In a Mood

Everything in my life today was in a mood…my work computer refused to start, my work truck says I need an oil change but I just got one, my brain hormones decided they would hate me the way my body looked today, and my cat now loves to attack my hair and chew on it.


Otherwise, I actually was a good food blogger today and took pictures of almost all my eats!  Lets start with breakfast?  It was almost 85*F when I woke up this morning so I wanted nothing but something cold to eat…even if I had it for dinner last night. :)

pics 001

My latest mixture has been berries and mango with USVAB, protein powder, mixed kashi cereals and attune chocolate granola munch…the last of my last bag.  Ahhh…

Off to the field I went to slave away in the heat…omg it was so hot, even in the mountains. 

pics 006

Hot enough to send the horses in under the trees! 

pics 012

Babies…There is one colt in the herd that is brown amongst all the black ones…the unique one of the heard.  Gotta love them.

pics 016

I went from the mountains to the grasslands where it got even HOTTER and upwards of 103-105*F.  I broke out in a serious heat rash, and the heat also had an effect on my stomach. With the heat we’ve been having my stomach hates me.  Happens every time I’m working in conditions in the high 90’s to 100’s for more than a few days, all day.  I’m sure you can guess how my body is reacting…

I tried to fuel as well as I could: Banana Chocolate Chip Walnut Muffin

pics 017

Pb and cinnamon with dried mango

pics 019

There were baby carrots and some nuts and dried fruit consumed on the long drive home along with tons of water.  I didn’t want to run in the heat so I blasted all the fans to the center of my living room and did a crazy workout that was in now was organized. I basically hit random on my running mix, which not includes the new Maroon 5 song (Moves like Jagger) that I’m obsessed over, and went to town. I did enough bicycle crunches, squats, bicep curls, kickbacks and lunges than I can count…I’m gonna hurt tomorrow!

I went to my counseling session this afternoon and it went well, then to the last farmer’s market being held in town, and home to eat eat eat!  I was STARVING so after everything was said and done, I had this for dinner: two eggs, veggies, tomatoes, corn on the cob and two pieces of spelt bread.

pics 022

No day ends without dessert right? I actually had three…and a few bits of mango sorbet because it was staring at me as I pulled the mini yorks out of the freezer.  It’s still 85* in my apt ok!?  I need COLD!!!

pics 023

Now’s it’s time to pack and clean up before heading out to the mountains!! Yay!

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10 Responses to In a Mood

  1. Jenn (eating bender) says:

    It was a moody day over here, too. I must say, though, that picture of Honey is priceless. :o)

    Have fun in the mountains!!

  2. Lauren says:

    gOh yes, I was having one of those days on Tuesday. As much as I try to put on a happy face 99% of the time, life just gets to you sometimes. No worries, today is Friday and much more manageable.

  3. Heather says:

    I was in a mood yesterday as well – I couldn't do anything right or nothing would go right.

    Also, I just finished the Help as well – what a fantastic book!

  4. lilybeans says:

    My cat does the exact same thing! She bites my hair and then gets it all in her mouth, gross. Pretty ponies!

  5. proudpatriot07 says:

    I had one of those days yesterday too :(. I hope today is better for you- your dinner looks super yummy with all those veggies and eggs with protein.

    That heat is so, so, crazy =(. Stay cool!


  6. bakingnbooks says:

    What kind of protein powder do you use?

    The pictures of the horses look heavenly! :)

  7. Gabriela says:

    My cats eat my hair, too. And they lick my eyelids to wake me up. It's kind of cute but kind of weird, and kind of gross. Their tongues are so sandpapery on your eyes!

  8. lifesabowl says:

    Egg scrambled are a staple in my diet! Totes agree- gotta end every day on a sweet note! Hope you have a good weekend :D

  9. Christine (The Raw Project) says:

    The horse pics are awesome! And I've been in a mood all this week with work stress and family health stress, ugh!

  10. Krista says:

    Oh my….that is stinking hot, Melissa! No wonder your tummy was upset! Honey is too cute attacking your hair. What a dolly!

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