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BT: A Mammal Day

Birding Thursday: A Mammal Day Interesting how my first Birding Thursday post is going to be about mammals!  I promise you’re going to squeal, so it will be just as good.  Besides, how could you not smile over the cutest … Continue reading

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Side Notes: Portia de Rossi Book

[[Side Notes: Portia de Rossi Book Where do I even begin with this book?  I am all over the place with how I feel about this book.  But let me back track on something a bit. My goal for Biz’s … Continue reading

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Soul Surfer: Bethany Hamilton

Have any of you watched the movie Soul Surfer? It’s a movie about the real life experience of a young girl named Bethany Hamilton, who lives in Kauai, and had most of her arm bitten off by a shark while … Continue reading

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Climates and Appetite

I noticed something interesting when I was in Kauai, and I’ve noticed it with every place that I’ve traveled to lately: my appetite changes with climates. Does anyone else get this? Right now, I live in the mountains, at 4,000ft … Continue reading

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Sleeping Giant

I’m not doing too well on the blogging front am I? I apologize and promise that once I get home I’ll have some great posts for you to read! But, I did want to tell you about another hike that … Continue reading

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Luau Time!

I have gone to the most tradition Hawaiian activity: A Luau! I had asked Whit a while back if we could go to one, since I had never been, and as hesitant as he was to go to one (cliche … Continue reading

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Kauai Birthday

Hey Everyone!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes thus far; I’m having a great day for sure!  I don’t have a ton of pictures to share since most of them are on Whit’s waterproof camera that died, and I don’t have … Continue reading

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Getting Ready

It just hit me yesterday that I’m leaving for Hawaii tomorrow. It feels like so long ago that I made my flight reservation and now the time is finally here! Work has been a bit hectic lately (think 3.30am wake … Continue reading

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Hello Everyone!   What do you think?!  I’m super excited about revealing my new domain name and new blog content to you! Many things are the same, such as the About Me, Side Notes, FAQ, Race Recaps and Recipes.  But … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Squashhhhhhhh

Lately my box has started to provide me with some hardy winter squashes and if you know me, I am all over that.  The past two weeks I’ve gotten two spaghetti squashes and after posting about getting real dinners in, … Continue reading

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