That’s It! I’ve HAD IT!

So, my appetite is finally coming back after the marathon.  And when I say appetite, I mean my stomach is actually growling and I’m craving my normal foods that I like.  Thank goodness.
I mixed up my smoothie in a bowl this morning by not using protein powder and instead using a big scoop of pb on top! I blended together my spatula, frozen strawberries, frozen blackberries, frozen apriums and USVAB the mixed in the cereals.
pics 002
No side of cat this time.  She is always around though.  Hehe.
I had basically the same lunch as yesterday but I added in some of the roasted squash pieces with the meatless meatballs and poured bits of marinara on top to add some flavor and moisture.
pics 004
A side of water with some great words of running encouragement (“some girls chase boys, I pass ‘em.”) to help it all go down…and a muffin for dessert.
pics 005
A long day overall and I had to get some groceries after getting home and you can more than bet I was ready for some dinner! I quickly roasted up some pre-cut butternut squash and bell pepper while finishing up some paperwork and scrambled two eggs to eat with leftover curried potatoes from yesterday’s dinner.
pics 008
All dipped in ketchup, well, except for the eggs.  That’s gross…to me.  Sorry people.
And of course, since my leg is injured I was rummaging for some more ice packs when I came across this:
pics 009
What better than ice my legs and fill my chocolate cravings all at the same time, right?!?!!  Mwahahahaha…
A few pita chips and I’m ready to clock out for the night.  It’s going to be a crazy weekend with my brother’s college graduation and then…I’m basically going to be working for three weeks straight.  I will not be a happy blogger.  But at least I get to go back to San Diego again, right?  Maybe…

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9 Responses to That’s It! I’ve HAD IT!

  1. Katy says:

    Sweetie, people do it in order to get a reaction. The more you react to it, the more these a-holes get a kick out of it. YOU know the truth and so do us non a-holes. That's the thing about posting on a public blog is that no matter what, there are going to be some haters and you just gotta brush it off.

    I know you're not a liar hun. Heck, you've been more honest than ever recently on your blog so I would never question you at all. Just screw the haters. It hurts but they don't know you. How can they be judgemental of someone when they hardly know you?

    LOVE YOU HUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. feeedingbrainandbody says:

    Pre-cut butternut squash? Sounds so convenient, I need to get me some of that! Your protein smoothies are always such a beautiful color :)

  3. Gabriela says:

    Hahahaha I love the eggs as an icepack. Awesome. I'm super behind on posts but I just wanted to say CONGRATS on the marathon girl!!

  4. Mica says:

    …What are apriums?? What do they look like?

  5. Sara MM says:

    I've GOT to try apriums, seeing as love both apriots & plums.
    Glad your appetite's back! Food's more fun when you're actually enjoying getting it in.
    & hello Mini Eggs… mmmmmmm x

  6. fittingitallin says:

    mmm so good to hvae your appetite back! and those chocolate eggs are looking SO good right now. The frozen peas I use aren't as appetizing:)

  7. Christine (The Raw Project) says:

    Breakfast looks great, I need to try another smoothie in a bowl. Great running words of encouragement. :-)

  8. seekingrecoveryandbliss says:

    I've never even heard of apriums. :D

  9. Krista says:

    Those mini eggs are impossible to avoid. Just to damn good!!!

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