Local Freshness of Kauai

So, I figured I would post a bit about some of the great things I get to try out on Kauai, and how they are all super fresh and local!  I even got to partake with the family to help collect the products too!

(How cute is Whit’s nephew?!)

So one of the local foods I got to try was on my Valentine’s date night with Whit at Merriman’s Restaurant on the South side of the island near Poipu.  Although we didn’t give the restaurant the greatest ratings as far as service, ambiance and courtesy, the food was pretty good.  The dish I ordered was the veggie platter, consisting of three taro fritters, green beans, hearts of palm, and mushrooms.

We asked specifically if the taro was from Hanalei (where Whit’s family farm is and they grow taro) and they said yes…but we know his family doesn’t sell to them. Haha…must be one of the other farmers in the valley that sold to them then!  Anyhow, the fritters were delicious and not soaked in butter…like the rest of the vegetables, which was a bummer because I was really looking forward to eating them.  I tried one of each before ditching the rest of the dish because it had way too much butter.  But, the meal goes to show how good taro fritters can be made!

Of course you can imagine the amount of taro that I ate while I was on the island, in various different forms made by none other than members of Whit’s family.  These things included taro burgers, taro hummus, poi, mochi cake and kuhlolo:

Ok, I didn’t eat the mochi cake because I don’t like mochi (I know, what kind of Japanese am I) but you can bet I brought a TON home for my Mom, who loves the stuff!  Whit’s brother in law (the main cook for all these goodies) also made an awesome ginger lemonade from the lemons we picked from the parent’s backyard, along with the most delicious guava sorbet I have ever tasted. I wish I had taken the time to take pictures of it…soooo good.

And of course, there was the Lilikoi Pie. I drool just thinking about it. I have no idea if the passion fruit juice used in the recipe was from Kauai, but I don’t care.  This is the shizzle!

I ate other things of course, but these were among the best!  Oh, and of course Whit’s Mom’s homemade food like Nishimea, Korean Spinach, Vegetarian Fried Rice…and the list could go on!

Anything local and fresh you’ve eaten lately?  If not, go out and do so this weekend!  I would love to hear what you decided to have!

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2 Responses to Local Freshness of Kauai

  1. Danielle says:

    Love this post! Especially being that food is one of my favorite travel perks. How lucky that you got to enjoy so many fresh, locally-sourced meals. I’m going up to the snowy mountains this weekend but there might be some local root vegetables available :). Have a great weekend, dear!

  2. This is amazing, Melissa! I love the picture of you picking lemons. That is so cool. Whit’s nephew is adorable!

    Local foods look amazing – I might consider living there if you reeeeally twisted my arm. ;)

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