Tempeh Tacos

In an effort to make my move in two weeks a bit easier, I’m trying my hardest to use up as much of my pantry and freezer as possible.  I’ve got a ton of food to use and since I’m going to be living in a hotel the whole I’m time working for the next six months, things normally made in a kitchen are going to be minimal.  So in an effort to not waste money and food, no more grocery shopping and I’ve got to get creative with what I’ve got!

After a very cold and windy day out in the field with a bit over three miles of hilly hiking, I did a 35 min bootcamp afterwards at home and was more than ready for a quick and protein filled dinner!

I’ve always got tempeh on hand for some quick protein, so I added in some frozen bell pepper pieces, a few cuts of onion, a few handfuls of spinach and a few spoonfuls of salsa verde I have slowly been using up.  I sauteed everything together and put it in a warmed up flax seed tortilla shell, all rounded out with some organic strawberries on the side!

I snagged a few handfuls of home made Kauai granola after dinner to calm my sweet tooth and keep me away from my chocolate stash…which I really should get rid of.  Insanity does not allow it in my meal plan! Bummer!

This week is going by so slowly and I can’t wait for the weekend…I forgot what it was like to work full time out in the field!  I guess the seasons are a change’n!  Hope you’re having a good week! Make sure to take some time to go outside and listen to the birds…you’ll love the sound of them; promise!

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4 Responses to Tempeh Tacos

  1. Amy Lauren says:

    Your taco looks delish! Good luck with getting rid of all the food before you move into hotels… that’s gonna be crazy for eating habits too, but hopefully you’ll figure out how to make it work… maybe it will have a small kitchen?

    • Melissa says:

      Most of the places I’m going to be at won’t have a kitchen but I’m planning on getting a hot plate to use…we’ll see how it goes. This is surely going to be difficult!!

  2. You’re gonna be living in a hotel?! You know, that may not be so bad… especially the whole maid/cleaning service part!

  3. Krista says:

    What a yummy looking dinner, Melissa!!

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