Turning It Around

Side Notes: Turning It Around

It’s been a rough few days.  Some schedule things got mixed up early on the week that exhausted me.  If you add in the stress of finishing Christmas shopping, little to no work, some thoughts on relocating temporarily, and sending out all my holiday goodies I have been teetering on the edge.  Oh, and my hormones are on the rage, so that sucks.

 now im a superhero


When I get stressed out, it gets taken out in different areas.  Normally, I would run my little heart out to clear my head and I’m set to go.  But with this hip injury not getting any better (ie I somehow tweeked it AGAIN some time this week that has resulted in the same pain as three weeks ago.  Damnit.) I’m even more frustrated on the workout front.  I’m lucky to have Bobbi’s Holiday Shred to keep me busy for at least a 1/2 an hour each day, but I’m used to more than that, ya know?  I’m walking in hopes of it replacing running, but if you’re a runner, you know that it’s just not the same.  Unless I have fun company, that it’s ok.

So by Wednesay night when I was ready to throw a fit because I was in pain and frustrated, I felt myself turning to my old ways…body bashing, restricting, guilt tripping, you name it, I was thinking of doing it.  But after a few hours of my own little pity party, I turned off the tv, turned on only the Christmas lights and piano music, and did some YOGA.  I don’t do it often because I tend to get bored with it, but when I’m stressed, it’s my life saver!  Fourty minutes later and I was able to breath, think clearly, and move on from my bad moment.

That little dose of relaxation was just what I needed.  I have been telling myself to do more yoga while I am recovering from this hip injury but with one yoga teacher in my entire town and prices up the yang yang, I let it fall on the wayside and just forgot about it.  Oops.  I really should have stuck with getting more into it…heh.

What do you do to stay calm during the holidays or stressed out times?  I also do monotonous things like fold laundry, vacuuming and such, but I can only do so much laundry, ya know?  LOL.

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5 Responses to Turning It Around

  1. Krista says:

    When I’m stressing out I try to talk myself down, but sometimes the only thing that works is a mini meltdown. Ya know; just to get it all out. Maybe I should try yoga, though…

  2. im sorry you are stressed hun. this time of year can be that way. i am glad you turned it around though. you deserve better than the horrors of an ed and have done so well at helping inspire me. this was just what i needed tonight. thank you :-)

  3. Amy says:

    Sorry you are stressed out at the moment, rest assured that 90% of the population is feeling the same way :) Hey, we’re all crazy together at the moment!
    It’s great that you have found a way to deal with your anxiety and stress, I know it can be hard when you aren’t able to exercise the way that you really love to because your body needs a little more care at the moment.
    Yesterday I was having a little bit of a stressed out/ down in the mud moment and I had a big chocolate binge. Usually this would mean I feel terrible about myself the rest of the day and just have a big sleep. Instead I got on the treadmill and had a nice long easy walk. It put me in such a better place. Next time I reach for the chocolate I will know that the alternative will have a much better effect.

  4. I identify with you so much on this post. I feel you, girl, and I have been going through similar feelings and reactions. It’s hard, but so glad you found something that brought you peace! That’s key in the madness that we all deal with these days. Wishing you all the best and especially peace and happiness (and HEALING).

  5. i’ve been reading a lot more…which helps…thinking of going a break without blogging/reading/etc. cause it doesn’t help. Hope you feel better. You had such an amazingly positive year. You are awesome k?

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