For 2012

Well, 2011 sure did go by in a flash didn’t it? I’m very surprised at how fast it all occurred, and all the things I got done!  You can check out my review of the things I wanted to do in 2011 that I set up for myself last year!  I’m pretty amazed actually! I never get that much done!

So, what do I have set up for 2012?  I’m finding it hard to come up with some things…which tells me I’m getting boring or something!  Hah!

What I want to do in 2012:

-Recover from my running injuries and do a 1/2 marathon: I thought about doing a marathon in 2012 to redeem myself over the one in 2011, but with this injury, I just don’t want to risk anything more serious than it already is.  I will certainly take my time building up my miles again and training for a 1/2 though!

(My injured hip(s))

-More Strength Training: After doing Bobbi‘s Holiday Shred I was amazed at how strong I can be! I can do almost as many pushups as I could in high school and squats have become something of second nature!  Seeing the definition my arms, back and legs is also a plus and hey, maybe it’s a step in the direction for a six pack? Haha…I kid.  Maybe.

-Figure out what’s wrong with my digestive system: This year has been one of numerous doctors visits, drugs and consultations to figure out what is wrong with my digestive system.  As frustrating as it has been, I’m hoping that in the near future with the help of my Dad or Mom’s doctors (they have Crohn’s and Colitis) that we’ll be able to diagnose something and make me all better.

-Keep my friends closer: My best friend is moving to Canada in a few months and although I don’t see her that often, I am going to miss her so much (happens when you know a girl for 22 years of your life).  We always give each other the whole “We need to keep in better touch; I’ll call you at least once a month” talk, but this time I’m going to do good on that.  There is no reason I shouldn’t!

(Wow, this is in Kindergarten…so long ago)

On top of that, I want to stay in better contact with my college roomies who I’ve neglected for too many years moving around.  One is getting married this coming late spring and I am going to try my hardest to attend everything she asks me too.

(The one in the middle is getting married!)

-Be more involved/social: I have a tendency to join a group of some sorts, get involved for a bit, then ultimately stop participating.  As someone who is definitely not a social butterfly and easily feels lonely, this will save me from feeling alone.  I hope that moving to my new home in a few months will help push me to get out and join the local Audubon society and maybe even a running group. I miss having people to run/hang out with outside of work, where I have no coworkers.

(Birding with the local Audubon Chapter)

-Get my readership back to the blog: When I transferred to in September I lost a whole host of followers and watched interest in my blog well, drop off the face of the earth.  At first I was frustrated, but it’s my own fault.  With lackluster posts and no schedule for posting, no wonder no one wants to read the blog!  Hopefully 2012 will help me get on track with that!

-Continue eating local and organic: I checked and Abundant Harvest delivers to my new residence so I’m stoked that I’ll still be getting their great produce!  It was so nice to participating in their produce group and I can’t wait for more time with them!

(Honey needs good food too!)

-Travel in my new surroundings: Where I’m moving to, I have never been. I have never visited anything in between Sacramento and Portland in my life so I want to take in all that I can while I’m up in Northern California.  So get ready for trips to the Redwoods and maybe even trying to hike Mt. Shasta!  That’s on my bucket list anyhow!

-Spend as much time as I can with Whit: Moving 7 hours away from him for 6 months of 2012 is going to be hard so I’m going to make an effort to spend as much time with him before I move.  We’ve already planned a trip back to Kauai and hopefully Oahu in February (over Valentine’s Day!) and hopefully another after I finish my job in September.  We have already figured out several ways to help him get up to my new place and some fun things to do!

-Work as hard as I can on my recovery: Moving to a new place is always an adventure to me and I love discovering new things, but my biggest factor that I always have to fight is the loneliness.  When I get lonely I end up eating emotionally which always backfires on me and makes me feel guilty, starting the vicious cycle all over again.  I won’t have my counselor to talk to while I’m up there, so I think this is going to be a test of sorts to really see how much I have recovered, which I know is a lot in the past year.

-Don’t be afraid of the future: After my job ends in September, I don’t know if I’ll have a job anymore.  I was used to this before when I knew jobs only lasted 6 months as a time, but after making a home for myself in my current town it’s hard to think I won’t be working in that place anymore.  I’m hoping there will be something there, or that maybe Whit will get his dream wish of transferring to Hawaii for work, which in that case I’ll just follow him there!


There are some of things I hope to accomplish in the coming year and I hope they are met with success.  It’s so hard for me to set resolutions because I’m a perfectionist and that never turns out pretty…if you know what I mean. I would love to hear about your resolutions/things you want to accomplish in 2012 though!  I’m sure we will all work hard to achieve them!

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9 Responses to For 2012

  1. I’ve seen that you don’t post as much anymore…and you shouldn’t…cause you need Whit time!! I think he’s been a positive and supportive person in your life…I feel it! For 2012, I feel like I “lost” myself the last part of the year. I love living here but I don’t know if I’m living and being the best I can be…and not just fitness wise..but mentally. Am I volunteering enough? Am I reading enough? Am I positive enough? Those are things I want to tackle next year.

  2. Biz says:

    If you ever find yourself lonely and no one else is around – you can always email me! I am so excited for your next adventure for you – as I’ve said, once you get my age its hard to pick up and move on the fly :D I am sure you and Whit will be just fine – absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?! :D

  3. These are some wonderful goals you have for the New Year. I always say to just take it slow because some may be achieved a lot quicker than others. Above all, continue to post because I love checking in and seeing what you’re up to. Happy holidays and I pray for good things for you during the new year!


  4. Man the stomach thing really stinks! I know going through that myself this summer was horribly frustrating. My nutritionist was really hard core on doing a food journal to really track different types of foods..i’m sure you’ve done that already!

    Strength training is so crazy, I used to hate it but I agree I’m finding it kind of cool to see my strength

  5. i still love reading! i feel like i can relate to you on so many levels and you always help inspire me to be a better person. great goals girl! im still working on mine, as well :-)

  6. Katie says:

    Love your 2012 goals! They’re similar to mine, and reflect positivity and personal growth. I’ve also experienced a drop in readership- and commenting- so it’s made me re-evaluate what I want my blog to be.

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