It’s A Funny Story Really…

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So, lately I’ve gotten some questions from my readers and friends about how I met Whit…seeing as how I live in a small mountain town with a population of ~8,000 that is mostly inhabited by retirees and high school students ready to jump the gun and get out of this town…

Back in the day this would have been taboo.  Parents would have gawked at the thoughts, grandparents would have stared at you in shock and friends would have asked, “Really?  You’re kidding, right?”

Certain circumstances called for different measures.  Seeing as how I live in such a tiny town with very limited numbers of people my age I knew it was going to be difficult of find someone, anyone really, to date.  Add to that that I don’t work in an office environment where I can meet people or make coworker friends, many places to hang out and well, anything to help with dating in general…I took the pledge around my birthday last year:

I signed up for eHarmony.

This took a lot of time and consideration since well, this stuff ain’t cheap!  But I got a deal with my purchase and continued on to create my profile and “meet” someone through the site.  It is actually quite nice the way these things work, as you create a very very detailed profile of yourself that the site uses to match you up with people.


(Sample shot of my profile; there is much more to this that your matches can see themselves)

After that you get to pick out the people you want to ask questions of, get more details then have a free flowing communication with them.  You can also archive people that you’re not interested and of course keep people on the side that you think might be compatible but aren’t sure about.

You get emails everyday of people that you’ve been matched with and then get to go and review their profile (like the one above) and decide what you think and if you want to start talking to them.

So, one day I got matched with Whit.  We swapped questions, more details and started talking through eHarmony’s mail service, before eventually hating having to log in all the time and just email each other.  It’s kinda funny too, because we always seemed to be online at the same time so our questions were practically answered immediately!

Believe me when I say, I NEVER thought I would meet someone ONLINE.  To me it still seemed taboo when I first signed up and I kept it a secret from well, EVERYONE.  I didn’t tell my family, friends or even my counselor!  I wasn’t embarrassed that I met him that way…it just seemed, well, a tad bit odd.

It actually wasn’t until I went to the Foodbuzz Festival that I spilled the beans to my girlfriends (Meghann, Monica, and Bobbi) about signing up for the service and meeting him through there.  If anything, they got a good kick out of reading my entire profile along with Whit’s and all the other guys I’d been matched up to.  Quite the scandal, haha!

Anyhow, Whit and I made up some great stories about how we met and were actually super conniving about how we were going to mix the two together to tell any friends or family that might eventually meet each other.  He had actually already told his mom, so I had some reservations on telling my parents.  And believe me, it wasn’t any way I had planned it.

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In the beginning the only person that knew I had signed up for eHarmony was my brother.  He’s always been my dating guru, so I knew I could trust him to keep his mouth shut.  That and I needed someone to call after meeting Whit for the first time to tell that I hadn’t been kidnapped or murdered by this someone I met online.  Believe me, I was locked securely in my apartment (that’s after I met Whit at Starbucks for the first time and talked until they practically kicked us out!) when I told him how it went!

Anyhow, I was still working on ways that I was going to tell the rest of my family, including my parents about how I really met Whit. It wasn’t until almost 3 months later that I finally dropped the truth on them at my cousin’s wedding.  Funny enough, we had been talking about it so it was on my mind, and when my Aunt from out of town said sarcastically, “So, how did you really meet him?”  I chuckled and said something along the lines, “Well, it’s a funny story really, but I met him on eHarmony.”

Let’s just say that I was cowered away from my Dad sitting next to me and stared right at my mom two seats away, who’s jaw about dropped to the floor (don’t try and deny it Mom, you know you did).  Being Daddy’s little girl, I figured I would get the greatest reaction from him, but he kinda shrugged and said, “Times are different and as long as your smart and safe about it, more power to you!”  My mom on the other hand sat there in silence while my other brother was totally surprised and excited all at the same time.  Mom finally came around, but was surprised to say the least!

Lets just say I made my cousin’s wedding a little more memorable than it already was.  Heh.

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So there you have it and that as many people question the antic, there is nothing wrong with meeting your significant other online.  I actually know quite a few people who have met their boyfriends, fiancés and husbands on there!

So dish it out…How did you meet your significant other?  Do you still think something other than super duper great thoughts about meeting people online?  I want to hear all your dating stories!!!

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24 Responses to It’s A Funny Story Really…

  1. Haley says:

    Hey, I came across your blog and love it! You're such an inspiration :).

    I love the concept of online dating – your Dad was right, times ARE different – and have more than a few friends who have found incredible partners online (my cousin and his partner got married last year and are one of the most compatible couples I've ever known)!

    I met my hubby at college, but we were definitely best friends (even roommates) before we became partners =). However it happens, love is always beautiful!!

  2. Christine (The Raw Project) says:

    That's an awesome story! Nothing wrong with eHarmony and it's something I would consider if I was single because I'm not a fan of typical dating scenes. I met my hubby while we were both working at a computer store, eek, over 13 years ago now. When I met him, I wasn't looking for a relationship since I just came out of a bad one and had a let down going after a different guy. So we just started hanging out as friends and the rest is history. :-)

  3. sophia says:

    I'll admit I used to be one of those people who'll raise an eyebrow skeptically about online dating sites…but I know a few couples who are sooo happily married via online…so if you can use the internet to your advantage, I say good for you! :-)

    Besides, if sweet, gorgeous people like you use it, it really can't be all losers (like I used to think…not anymore)!

  4. the actor's diet says:

    i love that people meet people online now! my husband and i met 13 years ago in college, when the internet was new and dating that way was still sketchy. but i think it's pretty standard nowadays.

  5. Katy says:

    That is such a cute story!! I don't see anything wrong with meeting people online at all. I met the guy I'm interested in online another 7 years ago and I've met him a few times since then (we didn't meet through a site, he was my friends friend that I just randomly started talking to on msn messenger) but it's only now that our relationship has really blossomed. I think my parents would react the way your mom did because they are rather traditional. Nut heck, I've met my best friends online and you just know when it's right and that they aren't dodgy. Go you for being in a happy relationship!! So so happy for you :)


  6. Megan D says:

    You and Whit are adorable!! A friend of mine actually just got engaged to a girl he met online last year. I met my boyfriend in an elevator! We ran into each other at a party later that night and the rest is history :)

  7. Kirsty says:

    Good for you! Why not? You both look very cute! Online sounds a lot better that looking in clubs and pubs. I met my husband 20+ years ago in unversity when cell phone were the size of bricks, nevermind the internet!!

  8. Mara @ What's For Dinner? says:

    AWWW you're so cute :) I love the pics of the two of you together!

    So… I technically met Adam online :)

  9. Anna says:

    Nothing wrong w/ meeting online anymore! Although we didn't start dating for another year, my fiancee and I met while working at a tutoring program. He was my supervisor and recommended me to be promoted to another position. I of course had a crush on him and was excited that he thought so highly of me.

  10. Faith says:

    I met the coach online (SHHH!) I dont know why it feels so taboo but it's so hard to explain to people – we always went with the "friend of a fried" line.

  11. brandi @ BranAppetit says:

    I think it's awesome! It's not easy to meet people in real life – especially depending on your job and where you are. Good for you for trying something new! And even better that you met Whit :)

  12. Mica says:

    I didn't realize that online meeting was such a cause for concern! I'm glad your dad had a good reaction though. Has your mom's jaw recovered from the precipitous drop yet?

    (I also didn't know that you and Whit had been dating since last summer. It seems like he just showed up relatively recently, but my sense of time is off…or maybe you kept him secret for awhile?)

  13. Evan Thomas says:

    Maybe I'm just a child of the times but I don't think there's anything wrong with meeting someone on line. Times have changed and that's just how the world works. I've met some of my best friends online/through blogging.

  14. Jenna-Marie (Fit Girl's Martini) says:

    That is such a cute story! The people in your life are meant to be there, and how you meet eachother is all up to fate. I know alot of couples who met through online dating and they are some of the happiest I've seen. You two are adorable!

    Matt and I actually went to middle school together but attended different high schools. We ended up hanging out with the same crowd years later and hit it off. It's strange how things work out, but def meant to be!

  15. Jenna says:

    I worked with my husband's cousin in college… But one of my best friends is married to a guy she met online- while he was in Iraq no less!

  16. Krista says:

    I think this is a great story!!

    My hubby was casually dating my then boyfriend's sister…LOL

  17. Gabriela says:

    Haha I love this!! And I really don't think there's anything weird about it AT ALL. Honestly, dating today can get so complicated and vague, and I think that online dating sites are awesome because you know that the people you're talking to are looking for the same things you are. Like your dad said, more power to you!! It's definitely something I'll check out in the future if need be.

    Mike and I actually met because I was hooking up with his best friend. That fizzled out pretty quickly, and fortunately they're both really chill, non-dramatic guys that didn't make it awkward to just switch!! We're all still good friends, which is nice!

  18. Abby says:

    Good for you guys! My best friend met her husband online. They still have their story that they tell people who would be weird about the online thing. But she said the same thing. "I moved and wasn't in a position to meet anyone new."

    I was considering the online thing myself when I met my boyfriend. Super boring story, just a friend of my friend but it worked out. I do wish I had a cooler story though. Like my parents who met on an airplane :)

  19. fittingitallin says:

    Way to be brave and put it all out there – I think it's great that it worked for you!!
    I met my boyfriend through mutual friends…but we first started talking in the nightclub of a cruise ship!

  20. Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) says:

    I technically met Andy online. I met his friend through livejournal and we planned on meeting in person (just as friends) randomly one night. Andy came with him and the rest is history really. I started thinking Andy was cute and talking to him on AIM and via email all the time. My mom freaked out when he drove out from San Diego to stay with us for the first time but she eventually came around.

    PS. I think Whit is super cute and VERY nice. You two are adorable.

  21. Meghann says:

    Way to go for coming out of the closet. :)

    P.S. This post reminded me that I missed you. When will I see your lovely face (and Whit's face too!) again?

  22. Natalie says:

    I remember hearing about him at FB fest…so glad you two are going strong!! :)

  23. Kaitlin With Honey says:

    This post is so adorable! Definitely nothing wrong with meeting someone online. It's totally the times.

    I loved Whit and want to see you two again! Maybe we can get him to talk more next time. ;)

  24. traynharder23 says:

    first. you two are ADORABLESSSSSSS aughhh i just died looking at your picture. :D

    2nd- i have a funny story for you about online dating. i finally decided to meet someone off of OKCUPID..and he showed up WASN"T the person i expected..and then started calling me his girlfriend. AND….he was like, let's go to a motel and GET TO KNOW each other better..for 20 minutes.


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