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Side Notes: Overnight

[[Side Notes: Overnight With the New Year just days away and the things I just want to accomplish in 2012 about to start too, there is one thing about my eating disorder I have yet to be able to get … Continue reading

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A Bee-autiful Day!

Today was absolutely bee-autiful day! Get the pun? Of course you do…and I was swarmed by them.  It was quite frightening to say the least! This morning was chilly so I layered up and ate a hot breakfast to warm … Continue reading

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For 2012

Well, 2011 sure did go by in a flash didn’t it? I’m very surprised at how fast it all occurred, and all the things I got done!  You can check out my review of the things I wanted to do … Continue reading

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A Family Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!   I hope you all had a good day with your friends, family and loved ones!  Or just a good one!   Mine was a good one, starting on Christmas Eve with my Dad’s side of the family.  … Continue reading

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Like Old Times

Ah, that time has come again…the time to MOVE! To Shasta County, CA!  (it’s right in the middle of the border of CA-OR and Sacramento)  Part of me is super excited to move again because it means traveling to a … Continue reading

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What I Wanted In 2011

Last year I decided not to make resolutions because…they stress me out.  Instead, I posted about the things I wanted to do in 2011.  It’s almost the end of the year, so time to take a look back and see … Continue reading

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Holiday Traditions

Whoa, 6 days until Christmas?  Where did the time go…because I still don’t have all my shopping done.  Add in the fact that not only do I have to Christmas shop, but I also have three family birthdays coming up … Continue reading

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Turning It Around

Side Notes: Turning It Around It’s been a rough few days.  Some schedule things got mixed up early on the week that exhausted me.  If you add in the stress of finishing Christmas shopping, little to no work, some thoughts on … Continue reading

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I Hate It When This Happens

I go through stages of wanting to copy cat recipes I try at restaurants, but every time I try, I fail miserably!  I swear I need to steal Mama Pea’s brain so I can get better at it…you want to … Continue reading

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South African Seasoning Potato Quiche

Oh boy, I was excited for this week’s produce box!  Look at the color and variety in it! My stash includes: red leaf lettuce, mint, swiss chard, spinach, cauliflower, pears, clementines, broccoli, carrots and potatoes.  I got this on Saturday and … Continue reading

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