All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

Ok, this storm just needs to get here, dump it’s snow then freeze everything afterwards so I can stop sitting at the window waiting for it!  Hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and they’ll be a white layer of fluff outside my door…we’ll see, since last time we had a very tiny dusting the the anticipated 6 inches! Hah!

So, it’s Friday night, I’m chill’n out with Hulu, TJ’s Popcorn and Honey as I’ll be here for a while stuck in my apartment…so I’m going to do what all the cool kids are doing and fill out the ABC’s Survey.  I know, I know…probably nothing exciting, but maybe I’ll get a smirk out of you.  Hah.

A.  Age- 25
B.  Bed Size:  Queen, but my cat takes up more room than I.
C. Chore I dislike: Taking out the trash. I’ll clean a toilet before doing that!
D.  Dogs- Love the big ones, but the small ones…they’re not dogs if they’re smaller than my cat. And my cat is big. Haha!

moms 009
E.  Essential Start of Your Day – Water.  Always gulp a glass of cold water.
F.  Favorite Color – Blue, green and purple.  Do I have to choose one?
G. Gold or Silver ?  Silver, Gold is too bling for me!
H.  Height – 5’6”
I . Instruments you play or played ?  Piano for almost 9 years into high school and the flute and piccolo for 2 years in junior high.  I can play the recorder too :)
J.  Job Title – Avian Field Biologist.  Who else do you know with that title!? :D

K. Kids – None, unless Honey counts.  She got an attitude that would put some teenagers to shame!

L.  Live – Sunny and beautiful California!  Oh yeah!
M. Moms Name – Gwyn
N.  Nicknames – Mel, Meli, Lissa, Melly, Missy Miss, Missy…
O . Overnight Hospital stay –  None, which would surprise most who know me, as I get hurt far too often!
P.  Pet Peeve –Chewing with your mouth open. I’ll shut it for you if you don’t!
Q. Quote from a movie – I don’t quote movies very well…or at all.  Talk to my brothers, they can tell you anything.
R.  Righty or Lefty – Righty
S. Siblings – Younger twin brothers

moms 021
T.  Time you wake up?  Right now 6am.  But during the summer, it’s around 4 or 4.30.  Yep, blame my job…
U.  Underwear – The kind that fits.  And doesn’t give wedgies.
V.  Vegetables You don’t like? Cooke carrots.  And peas. And lima beans.
W.  What makes you run Late?  You guys and your interesting blogs.  I kid…usually making lunch!
X.  X-rays have you had any?  Foot, toe, fingers, wrists, teeth and I’m sure something else…((crazy accident prone right here!))
Y.  Yummy Food you make – Muffins, bread, brownies and CHEESECAKE.

Z.  Zoo animal Favorite? BIRDS!!!!  But I don’t like zoos, animals should be FREE!


What, you want to see food?  How about pretty pictures from the field…those are so much more interesting to look at!

pics 008

Oh it was a rough night of sleep. I was hot, then cold, then sweating, then charlie horses all over!  Lets just say I woke up with bigger bags under my eyes and mumbling out of my mouth…and lets not forget the stomach cramps because I was so hungry!  Crazy what a day full of exercise can do to you overnight!

So I got into the kitchen asap and prepped my favorite apple pb oatmeal, with extra pb than normal…I should have added in a cut up TJ’s Dark Chocolate PB Cup Whit brought last night…but I was too busy inhaling my oats!

pics 003

I was so focused on getting out into the field and finishing up my work before the impending storm came into the mountains…you could see it just north of us…

pics 007

But if you looked south it was absolutely gorgeous!!!  The desert is always so much more beautiful and sunny!

pics 012

I got hungry for lunch and was ready to go!  I might have been in a bit of a hurry this morning so lunch was very…to go: TJ’s crackers, TJ’s Hummus, TJ’s Persian Cucumbers, and four clementines (I ate two extra afterwards).  Such a great combo!

pics 015

It was a bit on the light side, though volume wise good, so I snacked on a Carrot and Raisin muffin a bit after.  Still good even though it’d been in the freezer!

pics 016

The cows were trying to avoid the wind…poor babies…having to hide behind the junipers for some protection

pics 014

It was a long afternoon of running around getting stuff done before the storm…gah!  Anyhow, by the time I finish everything and finally sat down to think about something other than birds (like how I emailed my local new station asking if they would do a segment on NEDA Week and THEY DID!!!!! AHHHHH!H!!!!!  I don’t know if I was my email or not that got them to do it but I was excited anyhow!) I was hungry for dinner.  I needed to use up the rest of my chickpeas so I mixed them with some diced tomatoes and my new favorite dressing from TJ’s: Thai Peanut Dressing!  OMG this stuff is to DIE FOR!!!  All on top of mixed salad, carrot slices and cucumbers…death by salad.

pics 021

No joke.  But I needed carbs, so I had a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin to round it out…

pics 022

And some popcorn.  But that’s cause I’m glued to Hulu and need something to keep me from eating too much chocolate…since that Coffee Attune Bar already made it’s way down my throat with another calling my name…

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10 Responses to All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

  1. fittingitallin says:

    Awesome idea to ask your news station to do that…I wish I had thought of it!
    And still need those muffin recipes girl. They make me drool!

  2. Aubrey says:

    Thank you for doing that and being an inspiration!

  3. Christine (The Raw Project) says:

    I feel the same way about the storm, we were supposed to get snow and freeze today, but that didn't happen and now maybe tomorrow. You have such a cool job!

    The oatmeal looks fabulous as usual. Poor cows, they were doing that in the pasture near my house today too. Great eats, I need to track down the Thai Peanut Dressing.

    That's awesome about NEDA week!

  4. Katy says:

    OMG that CHEESECAKE looks amazing. I am one for cheesecake of all forms. Woah…just drooled.

    I love when you show pictures of what you see when you are out and about at work. Seriously, what you do is amazing!


  5. Erica says:

    I love the ABC survey! I always learn something new about each blogger :) I hate taking the trash out too…I don't know why- its not hard, just annoying!Both of your muffins look so yummy. I haven't made a batch of muffins up in a while. The views are gorgeous. Your job is so neat. Enjoy the weekend

  6. Gabriela says:

    I HATE THE TRASH TOO!!! I'll literally just push stuff down as much as possible to put it off. It's horrible of me :)

  7. greensk8r says:

    Loved your survey!! Those are so cool :) I HATE the trash…gross.
    Your field pics are so pretty!
    Follow me!

  8. movesnmunchies says:

    WHAT A GREAT idea to do the news station! that is seriously AWESOME.. so happy!

  9. eliz@thesweetlife says:

    Love, love, love the glimpse into your life!

  10. Krista says:

    Your pep peeve is one of mine, too!! LOL

    Love all the eats and the scenery pics, too. Those poor cows look miserable…

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