San Diego Marathon Recap


This one will go down in the record books, and let me tell you, I’m never doing another marathon ever again! Well, at least not for another few years…haha.

sdmarathon 002

The weekend started by coming down to my parents and then setting off to San Diego Saturday morning!  We got into town and went straight to the expo to pick our packets and of course, grab us some awesome swag!

SDMarathon 011SDMarathon 013SDMarathon 015SDMarathon 017

I was lucky enough to share a hotel room at the Manchester Hyatt with my old cross country friend from high school, Steph.  Check out the view from our room!

SDMarathon 009

Whit and I spent most of the day resting at the hotel but did head to Seaport Village for lunch and dinner! I had a simple veggie sandwich, an apple and some trail mix for lunch from the local deli and a side salad and cheese less pizza with herbs and garlic oil for dinner at the EdgeWater Grill!  Pizza is my pre-race food always!

SDMarathon 018SDMarathon 019SDMarathon 021SDMarathon 022SDMarathon 029SDMarathon 030SDMarathon 031

We sacked out early of course because well, 4am wake up call!!!  Joys of race days!!!  I always like to be way early because race starts make me nervous!

I packed a pb sandwich with an apple before the race and of course hit up the porta potties before the start line!  We lucked out because we were early and there was barely any lines!

SDMarathon 032SDMarathon 034SDMarathon 036SDMarathon 037

Then, it was time to get my corral and ready myself for the hardest physical feat I would ever accomplish.  I was on the verge of throwing up I was so nervous and wanted it to be over before it even started.  I think the thing that made me so worried though is that usually, SD has a marine layer to keep temps down, but not this race day.  Not a cloud in the sky = HOT.  And I’m certainly not used to that as of late…

We were a good distance back and it actually took us around 15 minutes just to to the start line and start our watches!  But as soon as we got there, we were off!  Ok, I didn’t speed off but settled into a nice 10 min pace.  Inevitably, I had worried so much about the race itself that I ended up having to find a restroom at mile 5 and everything just kinda went down from there.  Yes, by mile 5.

By the time I hit the freeway I realized that it was going to be a long slight uphill, and then a long slight downhill and well, my ankle was having none of that. By mile 10 I had to stop, stretch and massage my ankle every half mile or so.  I was pissed at this point and was really afraid I wasn’t going to finish the race.  I wasn’t about to injure myself permanently just for a race.  Totally not worth it to me for that kind of thing.

We finished running on the freeway and then headed into the fashion mall area and along to the streets that run along the beach, but not really in the bay. At this point I could feel myself waning, and my body was starting to break down.  Did I mention there wasn’t a cloud in the sky or any wind to speak of, until you got to the beach?  Uh, yeah.  So I continued to run down Morena Blvd but by the time I hit mile 17 there as something very wrong with my body.  My right IT was acting up and I could barely bend my knee, but worst of all my stomach was upset and I felt like I was hyperventilating.

Yeah, not an awesome feeling when you’re running a marathon.

I was not a sight to see at this point, and very very worried I wasn’t going to make it to the end of the race.  But, because you readers and friends are so awesome, I sent out a tweet and FB status about mile 18 and received tons of words of reassurance and courage to just keep it slow and keep on going.  I wasn’t running for time, just to finish. 


I even called Whit, crying, talking about how I didn’t think I’d make it and was ready to turn myself over to the paramedics.  So, I did all I could do, I walked.  And I walked.  I walked for 3 miles, entirely, because every time I tried to run again my body felt just horrible.

I eventually got a second wind by mile 22 where I started to walk/jog every 1/4 mile, then by the time I got to 23 I was walking a 1/4 mile and running 3/4.  It was torturous but I did it and got to the finish.  I could tell I needed some real food besides my gu chomps and considerably more water by the time I hit Fiesta Island at mile 23.  So I started chugg’n and chew’n!

SDMarathon 041

By the time I got off the island and had about a mile left I was ready for the race to be done. I was just plain tired and every muscle wanted to die.  Not a pretty feeling.  Then the finish line came and went and well, I felt like I’d simply done a very hard run with an injury, not 26.2 miles.  Actually, I think it’s because I still can’t fathom I ran that much; it seems unattainable to me.

SDMarathon 042

Done!  Did I really just run a marathon?


Seriously, some of the worst times I’ve ever run in my life but hey, I’m only gonna do this once and that’s it.  Time to go back to my favorite races: 10ks and 1/2 marathons.

Alas, I found out that one of my brothers drove down the morning to cheer me oh; too bad I never got to see him while I was running!  Only afterwards!

SDMarathon 046

And of course my trusty fellow runner, picture taker while I’m still running and bf Whit.  He did great for his first 1/2 marathon too!

SDMarathon 045

I already had to check out of my hotel so we weren’t able to take showers after taking the trolley back downtown.  I immediately wanted something that wasn’t sweet (as all they had left at the finish were pita chips and no bagels, so I settled on a pack of pita chips while waiting) and took Whit to one of my favorite SD Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant: Sipz Fuzion Restaurant

We started off with the spring rolls and I chose the “Beef” and Broccoli with brown rice for my dish.  Whit ended up getting Thai Curry “Chicken”.  Whit liked his, but mine was so hot that I think I burnt a hole in my mouth.  So I only had a few bites of the rice and kinda rinsed off the broccoli, vegetables and “beef” off with some water.  Haha, I know, classy.

SDMarathon 048SDMarathon 049

We drove back home right after that but not before stopping in on my best friend from college I haven’t seen since she got married last year (I was a bridesmaid).  It was so nice to see her and catch up; it stinks we live so far apart!

SDMarathon 051

I got home, ate dinner with the family (rice, vegetables and a veggies burger topped with marinara) and some cantaloupe and grapes before digging into my newly bought soy delicious mocha fudge ice cream….oh how I miss my fro yo!

But now, I’m icing and ready for bed!   Oh, and applying insane amounts of sun screen because I’m burnt everywhere.  Even the back of my knees and calves.  What’s up with that?  Haha!

I hope you had a great weekend everyone!  I’ll be posting more about the race itself this week, along with how the fundraiser did for World Wildlife Fund!  You can still donate and many still are!!!  I’m happy to see hwo it’s coming along!

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34 Responses to San Diego Marathon Recap

  1. Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) says:

    I'm so proud of you for sticking with it my friend!

    I live Sipz! YUM!

    Take care of yourself. I bet you are sore!

  2. Kristie says:

    Wow girl, that's awesome. You should be SO proud of yourself, especially sticking it out even through the struggle. How strong and amazing are you?! Now take plenty PLENTY of rest and recoup :)

  3. Jenn (eating bender) says:

    You are an inspiration to many for pushing through even when it seemed/felt impossible. I am so proud of you and I hope that today you are resting and recovering. So glad you had such a great support system there to cheer you on, too. I was definitely screaming as loud as I could here in Chicago. ;o)

    Love you! Congratulations, marathoner!

  4. Katy Widrick says:

    Oh, honey — that sounds so tough! I'm proud of you for continuing to push, though…

  5. brandi @ BranAppetit says:

    so, so proud of you :) You did it!!!!

  6. Freya says:

    WELL DONE on finishing! That is an awesome, awesome achievement! I hit major problems in my marathon too and had to really dig deep – but now you've completed a marathon and that's with you for life :)

  7. Dori says:

    You finished a marathon!!!! Congratulations. Seriously. I am so sorry it was such a shitty experienced but you did it and I promise your time is not bad at all. Be proud of yourself for making it 26.2 miles.

  8. proudpatriot07 says:

    You finished a marathon! Nevermind what the time was and that you had to walk parts of it, 26.2 is 26.2 and that doesn't change! You should be super proud of yourself too for pushing through the whole thing and completing it even when you wanted to give up. I loved reading about it too and about your training, but I don't blame you to stick with halfs and 10Ks, either!


  9. glidingcalm says:

    go gurl! I am so proud of you! Sorry it didnt go as smoothly as you like………but injuries are scary and serious….and literally just 30 min of over training left me with a permanent injury while I was skating….so I'm proud of you for listening to your body. How awesome that you were able to tweet a message! oh technology!!

    rest up, pretty mama!! You accomplished an amazing feat!!!

  10. Nicole says:

    I am so proud of you. It takes amazing tenacity and perserverance to see something like that through. I'm so glad you didn't just ignore your pain and slam through it either. You were down in the trenches, and you saw it through. I admire you a great deal! (Although I'm kind of scared off ever doing a marathon <3.)

    Be well–fill yourself with lots of nutrition food and give your body a rest.

  11. Mara @ What's For Dinner? says:

    SO SO SO proud of you!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!
    Now, take some rest time :)

  12. Jeri says:

    This was the best quote I heard after my first: nobody said it would be easy; they just said it'd be worth it.


    I'm so proud of you buddy. MARATHONER!!! :D

  13. Leelu says:

    You are amazing! Just the fact that you kept on going inspite of difficulties says something incredible about you. You should be SO proud of yourself.

  14. Mica says:

    Congratulations on your first marathon, Melissa! Even if you feel kind of "Blah" about it (I was trying to read between the lines of your post.), you have accomplished something. Now, you know that you CAN do it, even under adverse conditions. I think that the "first marathon" is kind of romanticized, which ends up adding pressure to have a really great experience. This race will give you a better baseline for training for your next race–marathon or not!

  15. Erica says:

    Girl you ROCK! Way to make it through!! You are an inspiration for sure. Hope you're celebrating all week long

  16. Marissa says:

    Way to go, girl! Running a marathon–now that's something to be proud of. Especially when it was so hard, and you kept on going and didn't give up. I cannot fathom the amount of mental strength it would take to get through 26.2 miles! Great, great job.

  17. fittingitallin says:

    SO proud of you for sticking it out but being smart. That pain is temporary but your MARATHONER pride is forever! Congrats girl!!!!

  18. Krista says:

    SO glad that you stuck it out! Hope you are feeling very proud about that! (((HUGS)))

  19. kris (everyday oats) says:

    Way to finish!! It sounds like it was a very tough day, but so awesome that you stuck with it. I still find it unfathomable to run such a great distance.
    Congrats on running your first marathon! Such a BIG achievement :)

  20. Christine (The Raw Project) says:

    Wow, you're awesome! Congrats on the marathon! What an experience and you rock for completing it! And great post-race eats, yum!

  21. Kaitlin With Honey says:

    That does not sound like fun, but I am so proud of you for sticking through it! CONGRATULATIONS, MELISSA! I hope you are getting some rest today. XO!

  22. Pure2raw twins says:

    you are a rockstar!!

  23. Jessica @ The Process of Healing says:

    Aw girl!!!!! The most important thing?! You finished a MARATHON. Period, you did it! Girl… you rock!
    Love ya! So proud of you!

  24. Katy (The Singing Runner) says:

    I am so proud of you! You did it and you finished it! And you did it all for a great cause! :) Keep on being awesome!

  25. Katy says:

    Ohmigosh, CONGRATULATIONS HUN!!! With determination and inner strength you can achieve anything!!!!!!! You make me want to run a marathon :)

  26. MaryBe says:

    You did great!

  27. BOBBI McCORMICK says:

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Meghann says:

    Congrats Melissa!!! I am So, So, So proud of you! You stuck it out and accomplished something I know you've been dreaming about for years now. Way to go girl! You are stronger than you think you are – never forget that! :)

  29. Natalie says:

    I am so stinking proud of you–loved reading this! hope you're resting and soaking up the accomplishment this week!

  30. says:

    You are SO EPIC! Seriously, my running and sticking with it inspiration. To deal with those injuries and push through to finish? Seriously amazing. My mom actually kept calling me to hear the updates on how you were doing and we were all so happy to see the tweets that you finished. You are so strong.

    Glad to hear everyone had a good race!

  31. mymarblerye says:

    SO SO SO proud of you!!! You were in pain but you pushed through! Not only were we ALL supporting you but look at that jacked man with muscles…WHIT!! family, friends, and etc we were all there with you and you did AMAZING!!!

  32. Kara says:

    Marathons are HARD! No matter how many people you know you have done one or many, it's still a seriously long way to run.

    Great job and I bet you'll do another before long. You should try trail running. I just did my first 50K and it's a world of difference and I love every minute of those 32 miles, plus I got to see cool wildlife. :)

  33. Emma says:

    I'm sooo proud of you Melissa!

  34. Caronae says:

    Can't believe I missed this post! But I figure it's never too late to comment, so I just wanted to say congrats! It sounds like it was a really tough experience, physically and mentally, but you did it! You're a marathoner! Way to go. :)

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