Brother Time

My brother came to visit me this week and I decided it was “take your brother to work day!”

Like last week with Whit, I took Craig on my mountain hike with me because as I said before, it’s fun, but I don’t like hiking it alone because there are bears and mountain lions! Yep!

It was definitely colder this time because we had a haze that kept the warmth of the sun out, but it was still just as gorgeous.  I can never get over these views.

I was actually a bit worried about this hike because as of last week when I finished it, I have had some really bad pain in my right hip, which is the opposite one that I let rest all of December.  The pain has been on the very outside of my right hip and felt literally just below the skin, but would hurt every time I took a step up on the stairs and out of the step with my right foot.  It was killer so obviously I was worried.  But, within a few steps something I assume just kind of “moved” and bam, no pain! I was smiling larger than the sun and it made the hike so much more enjoyable with my bro!

We finally got home around 3 and after cleaning up started on getting some dinner ready because we were famished!  I had some extra french bread left over from last night’s homemade minestrone so I let my brother use it to make some French Bread Pizzas for dinner while I used a Flat Out wrap for mine!  We topped them with lots of veggies, some chik’n tenders and cheese for Craig.  I love pizza!

(sorry for the bad picture!)

I have work super early tomorrow morning and then get to head down and see my boy for the night of some sushi and Mission Impossible four!   Yay!

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6 Responses to Brother Time

  1. Amanda says:

    How adorable! I love spending time with my siblings. I also loooooved French bread pizzas when I was a little. I haven’t had them in forever!

  2. Amy Lauren says:

    That’s pretty neat that you took your brother to work with you :). Those pizzas look delish too, I love veggie pizza!

  3. Rose says:

    Love those pizzas! and so glad you got to spend time with your brother. family time is always needed!

  4. Sana says:

    Can we bond over hip pain? It’s a weird sensation type pain. Sigh. I feel old.
    P.s I never hike alone, it’s scary!

  5. CJ @ says:

    Those pizzas look delicious!!!! Have a fantastic weekend with whit!

  6. Krista says:

    Awesome to have your brother along! :)

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