Culinary Adventure In My Kitchen

This weekend has been pretty chill since I can’t do much for exercise (my hip is hurt  pretty bad again; I can’t run, walk or even ride my bike it hurts that much!) so since I couldn’t do much but sit and stand, I took advantage of the free time and spent it in the kitchen!  That’s of course after some beautiful trips out into the field:

I started off the weekend on a Mexican spin, with chickpea tacos for dinner, and chicken fajitas for Whit.  I also made bell peppers and onions on the side to add in, along with tomatoes, cheese (for Whit), and guacamole…unfortunately I don’t have a picture.  Just imagine some great vegan Mexican food!

Anyhow, I had my first baking venture of the weekend when I decided to make Heather’s Double Chocolate Chip Bars from the Attune Foods Website.  She used white chocolate in the recipe but since I don’t like the stuff (it’s not chocolate to me!) I saw some butterscotch chips on sale and decided to use those.  Boy, Whit nor I was disappointed!  I can’t stop eating them! 

Along with some delicious bars to hold me over the weekend, I also got an awesome produce box for the week!  I got my first pomegranate too!  I have no idea how to eat or de-seed them (??), but I’m excited to try!

I also got some squash in there, radishes, basil, lettuce, pears, apples, green beans, peppers and acorn squash.  I’m definitely roasting the green beans but aren’t sure what to do with everything else.  Will see what the mood strikes me with!

Honey especially liked the radish greens: 

Killah’ kitty!

Anyhow, dinner was super delicious and a new one for Whit!  He had been wanting sushi all week so I told him we would this weekend, except that we would be making it ourselves!  I have taught a lot of people and knew he would be able to do it…he’s got Japanese in his blood of course!  I made your typical veggie roll, with a brown/white rice mix, cucumber, carrots, avocado and some red leaf lettuce.  I had three rolls and was stuffed!!

Whit seared some Snapper because we weren’t sure how to prepare it raw from nigiri, and ended up rolling it in a roll for him to eat for dinner.  He was pretty excited to have made a his first ever sushi roll! 

This morning though was going to be my shot at something completely new: Eggs Benedict.

Ok, I guess that I should just say poached eggs, because I for sure did not make the hollandaise sauce, that stuff is hard to make (I cheated and got it at TJ’s on Friday).  I did two poached eggs, and made a Mexi-cali version of Eggs Benedict by adding some guacamole to the waffles, then topping it with spinach, poached egg and the sauce.  It sure did look pretty, and he liked it!

I on the other hand don’t like eggs benedict (I only like my eggs scrambled; yolks are nasty!) so I had some waffles too, but with PB and a fresh apple.  I may or may not have had a piece of that cook bar too.  They were just staring me in the face. 

Definitely a shake up from the oatmeal and cereal I’ve been having so many days for the past month!

How has your weekend been food wise?  Any good eats I need to hear about and try myself?!


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16 Responses to Culinary Adventure In My Kitchen

  1. Maggie says:

    Your photos didn’t come through for some reason. Or at least they didn’t on either of my computers (home and work). Sadness. No attack kitty photos. :( Your culinary exploits sound like fun though! I too had a weekend of cooking as a result of a giant box of veggies from my farm share…if you were closer I would totally be showing up at your door with veggies.

  2. Krista says:

    Sounds like lots of tasty eats going down at your place this weekend!! :)

  3. Man you’ve been quite the chef! Everything looks great! :) Especially those bars you threw butterscotch chips in!

  4. For the poms– cut one in half, then fill a big bowl with water in the sink and begin prying apart the seeds from the pom in the water! voila–pomegranate seeds

  5. Amy says:

    Yummy! That veggie sushi looks delicious as do the bars :)
    I hope your hip feels better soon.

  6. those eggs benedicte look amazing! I somehow haven’t managed to poach an egg perfectly yet so i just boil them for five minutes . totally works and the egg yolk is still runny too!

  7. Irina says:

    such a sweet cat!
    I just like cutting my poms into wedges and then eat the seeds out in one big bite. Everything looks red afterwards, including clothes, but it is so good!
    Otherwise, you can just cut it in half, take a bowl, turn one half of a pomegranate cut side down and bang on the skin with a wooden spoon. The pom seeds should fall out and into the bowl.

  8. ummm i need to make those bars like tonight because they look SO delicious! i would use peanut butter chips myself :-)
    the best thing i had this weekend was PUMPKIN HUMMUS!!!!!!! omg spread on some really crusty, oaty, bread, it was like the best dessert ever.
    thanks for sharing your amazing eats! they always inspire me to get a little more creative :-)

  9. OOOH I love your version of eggs benedict! I need to remember that!

    • Melissa says:

      I saw something similar to it in a restaurant when they used fresh avocado for a california version. I figured guacamole would be mexi-cali! :)

  10. poached eggs? DAMN GIRL!

  11. I LOVE your kitty. So cute! Also, that sushi look amazing!

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