2011 Cypress 10k

Again, sorry for the absence!  Work has been crazy!  Many days this week have been spent doing two a day shifts, one early in the morning for birds and one in the evening looking for bats!  This is where I spent many nights staring at some rocks and into the stars..

pics 011

It’s pretty as the sun goes down and the colors come out!

pics 013

As crazy as the week was, I was happy to have some plans to go home for the weekend, see my parents and run a race!

pics 016

I got an early start in the morning, hitting up the Cypress 10k course for the umpteenth time in the past 15 years and got to the start!  There were a much larger number of people this year versus two years ago when I ran it, but hey, makes for more competition!

The race took off at 7.30am and the weather couldn’t have been better: overcast and mid 60’s!  The course is completely flat and two laps through the city and some neighborhoods.  I’ve been running these streets since I was 14 so I know where every turn and crack is!

The first lap through the city went well.  I actually was in such a hurry leaving my place on Friday that I forgot to bring my garmin, or even a WATCH, along with my band for my ipod!  It was an interesting experience running with no time or music!  But I think it really made me focus on the run and listen to my body.   Anyhow, like I said, the first lap went pretty well.  I actually ended up seeing three different people that I used to run cross country in high school with so it was inspiring!  We used to all be the best of friends!

pics 019

The elite came around way before I did and I was trucking along behind them…

pics 020

The second lap was not nearly as nice as the first one, but I got through it!  I focused on keeping my arms lowered, because when I get tired I tend to look like I’m punching myself in the face!  I had a few people pass me up that got me a bit upset but I just told myself that the time didn’t matter and I just wanted to cross the finish line. I had no idea at any point during the run what my pace was or what my time was at any mile so I just kept going into the end!  And Whit tried to get a good picture at the finish but this guy got in the way…

pics 021

So hey Mr. 248, we have an awesome picture of you at the finish.  Thanks dude.

But, as I came across the finish line I saw the time slowly ticking away and even though I didn’t have a watch, I knew I crossed the finish around 15 seconds after the gun so I figured I got…55 min!!!  I was beyond stoked!  I can’t remember the last time I ever ran a 10k under 56 minutes!  I was exhausted like mad across the finish line but excited to see what a good time I had!  I didn’t even feel like I had been running that fast the whole time!  I felt like I was going a 10 min pace!

I was excited at the end of the race to see one of my great friend’s Neal with his wife and family, along with some other cross country friends, hanging out and chatting.  I haven’t seen Neal since he got married almost two years ago so it was nice to catch up!  I miss this guy!

pics 022

After all was said and done I finally went and checked my official time and it was…55:00:00!!  Can you believe that?!   If I had been a 10th of a second faster I would have been under 55 minutes!!!  So close!  Well, I’ve got another 10k in a month but it’s in the mountains, at elevation and not flat so we’ll see what happens with that one…fingers crossed!

We spent the rest of the morning wandering around the city festival where I bought a cute shirt and some super cute necklace pendants and earrings!  I can’t wait to show them to you!

Tomorrow is going to be nice while I go to the beach with Whit as he surfs and I do a nice recovery run on the beach, sans watch of course!  I hope you all have a great Sunday!!

Did you run a race this weekend?  Anything exciting to report as of now!?

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9 Responses to 2011 Cypress 10k

  1. feeedingbrainandbody says:

    Congrats on the awesome race!

    It sounds like you had a great time. I haven't actually officially raced a 10km yet, but it's on my list of things to-do so I better get myself registered for one haha :)

  2. Lexi says:

    That's awesome! Congratulations on your time! I'm running my 10k race today (it's super early as I write this!) and I'm a combination of nervous and excited!
    Reading your recap was inspiring though. It made me think of the great qualities the race has to offer – like live music, beautiful scenery, a general atmosphere of excitement mixed with adrenaline…

  3. Gabriela says:

    CONGRATS on your race girl, that's an AMAZING time!! You should be super proud of yourself :) I haven't run any races in awhile, but the feeling of finishing one is the best thing ever. Especially when you have such a kick ass time :)

  4. Clare says:

    AWESOME JOB!! I'm so jealous of your cool temps:)

  5. Katy (The Singing Runner) says:

    Awesome awesome job!!! I am so proud of you! 10K's are fun… far enough that you don't feel like you have to sprint the entire time, but short enough that you can pick up the pace a little! :)

    No running for me this weekend due to my ankle, but I'm hoping to be back at it in the next day or two!

  6. leftcoastcontessa.com says:

    eee! Congrats! I love to read happy race recaps and this is a great one. :)

  7. Amy says:

    Lovely place to spend your days and nights even if you were working!
    Congratulations on your fabulous race time! Don't know if my sister and I'll be that quick in our next race :) You should be really proud of yourself for improving so much on your time :)

  8. findingblissforme says:


  9. Krista says:

    Great run, Melissa! And cool that you met up with some old friends….

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