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Side Notes: Seems Never Ending

[[Side Notes: Seems Never Ending Just when I’m starting to think I’m doing so much better, it’s like I take a fall and just can’t get back up.  Maybe it’s a side affect of feeling sick so much the past … Continue reading

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Flare Up

Oh man, the past few days have been pretty brutal on the eating front.  It all started Wednesday night when I made a tofu scramble for Whit and I for dinner. I followed much of the recipe that Evan posted … Continue reading

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Side Notes: 15 Minutes or Less

[[Side Notes: 15 Minutes or Less Every two weeks when I go in and see my counselor she asks me if I’ve been having any negative thinking.  Normally I say yes, and explain how I am able to combat the … Continue reading

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My Best Bird

I know it’s only Tuesday and not Birding Thursday, but I submitted this for an Audubon Contest and thought I would share it all with you.  Enjoy. “In the spring of 2009 I took my first field technician job in … Continue reading

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Cleaning House

Being stuck inside from the cold and rain means I have a lot of time on my hands…so, I clean.  Cleaning is not my favorite thing to do, well, except for vacuuming.  I don’t mind doing that…somehow, heh. Anyhow, with … Continue reading

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20 Things

1.  What is one of your favorite ways to spend a Saturday? Normally I would love to go for a long run, but that’s not happening right now.  So as of late, I’ve been enjoying a nice cup of green … Continue reading

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Birding Thursday: Golden Eagle

Birding Thursday: Golden Eagle It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done my Birding Thursday series, hasn’t it?  I apologize if you missed it…but now it’s back, and with what is now becoming one of my favorite raptors, the Golden … Continue reading

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Completely Vegan….Soon?

Oh the debacle.  I have been going around and around this for many many months: Should to become a full on vegan? I am already basically there because of many reasons which I feel I have never explained, and I … Continue reading

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Side Notes: The Blog

[[Side Notes: The Blog I saw my councelor this week after almost three weeks and had a lot to discuss.  There were many instances during the holidays that had me pulling my hair and well, scrutinizing myself in every way … Continue reading

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Brother Time

My brother came to visit me this week and I decided it was “take your brother to work day!” Like last week with Whit, I took Craig on my mountain hike with me because as I said before, it’s fun, … Continue reading

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