And The Winner Is…

STEPH!!! There’s a polar bear thanking your right now for your support!  Please email me so I can get your gift out to you!!!


I’m happy with all the comments you guys provided with me, including all the environmentally friendly actions you’re going to take this year to help the earth!  Thank you so much for your support!!!

Today was a great day in the field.  Well, other than having a very hard time ID’ing more than a few birds (so.many.migrants.) so although frustration ensued, it was fun overall!  The poppies are out too!

pics 020

I was out like a rocket this morning for a long day and fueled up with a smoothie in a bowl. Someone asked me why I never drink them and well, it’s a mental thing.  When I drink smoothies, they don’t leave me satisfied.  But when I use a spoon, presto!  Hours of fullness!  LOL!

pics 005

Nothing too exciting other than: spinach, USVAB, stevia, 1/2 frozen banana, 1.5C strawberries, 3T pb flour, guar gum, 1/2C rice puffs, and 3/4C go lean crunch

It was a busy morning and I was more than excited for my lunch! 

pics 018

(Did you know that every inch of trunk growth on a
Juniper means 100 years of age!? Crazy!)

I actually only ate one thing in the first picture, the wrap of course.  I wasn’t feel’n the carrots and hummus after I finished the wrap.

pics 006pics 012

(Oh man, my hands look dry and red!  Freak’n sunburn again!)

I think I wanted something sweet because the marsala burger in my wrap combined with the curried butternut squash left me with taste buds on fire!  Nothing better than strawberries!

pics 013

By the time I got home I was absolutely famished and had to have a snack. Nothing beats bread and hummus, and two tangelos.  A little bit of Honey for background.

pics 024

And then the school session started for me.  I went on a spree trying to figure out the birds I had seen today and man, was it hard.  A co-worker is heading out there tomorrow so I’m hoping he can ID it better than me, and let me know what I was seeing!

It was hours before I was ready for dinner and since I’m leaving in 4 days I’m resorting to all things canned….well, and frozen.  Haha!

pics 027

This also goes to show how uneven my counter top is, because it almost went over the edge of the bowl just pouring it in there. Sigh.  Signs of living in earthquake country!

Anyhow, I combined a can of Amy’s Black Bean Soup with some frozen broccoli and cauliflower and sided it with a thawed out piece of pumpkin cornbread.  I over-nuked it a bit, so I had to soak it in the soup…but it made for more thickness anyhow!  Yay!

Dessert was a few pieces of dried mango and now I’m getting ready for another long day of work tomorrow in the sun!  I love my job!

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4 Responses to And The Winner Is…

  1. says:

    I am having a ridiculous love affair with dried mango right now! Perfect sweetness for dessert.

  2. ATTrio says:

    Yay! I am so excited for the polar bear. I cannot tell you how many times I have thought about adopting since you told me about the adopt an animal site. Thanks again! I plan to adopt a tiger :)

  3. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    Earthquakes scare me!!!!! your wraps always make me drool,! So happy you had such an amazing day in the field, I am jealous of your job!

  4. Krista says:

    Congrats to Steph! Thanks for hosting such a great contest, Melissa!

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