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Simple Things

Sometimes it’s the simple things that get me through the day. Sometimes it’s as simple as a nice warm bowl of oatmeal on a cold and windy morning: Sometimes it’s as simple as beautiful colors in the sky in the … Continue reading

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Side Notes: Calorie Counting and Giving Thanks

[[Side Notes: Calorie Counting and Giving Thanks I notice this every time I go on a vacation: I don’t count any calories and it never crosses my mind. I enjoy my food, eat the things I want to eat without … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving as Birding Thursday

Did you really think I wouldn’t make Birding Thursday‘s bird a Wild Turkey!?  I know it’s a day late, but I was busy driving over 400 miles in the past twenty-four hours.  Lets just say my butt hurts, my knees … Continue reading

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Food Allergies In My Generation

So, last week I met up with Amanda and Andy for dinner since I was close enough to meet them somewhere.  We decided to go to a place they frequent, The Natural Cafe, which I had wanted to go to … Continue reading

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Organic Produce Box

Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for all the kind words on my injury and fashion troubles.  I forgot to mention that to help my hip heal, I’m not only going to do Bobbi’s Holiday Shred, but also going to incorporate … Continue reading

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Frustrations and Successes

I was fortunate enough to have a three day weekend this weekend after working almost 50 hours in 4 days in the beginning of the week.  It was certainly a tough but fun and exciting experience (I am not allowed … Continue reading

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At The Table: Vegan Enchiladas

There is something about sitting myself at the table, computer, tv, music and everything off, and just eating my food.  Paying attention to it and enjoying it. My mission lately, since I have no one to entertain but myself when … Continue reading

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Foodbuzz’d Eats Galore

I know, almost two weeks later for more Foodbuzz posts?  Guilty as charged, but I field work in super remote areas means…no internet = no posts.  Sorry!  So… ~~ Whoa.  Day two, Saturday, was madness on the food front.  I … Continue reading

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Some Time Soon

Hey Everyone.  I apologize for no real post today (or yesterday) but I’m in  pretty remote area that is causing some internet difficulties.  I’m trying to work on getting some better connections so I can get you some posts instead … Continue reading

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Anniversary Weekend

Hi everyone!  I swear I have been trying to finish blogging about Foodbuzz…but thought I would mix it up with something else I’m celebrating right now: Whit and I have been dating for a year now!  Remember when I told … Continue reading

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