Sleeping Giant

I’m not doing too well on the blogging front am I? I apologize and promise that once I get home I’ll have some great posts for you to read!

But, I did want to tell you about another hike that I went on the other day!  As you might imagine, I have been trying to get in as much hiking and outdoor activity as possible because I don’t come here often!   I love taking advantage of these kinds of things, no matter the weather or difficulty!

Originally on Thursday Whit and I were supposed to head to the West side of the island to go to Alaki Swamp to find some rare birds I had heard about last time I was on the island.   But with us not adapting well to the time change we figured we’d take the morning to do things like run and surf, and then go off and do a shorter and closer hike called the Sleeping Giant.  If you look at the picture above, it kinda looks like a person sleeping, with their head on the very left hand side of the photo.  I thought it sounded like a fun like and somehow it escaped my mind that it would be a ton of uphill to do the hike!  Yikes!

We met up with his best friend and his wife to make the 3ish mile round trip trek up and down the mountain!

It was a pretty hard hike actually, but I don’t know if it’s because I had run 5.5 miles that morning before hand, or if Whit’s friends were just crazy fast going up hill!  Whew!  But we made it to the top and it was gorgeous!


The highest point you can get to is actually the giant’s nose, and it was pretty scary up there!  If there was a strong wind, we would have all been goners!

Great hike though with some great company. I don’t know how long it took us to get up and down, but it was pretty quick.  And you can bet I was sweating buckets just getting up there…lets just say a cotton shirt was not the smartest idea!

Now I have to get ready and pack to come back to the mainland…you can bet that I don’t want to either!  Work has gotten stressful while I’ve been away so I’m not looking forward to that at all…boo.

I’m going to miss these two little ones too!  This is one of the only times I get to spend time with kids, which btw I am in no way used to, so it’s been an experience!  And exhausting!

See you back in California!




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5 Responses to Sleeping Giant

  1. dont you hate when vacations have to end!!! the pictures you took of the entire trip are gorgeous! i am so glad you had a good time and cant wait to hear further recaps when you get home. travel safely.

  2. steph says:

    That placelooks amazing. I would love to do that. Aww those kids are adorable! Whose are they??

  3. Biz says:

    Wow, stunning pictures Mel!! And you look great with the kids – you are going to be a great Momma some day!

  4. Krista says:

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures, Melissa! I hope things on the work front improve for you….

  5. so beautiful and fun! So happy you got to meet your man’s friends! And why are you GLOWING in all your pictures? :) I think you are happyy happyyy happyyyy

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