BT: A Mammal Day

Birding Thursday: A Mammal Day

Interesting how my first Birding Thursday post is going to be about mammals!  I promise you’re going to squeal, so it will be just as good.  Besides, how could you not smile over the cutest little mammals?

As of late, I haven’t been very busy working on bird surveys as some projects have gone astray, but others have decided to provide me with some extra experience in the field!

Before now, I have never handled a wild rodent/mammal in my life for my job; I prefer little birds and raptors.  It is not an easy thing to do, and you have to be very careful because many animals carry diseases (in this case, I have to be careful for Hantavirus).  I’m not worried though, those kinds of things come with the territory of this job.  It’s probably just as dangerous as driving an airboat, right?  Haha!

Catching these little guys is a serious process.  It takes many hours to set up traps, bait them, and then recheck them and process them after they’ve been caught.  Lets just say compared to a typical 8 hour day, mine would probably feel like 16!

Those traps are currently the bane of my existence.  I have opened, closed and been pinched by so many of them!  There has to be a trick to them…haha.

Anyhow, we’ve caught several species and hope to get some different ones tomorrow with the new lines we set out today!

Don’t worry, it didn’t bite me.  But I thought it was going to.  Those little guys are fiesty!  Yeesh!

Happy Birding Thursday!

Have you ever seen these little guys, or some similar?  These species, the North American Deer Mouse and Desert Kangaroo Rat are California species, mostly in the desert areas!









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4 Responses to BT: A Mammal Day

  1. gliding calm says:

    those are so cute!!!!! i had gerbils as pets growing up, and LOVED THEM.

  2. Amanda says:

    Oh my gosh how freaking cute!!!! I would be scared to handle them though.

  3. Krista says:

    Whatever those little critters are, they’re VERY cute!!!

  4. Biz says:

    Brave Woman! No way in hell I would pick one of those up – look at their sharp feet – eek!

    Hope you have a great weekend Mel!

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