Wow, I never thought this day would come.  Ok, I knew it would, but I never thought I could actually do it.


I ran more than a half marathon; 15 miles to be exact.  Truth is, this has terrified me for some time actually.

It has been just about 4 years to date since I tried to purposefully run over 13.1 miles.  Last time this was attempted I was training for the exact same race I am now in San Diego, finishing up my senior year of college.  Only difference?  I didn’t know what I was doing then, I know what to do better now.

The last time I tried training for this race I was left devastated because I couldn’t run the entire thing.  I had injured my calves so badly (too many micro tears to count) that I could barely even make the 1/4 mile walk to school from my apartment and I was in such horrible pain all I wanted to do was cry.  Let alone the fact that I couldn’t run, I was heart broken.

But back then was different though.  First of all, I had the worst experience with shoes. I had decided to try out Road Runner Sports Perfect Fit Shoes Finder Program to help reassure me I would be able to run this race. I was given a pair of Brooks with inserts/insoles and sent on my way.  Not for a minute did I doubt the expertize of the people there.  Boy was I mistaken.  It gave me such horrible arch support that I was sent to a physical therapist by my training coach only to be sidelined through most of the longer distance training and told I wouldn’t be able to complete the race.  Utter heartbreak.


Secondly, I knew nothing about training for this kind of distance running. I might have run 50+ miles a week during high school, but the longest run I ever did was 11 miles during a summer long run.  I knew nothing about fueling before, during or after a run like that, let along getting up into the teens and even twenties.  I didn’t eat the right kinds of foods to help repair my damaged and throbbing muscles and it all showed when I had to take almost 2-3 months off of running after the race to recover.


Thirdly, I had a horrible mindset.  I was in year 4 of my eating disorder and failure was all my mind could fathom.  I was more concerned about using the training to help lose the weight I had put on in the past few years, which wasn’t going to do me any good.  At the time I was till under a normal BMI, so obviously this didn’t help my injury at all.  I ran every run with so much emotion that I ended up sabotaging it most of the time, then beating myself up so badly afterwards that there was nothing left to look forward to.

This time thought I’m ready, but not without a doubt.

I have never put my body through this kind of rigor and it scares me.  I’m afraid it won’t live up to my expectations, but I’m learning to go with the flow.  I know it’s not going to be an easy journey, but I know it’ll be one that will be supported through all my family, friends and bloggers alike.

So take a few steps back, and this shows you how much more prepared and mindful I am now than 4 years ago.

I woke up Friday craving a smoothie, and lo and behold, Mother Nature threw a bombshell on the West Coast Mountains of my home.

pics 017pics 022

That be snow people.  We got a few inches of it.  It was crazy watching the big fat flakes fall from the sky:

pics 021

I spent the day inside because I was stranded at home without a working work vehicle (yep, already killed my new honk’n truck, aka THE BEAST. Ok, I didn’t kill it, but with just 500 miles and a check engine light…not good news) and ended up snacking the day away.  Food came in forms of muffins, carrots, hummus, crackers, apples, and this delicious stuff:

pics 015

Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream?  Count me in!  I don’t care if it’s snowing outside!  The stats are pretty good so I enjoyed a civil portion of it while watching the snow fall.  And drinking hot tea.  Who says the two don’t go together?

I finished off the evening with a nice and easy 3.5 mile run at the gym and a good dinner to make sure I was fueled for the long run in the coming hours:

pics 024

(Sorry the picture is crap, the lighting at 9pm wasn’t that great if you get my drift)

I sautéed up some bell pepper, onion and mushrooms with some greens, a veggie burger and leftover farro.  Kept me full and ready for a good night of sleep.

Saturday morning came and I was up and ready to run!  I fueled with my normal PB and Bread with an apple a bit later and headed down the mountains to the valley to run along the river bed for my 15 miler.  I had my camelbak ready, my new pearl izumi shorts, gu chomps and the mentality that speed was not the goal here, just to get the run done.



Seriously, best shorts on the planet.  The most awesome part is that there is no tightness around your quads at all because the short actually opens up along the sides all the way up to the bottom edge of the mesh at the top. Yep, I was bare’n some skin to the world!  Who wears short shorts?  This girl!  No shame baby!

Anyhow, I kept a nice 10 minute pace through most of the run but ran into a bit of a roadblock at mile 11 when the INSIDE OF MY LEFT ANKLE, just below and behind where the bone sticks out, started to hurt.  This originally occurred for the first time back in January at the AZ Rock n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon but soon went away and has only shown up twice since then.

It actually hurt so much that it got me to stop, I massaged it a little, stretched my left leg and was on my way.  I had to stop one more time before the end of the run to massage and stretch it again but that was about it.  I finished the 15 miles with a great big smile on my face and a feeling of accomplishment that I haven’t felt in a very long time (ok, it probably compares to the surprise accomplishment I felt at the finish like of the Oakland 1/2 Marathon with my 3 minute PR, but you know…)

Of course my boyfriend was a doll and met me for the last 1.5 miles to run home, then immediately jet off to Jamba Juice with my Vega Protein Powder ready to replenish my muscles!


I got some berry one but had to mix my protein powder in afterwards because they couldn’t do it for me, whatever.  I basked in the sun and filled up, chilling my body to the core!

Whit and I cleaned up then headed out to spend gift certificates and buy the heck out of the Borders closing in town.  I’m so excited to share the books I’ve picked up; all VEGAN!  Yay!

Eventually we both started to get hungry and had a super early dinner at our favorite sushi joint, I Love Sushi.  I had the same thing I always do:  Edamame, Seaweed Salad, Veggie Roll and Cucumber Roll.


After a quick trip to TJ’s we headed up the mountain to my place and had a second dinner of sorts before diving into books and ready for bed!

pics 026pics 028

What’s more refreshing than veggies and hummus, right?  Add strawberries to that and I’m set for a good night’s rest!

Too bad it’s now 2.20am and I’ve been up since 12.15 (After going to bed at 10.30) with this annoyingly weird feeling in my left leg and can’t sleep.  Arg…

I hope I’ll have enough energy tomorrow because Whit and I are visiting a site I haven’t been to in almost 10 years and miss!  I can’t wait to show you more of it!


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11 Responses to New PRD

  1. Gabriela says:

    WOOO 15 miles!! Congrats, that's so awesome!! It's great that you've learned to take such good care of yourself. Clearly it's paying off!! About the ankle- do you overpronate? I get a similar feeling when running long distances from my slight tendonitis…

  2. Victoria Elizabeth says:

    All your food makes me want to reach through the computer screen!!! I love Jamba Juice, I wish we had one here in Anchorage lol

  3. Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) says:

    Way to go Melissa!!!! You are a rockstar!

    I've had that with my ankle in the past. Icing it helps! Hope it's not bugging you now.

  4. cyclicalunemployment says:

    I love all the advice and reflections in this post! you are so strong! celebrate it

  5. Emma says:

    Congratulations! I'm so excited that you were able to safely and happily complete 15 miles. That is amazing!

  6. says:

    Woo! Congrats on 15 miles! You're incredible!

  7. salah S says:

    congrats on your 15 miles!!! and love those shorts :-)

  8. fittingitallin says:

    ROCKSTAR!! My favorite thing about distance running is that to do it properly you have to eat well and be in the right mindset – I actually credit it a ton for helping me recover from my eating disorder.

    SUCH a big deal, seriously. GREAT JOB!

  9. Ryan @ Aloha Appetite says:

    I am so happy to have read this post. I am running my first half at the end of May with not as much time to train as I would have liked. I started my training last week and have already been sidelined with horrible calf pain. I hope that with stretching and rest I'll be able to recoop and run the entire half. :)

  10. Janetha @ meals + moves says:

    PROPS! Good job on 15 miles, I am impressed and inspired.

  11. Amanda - RunToTheFinish says:

    yeahhh!!! i agree your mentality is so different now that I"m sure you can do this!!

    love my izumi shorts too

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