Climates and Appetite

I noticed something interesting when I was in Kauai, and I’ve noticed it with every place that I’ve traveled to lately: my appetite changes with climates.

Does anyone else get this?

Right now, I live in the mountains, at 4,000ft near the high elevation deserts.  I constantly drink water, but always feel the need to eat something every few hours, no matter if I’m just sitting around or have worked out hard.  I always feel the need to eat carbs though!

Last week, I was in Kauai where the weather is a different kind of hot, a tad to crazy humid at times, and rainy.  I felt best when I ate small meals, and only felt like I needed to eat every 5-6 hours no matter if we were running, hiking or surfing!  And I didn’t have cravings for sweets or chocolate!

A few weeks ago I went up to Mammoth, where it’s windy, dry and chilly, getting up into the ranges of 9,000 – 10,000 ft in elevation.  I constantly needed water as I always felt dehydrated, and craved bread like a mad woman.  Whit even felt like all he wanted was meat!




Two springs in a row, I lived in Central and Southern Florida, which was hot hot hot and crazy humid with lots of thunderstorms.  I did a lot or physical labor because of my job, and was always eating, but mostly fruits, veggies, clif bars and cooler temp foods.

And at home at my parents, along the coast of Southern California where there temps are moderate, there can be a bit of humidity or crazy windy and dry as ever.  I work out normally while I’m there, and don’t have too many cravings and eat anything or everything I want.

It’s interesting now that I’ve looked at how the elevations and humidity change the way I eat.  Seems to me like the dried the air and higher in elevation I am, the more I want carbs and sweets; yet being at sea level and in humid environments makes me less hungry and crave more fresh foods.

Anyone else made this kind of observation?  How does your body and appetite/hunger react to changes in climate?

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5 Responses to Climates and Appetite

  1. gliding calm says:

    yes! I always feel hungry when I am COLD. If it is hot and humid… my appetite dies down quite a bit!!

    Lovely photos! I esp like the one of you wading through the water!!

    hugs to you !! :D

  2. This is so interesting! I Definitely eat differently on vacation, but I always attributed this to being out of routine. I will definitely pay more attention to this in the future: )

  3. Krista says:

    I tend to be more snacky in the winter. When I’m hot I just crave light, crisp meals. Interesting observation!

  4. Interesting topic! I definitely notice that I’m hungrier when the weather is cooler (and wetter). I haven’t really noticed a difference between carb and protein cravings though – I’ll have to pay closer attention. I would think that higher altitudes would cause the body to work harder (heart beating, breathing, etc) – so maybe that’s why you’re craving carbs? They are quick energy!

  5. I feel that way, as well as with seasons. Lately, since its getting colder here in PA, i want warmer more comforting food. A lot of dishes like sweet potatos, chili, beans, warm breads…and in the summer I want crunchy, fresh and cold…salads, crispy bread, smoothies, cereal, etc.
    im on a nut kick right now…cinnamon roasted almonds…they remind me of christmas hahah

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