Bad Monday

Wow, today did not go as happily as I had hoped, for many reasons.

1. This happened.  And made me feel guilty.

pics 034

I had more than a serving, and it rattled me.  But I know I was eating them out of exhaustion, because I was tired from work.  The sun was killer today.  And I didn’t eat enough yesterday after the 10+ miles I ran and 2+ miles I walked.

2. Work has all but ceased for the week.  I’m trying to be optimistic that by next week it’ll be back on but it has me worried a bit…I like it here.  I don’t want to move.  And I want to buy a car.  Can’t happen if I don’t have a salary…

pics 010pics 020


3. I got eaten alive by bugs.  There were flies and some sort of bee like bug all over the place…Itchy itchy.

But, I’m trying to look on the bright side.  There was so much that was nice today to appreciate…ya know?

1. One of my favorite owls.  Isn’t she a beauty!  She was so close and I wish she would have stuck around longer! Can you guess what she is?

pics 003

2. The grasses were covered in these little toads! I think the recent rain and floods we had the past two days has brought the babies out!

pics 006

3. It was gorgeous as always.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures!  Yay for summer monsoon season!

pics 014pics 019

4. My cat is just so stink’n cute.  How could I not smile?

pics 029

5. Even if I felt guilty about eating those cookies, I did eat some good food today:

pics 001

(Organic peach, strawberries, blueberries, kashi heart to heart and pb)

pics 009pics 017pics 023pics 025

(Spelt tortilla with leftover Curry Potato Hash from last night,
with Daiya Mozzarella)

pics 033

(Salad with sautéed tempeh, corn, peppers and other veggies,
balsamic dressing, crackers on the side)

Tell me why you had a good Monday.  I need some inspiration!

I know I told you I’d post about my giveaway tonight but it deserves it’s own post.  I’ll definitely do it tomorrow, promise!

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22 Responses to Bad Monday

  1. TC says:

    Heya Cousin! Thought I'd drop in and leave you a note about why my Seattle Monday was so awesome…

    - I'm still happy about ordering my RoadID.
    - My leg didn't hurt while walking or going up/down stairs.
    - There was a three-mile walk this morning.
    - And a five-mile bike sprint this afternoon.
    - I got to see Mount Rainier while biking this afternoon. So gorgeous.
    - Beautiful weather.
    - The kids played outside ALL DAY.
    - Did I mention the beautiful weather? The blue, cloudless sky, the bright green trees everywhere…it is amazing.
    - I had delicious vegan chili for lunch and then a vegan pasta (with zucchini) for dinner.
    - I wore shorts. ALL DAY LONG.
    - Did I mention the beautiful weather?
    - Oh, and I think I get to go running again tomorrow!

  2. Joanna says:

    I totally understand how a few set backs can make you a negative ninny. I'm very much like that. Sometimes I have this sense of doom during the day when one or two things go wrong. Overeating is always included in those things that make me feel bad for the whole day. I like how you are trying your hardest to stay positive though. It's really hard but you (we) can do it.
    Some things that made today great…*It's the begininng of the month and week which means starting off fresh. *I found a new friend at work *My classroom is just about ready *took a nice nap *had time to blog :) *have time to read tonight

    Good luck on the job front. I know the feeling of being in that position. I'm praying that everything will be ok for you!

  3. Marianne (frenchfriestoflaxseeds) says:

    Good that you looked for the positives, even when some things weren't going right. My Monday was good, because I accomplished a few things off my to-do list, and because I took the time to rest my legs when they needed it – I thought about going to the gym, but knew it wouldn't help my leg pain, so I stayed home and did some upper body exercises instead.

  4. valerie says:

    I feel the same way when I have too many healthy chips or an extra granola bar. The pita with curry potatoes and your salad with tempeh look great! I'm going to try to make something similar. My Monday started out pretty bad too but it got better when I had an amazing boxing workout and an awesome Korean dinner!

  5. Beckafly says:

    It's great that you're looking at the positives. Sometimes it can be hard to see when we have setbacks. It shows a lot of strength and character to look at them and see the good in them :) Aw I love the owl photo, owls are adorable =)

    A couple Monday positives;
    -Spending time with my grandmother
    -Seeing a rainbow after a brief rain
    -A great day at work

  6. Anonymous says:

    It seems like you have a lot of ED behavior still. Do you still get help for your ED? Running ten miles and under eating?…..I'm not trying to be offensive, i've been following your blog for a while but it just seems like you are very much still engaging in ED behaviors. Imo there is no "middle way" with your ED, you cant just play around with it. I dont know anyone who has truly recovered from an ED and who eats as little and works out as much as you say you do. People with ED's just cant do that… maybe you should reconsider some things?

    ….Most likely you and others will probably just get mad at my comment and become extremely defensive and list all the reasons why I'm wrong and you're "fine"…

  7. cjh002 says:

    I know how hard Mondays can be period, but when you have an especially bad one I find it difficult to get back in the swing of things for he rest of the week. While looking at the photos you took I couldn't help but smile because where you are is absolutely gorgeous, seems to calm and peaceful. Maybe everytime you have a negative though take a breathe and look at the scenery to appreciate that there is beauty in all things.
    The best thing about my monday was I actually listened to my body and went to sleep early. I often feel unproductive if I dont get a bagillion and one things done during the day but after a long weekend and getting back to work I was exhausted to the max. All I wanted to do was curl up on my couch,drink a cup of tea and go to bed. So thats what I did. at 8:45I was in my bed and sound assleep. And today I feel awesome!
    Have a fantastic tuesday!

  8. Trying To Heal says:

    Re: Anonymous

    I am in no way mad at your comment because I understand and believe you are right. I do still exhibit ED behaviors but it's because, like you said, no one recovers from an ED. I still see my counselor every two weeks and we are currently working on the relapse that I seem to be going through since I ran my marathon. It's getting better, but I still have bad days like this where my ED is blatantly apparent.

    Thank you for your comment and please don't ever be afraid to leave one.

  9. Kara says:

    Mondays are just rough, even my baby usually has an extra whiny day on Mondays!

  10. Christine (The Raw Project) says:

    Aw, sorry about the bad day! I feel ya on the cookies, that was me and a bag of kale chips last week. And I feel your car stress, I need a new one soon too, but am gun shy with job security fears. I try to be thankful my current one is still running, faded paint and all. :-)

    Just wow on the owl, great picture! I only see them at night here. And great summer pics.

    My Monday was good because I didn't strangle any co-workers and I had a good dentist appointment. :-)

  11. Emilie says:

    What a gorgeous owl that is! That tortilla doesn't look so bad, either. ;) Yum!

  12. Magdalena says:

    Great Horned Owl? No one else common out there is that big (unless that's a really, really small tree she's sitting in). :)

    I hope your Tuesday is going better than your Monday did. I empathize with your job worries…just that alone can take a lot out of you, even if there aren't other things going on in your life that also cause stress. Blech. If you need to talk/vent to someone along job lines, let me know. Or anything else really. *hugs*

  13. NancyU says:

    I am thinking a great horned owl. It is so cool that you got to see him.

  14. divinelykatherine says:

    Sending a huge hug out to you!

  15. Caronae says:

    Haha, sometimes I eat many many servings of cookies/chocolate/delicious snacks at once. I think every once in a while, it's perfectly okay. It gets the "indulging" out of your system, I think.

  16. findingblissforme says:

    Highlight of my Monday was the fresh snap-peas at work!!! YUM!!! Hope you have better days the rest of the week!

  17. Amy says:

    Just remember that one little cloud in the sky does not a thunderstorm make. Sure you had the cookies, but you also had a great load of fruit, some healthy whole grains and did a whole lot of exercise the day before. This is a journey, a long journey and there has to be room on our plates for cookies and broccoli!
    What's keeping me positive? Beautiful midwinter skies, great bucket loads of home made hummus I and I get to see my boyfriend in 24 days after being apart for 4 months :)

  18. Gabriela says:

    I'm a little late in this comment, but this week in general has been good because I've gotten to relax, spend time with my dad and I'm going on a little trip this weekend and totally unplugging. Looking forward to it so much!!

  19. mymarblerye says:

    you always make the best cereal/fruit combos. Feel better honey…I know I've gained weight but I had such a great week so far…and I hope you are too! Think of Hawaii!!

  20. Sing says:

    This view is no longer in Thailand.

  21. Jennifer says:

    wow, great outdoor pictures today :) And your kitty is precious. Love from my blog

  22. Katie says:

    I LOVED this post! I have bad days all the time too, which is why I try and live my life day by day! Every day is a new fresh start! I also like that you got out your complaining, and then found the silver lining! Whenever I find myself complaining to friends and family, I switch it around and try and spend the rest of the day only making good comments! It definitely is a mood booster, even if annoying at first!

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