Side Notes: Tired Eyes

[[Side Notes: Tired Eyes

There are some days where I just don't get enough sleep and I'm exhausted.  Add in driving off road up to 100+ miles a day for work, in the heat of the sun or cold of the wind, with not a lot of things to keep you entertained,  you can see that staying awake while out in the field can be quite difficult.

This has been my problem lately, which I believe is from several factors, including a health issue and lack of good sleep at night.  I have been trying to work on the sleep part (lights out at 9.15 every night!) and am currently working with a doctor to figure out the health woes, but as it's a work in progress, there is only one things that seems to help keep me awake whether my body needs it or not: FOOD.

I've talked before about eating when I'm emotional, not eating when I'm stressed, over exercising, etc.  Lately the emotional and stress haven't been too bad (ok, that's a lie, the stress part has.  Searching for work is very stressful in the winter for a field biologist) but being tired has and I'm eating like I'm training for a marathon!  I don't know that holding onto a steering wheel for dear life while driving burns many calories, but this is what caused some serious stress as I eat to stay you see the cycle?

Work and get tired --> eat to stay awake --> keep working and not be able to exercise (and I'm injured, that doesn't help) --> eat to stay awake --> stress out over not exercising and disordered thoughts return --> stress out over returned disordered thoughts --> emotionally restrict over overeat

It's seriously a never ending battle.  I just need to figure out the exhaustion part and maybe it will end.   And yes, I've been drinking coffee, although I don't like to.  I believe that our bodies should be able to stay awake naturally and without a jult, but that's just me...

So I need suggestions on some energy high foods/snacks to have!  I've noticed that I have to snack and not eat a meal, because then I go into a food coma and I'm falling asleep or have to pull over to take a nap, so snacks are good if you've got them! ]]

In other news, I took care of a sick Whit this weekend, and did some shopping to get ready for winter.  I’m on a flannel kick so I’ve already bought two from Target…this also goes to show that I’m my father’s daughter; the man loves his flannel shirts!

Anyhow, only food picture from this weekend today was my dinner:

Sorry for the gross colors of the picture, but I swear it tasted good!  Daiya cheese with a griller’s patty, roasted veggies from my produce box, and unpictured salsa for dipping!

Ok, early night tonight because I’ve got a full week ahead of me…yeesh.

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6 Responses to Side Notes: Tired Eyes

  1. Katherine says:

    On of my favorite on the run snacks is walnuts with dark chocolate squares!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Gross colored food always seems to be really tasty in my book haha ;) Good luck with everything this week!

  3. Sarah says:

    Okay so I am in the first year of my PhD program right now, and I am pretty much in the EXACT same situation you find yourself in with the snacking. It was really having a negative effect on me because I just… I am sick of hating myself because I come home from a seminar at 9pm, and proceed to eat way too many spoonfuls of pb from the jar almost accidentally.

    Lately I’ve replaced my so-called “snack” with something obviously protein-heavy and satisfying. I will either make myself a yogurt-bowl, with a half a cup of ff fage, a handful or two of high fiber cereal, and a little spoonful of no-sugar added fruit preserves, OR i will pop a boca burger into the microwave, one of the family-sized vegan ones, and eat it with lots of ketchup, mustard, and hummus for dipping. it sounds weird, but i think i end up feeling way better (and stopping when the bowl is empty, for that matter!) and i don’t feel like i am overdoing it at all.

    also: i have found that upping my water-intake has helped a lot, too.

    but this is hard. i understand. thoughtless eating is the worst.

  4. Maggie says:

    I go for nuts (generally almonds because I can get them unsalted), hummus and veggies (works ok in the car), or muffins (I have an excellent applesauce muffin recipe I can send you…). Sometimes I slack and end up eating reese’s peanut butter cups or other candy to stay awake, but I try to not do that. I will also end up drinking copious amounts of water to try and stay awake as well, which can be a bit of a bad idea when I’m driving out here where it’s an hour between bathroom stops and no bushes/trees along the road for emergency breaks!

    I also find that if I bring along music that I can sing along to, I’m more apt to stay awake as well. Stuff that I know really well, that I love, or something with an excellent beat. I don’t like relying on coffee either, so I hear you there. I’ve also been known to pour a small amount of cold water on my head (most so in warmer weather) to help keep myself awake when driving. :P

    Good luck and let me know what you’re figuring out with your doctor…

  5. ooh i can relate! I am EXHAUSTED this week and having to rely on either food or coffee to keep me awake! here’s hoping I can get to bed on time tonight! (and that you rest up too!! :))

  6. Beth says:

    I find that my water intake has a lot to do with my tiredness. On the weekday I drink around 72 oz of water (not counting tea & coffee) and I feel great. On the weekends when I don’t drink as much I am noticeably more lethargic and tired.

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