What I Wanted In 2011

Last year I decided not to make resolutions because…they stress me out.  Instead, I posted about the things I wanted to do in 2011.  It’s almost the end of the year, so time to take a look back and see if what I wanted to do, happened!

1. Run a Marathon
-Oh yeah, I ran it, and HATED IT.  Haha.

I never want to run another one ever again! Ok, that’s a lie, since a month ago, just before my hip went to crap, I was thinking about running a marathon in 2012…it may happen, but definitely not in the first half!  It was certainly an experience though…You can read my recap here, and my emotions afterwards.

2. Run more 1/2 Marathons.
-I ran the two half marathons I had planned on, Arizona and Oakland, and one was certainly better than the other.  I definitely enjoyed Arizona because I got to spend the weekend with one of my best blog friends, Jenn, but Oakland was certainly a better race since I PR’d by 4 minutes!

3. Be More Environmentally Conscious

This is the “want” that I am so proud of.  I did so great with every single one of my environmental goals.  I subscribed to a farm-share delivery service called Abundant Harvest that provided me with both local AND organic fruits and vegetables for only $22 a week!  I tried my hardest to use everything every week but some of it was given away to friends and family in order for it to not spoil.  And let me tell you, this food tasted SO MUCH BETTER than anything I’ve ever gotten at the grocery store!  Of course on top of the produce box I also hit up as many farmer’s markets as I could, and if I had to go to the grocery store, it was as organic as I could get!

I also did a good job with the following: replacing my cleaners with green cleaners from the store and made at home; not using paper towels but reusable towels which I designated for different types of cleaning; replacing my paper napkins with cloth napkins; and buying reusable sandwich bags and tupperware for everything I ate!

4. Help An Environmental Organization

-As part of my marathon goal, I wanted to raise money for my favorite environmental organization, World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  I have been donating to them since as far back as I can remember, and they just do so many things I wish I could do myself (my ultimate goal in life: work for them).  Through the marathon, I ended up raising over $1,000 for them!  It was definitely an adventure and hope to be able to give them more in the future!

5. Travel

-I had lots of plans to travel this year…and I kind of did!  I didn’t get to the majority of places that I wanted to, but instead ventured out to more local areas I had never been to!  I ended up going to Kauai twice with Whit to meet the familiy and go to my first luau.  They were both great trips and I can’t wait to go back in February!

Whit and I also took several trips throughout the year to beautiful places like Mammoth, Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Redondo Beach and San Diego!

6. Connect with Friends

-In order to fight against my eating disorder this year I knew that getting out and being with my friends would help out immensely.    I probably saw my old college roomies more times this year than I have since we left college (which I’m ashamed of!) and it has been so nice to be able to talk and hang out with them again. One is getting married next year so I’m happy to be closer!

Jenn and I have been friends since as far back into blogging as I can remember so I knew after seeing her in Chicago for HLS the year before I had to see her in the one afterwards!  I’m hoping to head out and see her again in 2012, we certainly need to catch up in person!

I also tried my hardest this year to make it to as many blogging gatherings I could since I live closer than I have in years!  It was great to see friends at the Foodbuzz Festival, the National Products Expo West, and random little blogger meetups.

7. Treat My Body With Respect

-This was the hardest one above all and although I don’t give myself enough credit, I have come a very very long way; farther than I have in the past 8 years of recovery.  The past month has been on the only one were calorie counting actually didn’t control my life, but as far as restricting and overcoming fear foods is concerned, I have conquered most of them, thank goodness!  I mean, how did I go so many years thinking these were going to make me fat overnight or in an instant?

I have learned how to overcome the anxiety and irrational thoughts that overcome my mind when I eat foods that used to be “fear foods”, go out to restaurants, and indulge in some of my past favorite foods.  But not only that, I learned how to enjoy running again.  I learned how to really take in the moment of a run, and to use it for purposes other than burning off calories (like raising money for WWF, eh? hehe).

8. Cook with a Vengence

-This one didn’t go as well as planned because I entered quite a few food ruts.  I went through periods of being able to cook myself up meals for a single person, but sometimes I did nothing but eat a smoothie two times a day! Haha!

9. Update My Wardrobe

This one was a win!  It took almost all of the year, but after figuring out exactly what would look good on my body type, and not shopping in teeny bopper stores anymore, I have so many new clothes!


How did your year go?! I’ll be doing another post of the things I want in 2012 but let me know what you want to do next year!  No resolutions, just what you want/wish you could do!

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12 Responses to What I Wanted In 2011

  1. Rose says:

    You look awesome, girl! Congrats to you for doing so many of the things you wanted (even if you hated one of them!). You’re awesome. Keep rocking it in 2012! I love that outfit BTW :)

  2. Love this post Melissa… you really did a number of great things this past year… even if one of them was the bane of your existence haha
    I am so glad you wrote about the recovery aspect too and that you are doing better than ever. that is soo so inspirational for me to read, and I appreciate you sharing this!

    • Melissa says:

      I’m going to do a much bigger post on recovery because after just talking with my counselor about it, I have come much much further than I ever thought this year. Thanks for the support of course!

  3. Kara says:

    You had a great year. I wouldn’t worry about not liking the marathon distance, it’s not for everyone. I know this one kick ass runner who can run 10 miles in like 1:07 and she’s never even done a marathon, so it’s not a requirement to be a real “runner” :)

    • Melissa says:

      I think I was made for 1/2 marathons…that one full just killed me. I really like the half anyhow! :) And 10k’s. They aren’t too short or too long.

  4. Allison says:

    Awesome job accomplishing your goals, look forward to reading about your 2012 goals! This year my biggest goal was to graduate and get hired… CHECK! :D

  5. Oh no, after doing lots of halves I’ve decided to run my first full in March. Now I’m scared! ;)

  6. Amy Lauren says:

    You had such a great year, and I remember reading most of these blogs too! Sorry that you can’t run right now, but I really can’t run right now either so we’re in the boat together at least! You definitely came a long way this year with your food and exercise, I have really noticed it, and wishing you lots of progress in 2012 as well :).

    Oh and those Robin Eggs are reminding me that Easter will eventually hit the stores, lol. Love some Robin Eggs!

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