Not As Planned

Yikes.  Today did not go too well…Ok, it went alright except for one thing:


Yep, that would be my finger, wrapped in gauze and electrical tape.  Who says I need a bandaid out in the field, right?  Ok, I was safe and changed the makeshift wrapping for a few clean butterfly strips and a bandaid a bit later after I got back to my car.  What did I do?  Lets just say the x-acto knife and I don’t get along…especially a 1/3 of the way into my finger.  Ouch.


This was what cheered me up today though!  While I was in Mammoth I found this awesome hummingbird bandana, as I’ve been on the search for one for the past few weeks.  I also have another one that is covered in random birds and not hummingbirds, but I can’t find it.  Sad times.

Anyhow, just a little something for the blog tonight, as I’m looking into making some pretty big updates to the blog this week!  Get ready!

Oh, and here are some pictures from the rest of my vacation last weekend!

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9 Responses to Not As Planned

  1. proudpatriot07 says:

    I love the vacation pics and bandana!

    Hope your finger feels better soon- the story of the X-acto knife jabbing into it just sounds painful.

    Amy Lauren

  2. Abby says:

    OUCH! I hate knives and fingers! I hope it heals quickly!

  3. Jenny B says:

    Your finger looks like a little sushi roll! Hope it heals quick :)

  4. Biz says:

    Ouch! Sorry about your finger but I had to smile at the electrical tape!

    Stunning scenery – probably makes you wish you were back on vacation!

  5. Amanda says:

    ouch!!!! Hope your finger is okay a.s.a.p.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the blog!

  6. Natalie says:

    Mammoth looked amazing–so glad you got to get away :)

    sadly, I don't think I'll be going to foodbuzz this year…too $$ and we have a few other trips planned for this fall!

  7. Tessa @ Amazing Asset says:

    Oh dear sorry to hear about your finger! Sounds painful :( Feel better soon Melissa!

  8. lifesabowl says:

    Oh no, I hope your finger heals quickly! I've been cutting my hands up so much too lately… Not fun :/ BEAUTIFUL scenery! Looks like a great vacation :)

  9. I love the new changes! what a great way to start a new month, a new season!!! i hope its also a great way to start a positive mindset :-)

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