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I apologize for going MIA on you for a week! I can’t believe it’s almost been that long and barely a peep from me!  Work has been crazy busy and rarely have I had a second to my self…ok, well, … Continue reading

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This week has been a doozie. I don’t even think I can even start to explain the emotions I was going through with packing, moving, digestive issues again, physical therapy, counseling, starting a new job….the list could go on. But … Continue reading

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Easy Muesli Cookies

In an effort to make packing up my kitchen a bit easier I thought, what better than to use up the ingredients so there’s less to pack…right?  Ok, it was just me trying not to pack because I don’t want … Continue reading

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Stress Release

I was all ready for the weekend and then just got stressed out! Not only is it snowing, but I guess I’ve accumulated a little more than I thought over the past two years of being in one spot…so packing … Continue reading

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Birding Thursday: California Gnatcatcher

Birding Thursday: California Gnatcatcher Undoubtedly one of my favorite birds of California, and a rare one indeed.  A very rare one. (Source) I have seen a handful of these throughout my studies during college, working with the San Diego and … Continue reading

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“I Speak for the Trees” -The Lorax

Of course this weekend I made it a priority to see the new movie, The Lorax. (Source) I have been waiting impatiently for this movie to come out for over a year since I first heard about it and let … Continue reading

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Hotel Living

Things are about to get crazy around here!  Well actually, they already have.  Yeesh.  Work has gotten nuts…just before I’m about to leave, of course! Anyways, I had one of my last appointments (one more left) with my counselor before … Continue reading

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Tempeh Tacos

In an effort to make my move in two weeks a bit easier, I’m trying my hardest to use up as much of my pantry and freezer as possible.  I’ve got a ton of food to use and since I’m … Continue reading

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I Am Insane. Really.

I tried to be the blogger I used to be this weekend, taking photos of all my foods…but I failed miserably.  Ok, yesterday wasn’t too bad, but today, I got absolutely nothing! I blame the fact that I was in … Continue reading

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Make Way For It!

Hi Everyone! I’m sorry I seemed to have given the blog a back seat this week and only reposted some of my Side Notes for you, but things have been crazy around here.  I’ve spent the past three days driving … Continue reading

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