main things that have me on the edge right now about my upcoming adventure to the rainforests of Peru: Language barriers and literally, The Rainforest. There is so much unknown that I’m going into alone and it’s … Continue reading

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Next Big Adventure: Into the Jungle

I can’t even begin to describe the terror and excitement going on in my head right now, because I am about to experience probably one of the most difficult and enlightening/exciting things in my life this summer… I’m going to … Continue reading

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Dana and Corey’s Wedding

Evidently, I just couldn’t stay away.  I can’t thank all of you enough for the wonderful, heart-felt and encouraging comments about my decision of quitting the blog.  Every word and email I got from all you awesome people has helped … Continue reading

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Tugging Strings: Is It the End?

Over the past 4+ years since I started this little blog, I have made some drastic changes, have gone through amazing adventures and become part of a community that I never thought I’d integrate into.  It has been an experience … Continue reading

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Here or There?

Hey everyone.  Again, apologies for the disappearance but my blogging mojo is just absolutely gone, so coming up with anything to write about lately has been, well, a challenge.  Nothing right now is too interesting because it’s the same thing … Continue reading

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