Hotel Eating

I really slacked on the blogging didn’t I?!  Man! All I can say is that it’s been a very busy week full of a lot of hiking and still trying to get my Insanity workouts in.  Tough battle I must say!

Things otherwise are great as I’m making some wonderful friends through the various groups I work with and I’m definitely learning a lot.  As long as I’ve lived near this area there are so many things I have yet to learn about the birds, botany and everything else!  The naturalist I work with are truly amazing and I’m always inspired to go and learn so much more about the environment after I talk to them!

I must say, eating has been a whole new game at this job though.  Being limited to a very small fridge and even no microwave has been tricky.  I’m switching rooms this week so hopefully I’ll get a microwave this time and I’ll be able to use some of the new goodies I got this week.  Here are some of the things keeping me sustained throughout the week:

I am living off a serious amount of nutrition bars.  I wish I could make my own and could then regulate the insane amounts of sugars that are normally in these, but I can’t.  So I’ve been focusing on only eating one bar a day and having other sorts of dense snacks like…well, lots of trail mix with lots of nuts.  And chocolate chips. LOL.  So much for limiting the sugar huh?  I crack myself up.

I’ve been eating out a lot during the week because I’m simply exhausted after the amount of time we spend hiking and out in the elements, but this week I’m determined to not need to eat out more than 3 times and make my own meals at home! I geared up with some of these goodies:

There is a Sprouts Market in the desert that I’m able to go to get my healthy eating products, which I’m so grateful for!  In addition to the canned items and rice packets, I bought some fresh vegetables that don’t need a whole lot of refrigeration so I can add in some freshness to the meal.  It’s amazing how much you miss a big ol’ salad when you don’t have the ability to eat one!!!

Of course there is also a plethora of fruit laying around my room to snack on anytime I want.  Apples are the easiest thing to bring out in the field without getting smashed or spoiling so I got three different varieties for the week.  I also have had an abundance of strawberries since they’re in season and those have been going into my smoothies in the morning.  Which in fact, I bought a new flavor and a vegan variety to mix in this week with all the working out I’m going to do!

Anyone tried this Vega variety?  I think it’s the same one that I got a few years ago except they’ve changed the look of the packaging and it’s in an individual package instead of a big bag that I had in the past.  I’ve been having smoothies in the morning with it being so warm where I am and it really helps having them with some of the things in the next picture to keep my fueled up!

No, I’m not sticking crackers, popchips of kettle corn in my smoothies, but my favorite panda puffs!  I seriously could eat a whole box of those things in a few days, but luckily I simply don’t have time with all the work I’m doing lately!  So these are just some of the goodies that I’ve got floating around to keep my tummy happy and add a bit of variety and excitement to what could be a very dull diet!

I also have a fridge full of things like tortillas, natural pb, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, avocados, spinach, lettuce, hummus, mustard and a few other things so I don’t feel like I’m getting in absolutely nothing fresh into my diet.  I must say though, it’s been hard nothing have a freezer to just stick things in and make them last a whole lot longer!

All in all it hasn’t been the easiest and best to eat in a hotel, but you have to make it work right?!  It just means you have to be creative about what you get, how you use it, and the varieties you can come up with with your limited supplies of stuff!

Any other suggestions for me?  I would love some feedback and of course everyone has great recipes combos that could help out always!

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6 Responses to Hotel Eating

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    It’s gotta be hard to live in a hotel basically, and I can see why you’re eating out so much. One of my coworkers does training for her job so she travels for a week at a time and basically has to eat out all the time. She said it was fun at first but got old fast and she started packing on the pounds too. Hopefully you’ll get a microwave in your room so you’ll at least have that, or maybe a suite or condominium style room that even has a little stove or oven? Anything beats JUST A FRIDGE! But, i’m glad you’re still eating pretty healthy foods and not using this as an excuse to eat out constantly or not stay nourished :).

    • Melissa says:

      Eating out definitely gets tiring after a while! We are lucky in that we have quite a few thai restaurants around that help with the vegetarian fair that we’re trying to get (two of my coworkers are also veg). Fingers crossed for a microwave!

  2. Katie R says:

    Does the hotel have a microwave in a common area or perhaps in staff room? If your a frequent guest, perhaps they’d let you use it–or at least microwave something for you.

    Another idea: you could buy a small George Foreman type grill and/or an electric water kettle. Both of these small appliances can be found for pretty low prices, and they would give you a lot more food options.

    A third idea: when you do eat at a restaurant, could you order more food (or eat less of a single meal), and save the part that needs to be cooked? Then the leftover portions could be stored in your fridge and eaten (cold) another day.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying most aspects of the new job!

  3. m says:

    Since it is hot there you can probably get away with less cooked food than if you were somewhere else, which is nice. If your hotel has a breakfast bar or even just a coffee area, there is often hot water available. You can use the hot water to make soups and oatmeal. If you buy the thin rice noodles (Saifun, <$2) you can make homemade rice noodle soup: noodles, chopped veggies, better than boullion vegan base, tofu chunks and hot water. Let stand about 5 minutes covered. Add siracha or thai curry sauce for a kick. Overnight oats with peanut butter, yogurt, and fruit is a nice alternative for breakfast. Sandwiches and fruits for lunch.

    Actually, the best tip I learned from camping for weeks at a time was to do all food prep at once. Chop up all your fruits and veggies and keep them in tupperwares in your minifridge. Buy precooked rice, lentils, quinoa, and couscous at TJs- all are self stable. If you ever have access to oven (Whit? Mom and Dad?) roast big batches of veggies, potatoes,tofu. Then combine different ingredients to make meals.
    Not cutting it? Buy a campstove and cook in the parking lot (never ever use inside).

  4. Doris says:

    Have you tried ThinkThin bars?? My friend just introduced me to them, they have 0 grams of sugar in them (the non-nut ones), and they taste really good for nutrition/energy bars!

  5. Biz says:

    Yep, I can see how it would be hard to plan and that you’d have to rely on packaged goods – I’ll have to put my thinking cap on! :D

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