Less Than 48 Hours

You think my time is off?  That the royal wedding is actually in less than 5 hours?  Well that’s because I’m not counting down to that ridiculous nonsense (yep, you read that right, I’m a hater.) but to the take of my plane to HAWAII! 

Ok really, I haven’t had a single second to think about going there because I’ve been so busy with work, but I think it’s about to set in as I’ve got around a 10-11 hr work day tomorrow then BAM!  Pack and head out the door to the parents, attempt to run a long run Saturday morning with a friend and then I’m leaving on a jet plane!  Ok, not a jet plane but a big plane.  Same difference.

Anyhow as you can probably tell from my run on sentences I’m exhausted.  It was a long and warmer day out in the field with a serious amount of hiking with a lot of weight on my back so I’m pretty pooped.  Plus the blister on my left foot is killer.  And still bloody and covered with dirt.  I’m so clean aren’t I?  Don’t judge, I live in dirt alright?

But, I do want to thank you all for the kind and encouraging comments from yesterday What Would You Do post; it was definitely hard to get myself to do it initially but when I started speaking I knew it was the right thing.  Like one of the girls said, I was like a walking and talking OB Note! HAHA!

Ok, I’m off to sleep, get one more day of work in and then pack in a frenzy and I’m off!  AH!!!!  I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures for you because I was with my boss, but I promise, you’ll get some of me in Kauai.  Even, in a bikini.  Oh yeah, I plan on rockin this bod!

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14 Responses to Less Than 48 Hours

  1. Joanna says:

    EEEE!! So excited for you!! Please bring us lots of pictures of yummy pineapples and shaved snow!! Better yet…just bring us!

  2. beyondbananas says:

    Have SO much fun! Make sure you take time for YOU and to just stop and enjoy nature (and I know you will since you are a nature lover!)

  3. Emma says:

    Have an AMAZING trip beautiful! I know you can rock that body and I hope ED can keep the f**k out of your vacation. You deserve to have a good time!

  4. proudpatriot07 says:

    Have fun in Hawaii :). And take tons of pictures to show us too!


  5. Lauren @ Spiced Plate says:

    have so much fun! you deserve it!

  6. Magdalena says:

    Have an excellent trip!!! Hawai'i is a wonderful place to visit and just take things easy…a good place for relaxing and rejuvenating.

    Take care of that blister though…they can get infected easily and infected blisters are no fun (I had several when I was rowing). It might sound icky, but putting a layer of super glue over a well-cleaned blister can help with healing and prevent infection. Ok, enough sounding like a mom or a nurse. Enjoy yourself thoroughly. :)

  7. Haley says:

    Have fun in HAWAII! So great that you have the opportunity to go there!
    And yea, girl! Rock that swimsuit! NO shame :) You are beautiful

  8. Katy says:

    SO excited for you! Have an amaaaazing time!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) says:

    You are going to have a blast!!!! :)

  10. Rebecca says:

    ahh have a blast!!!

  11. Salah (My Healthiest Lifestyle) says:

    So excited! Have fun!!

  12. Robyn says:

    have fun! i live on oahu and plan to spend the day at the beach tomorrow – hope you're doing the same!

  13. Megan D says:

    ENJOY HAWAII! Just read your last post and yes, you are a walking OB note. So admirable :)

  14. Krista says:

    Hope you're flight was good…I'll be reading all your posts today!!!

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