Soul Surfer: Bethany Hamilton

Have any of you watched the movie Soul Surfer?

It’s a movie about the real life experience of a young girl named Bethany Hamilton, who lives in Kauai, and had most of her arm bitten off by a shark while surfing on the island.

I’ve watched the movie several times since Whit’s brother in law gave it to us and I can’t seem to stop watching it.  Why you ask?  Well, of course it reminds me of my trips to Kauai and how much I want to go back, but mostly, it’s about Bethany’s passion for her sport and the ocean.

It amazes me how after just a month, she was back in the water on her surf board.  I would have been terrified of sharks for sure!  But it had been me, I would have been afraid of failure.  But not Bethany, she ran on that beach and took on those waves like nothing had changed; all she had to do was adjust to her missing limb.


Her passion reminds me why and how I feel about what I do for the environment.  Many people questioned me when I decided to become a field biologist, moving to the middle of no where, working and living with people I had never known.  I contemplated my first job because I was afraid of what people would think and they would think I would fail at what I wanted to do.  Some people thought I would end up coming home with my bags on my back, ready to hit the desk and sit around for 8 hours a day, making money to save up for my future.

But because I have this passion, the same kind that Bethany has for the surf she loves, I proved people wrong.  I moved from place to place, going after every adventure with an open heart, enthusiasm and determination that many thought I never had.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you do what you really love to do.

What do you have a passion for?  How did you show people that you do really do what you really loved?

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  1. What a story! I couldn’t imagine how scary it is to look into that water every time and wonder if the shark wants the rest of you! Then again she probably doesn’t think that :)

    • Melissa says:

      when I wrote this post and watched the movie I thought of you. Her positive attitude reminds me so much of yours and your ability to believe that things will get better. If you can watch it I highly suggest it!

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