Visit Time!

Whew! What a weekend it’s been, and it’s not even over yet!  Yay!!!  Where do I start?!

So Saturday…I was still getting ready for my weekend…and being sad I had to leave Honey for a few days.  My poor kitty; don’t worry, I have a friend checking up on her!

Alas, I started the morning off with my now favorite breakfast: toast, pb, jelly and banana.

vegan 003

It was a whirlwind of excitement getting home on the freeway, where I managed to avoid getting hammered by crazy LA drivers, and eating a Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffin the mean time.

I picked up a few bakery items for the German bakery in my town and dove right into them for lunch: Veggies and Hummus on Sun-dried Tomato Bread with carrots and a pear. There was also trail mix consumed afterwards, minus the non-vegan m&m’s, for good matter.

vegan 004

vegan 006

While Whit napped I chatted it up with Mom while we got the fruit salad, guacamole and pieces of veg and stuff ready for dinner!  Then after he woke up we helped Dad out with the bbq and making every cook nicely!

We had a good spread for dinner and I couldn’t have been more happy! I love grilling up my own veggies!

vegan 010vegan 013vegan 014vegan 016vegan 017vegan 018

I was more than happy to pile my plate high with the veggies and slather them with lots of marinus (marinara-hummus mixture!) and finish them off with fruits for dessert!

vegan 021

I tried to get to bed at a decent hour but that didn’t happen…I walk way too much!

Even with going to bed so late, I woke up at the same ol’ hour of 6.30 to chat with Dad and read the newspaper!  Oh how I miss reading the physical newspaper…something about it is just so relaxing!

I knew Whit and I weren’t going to run for a while after I’d been off so I held my belly at bay until I couldn’t stand the grumbling any longer and had some pb and banana toast, with an extra small piece of pb and bread, before going out for our long run of the week: 10 miles!

vegan 023

We arrived in sunny Huntington Beach and man, I could not have asked for better weather! vegan 027vegan 028

We started off and hit up the beach boardwalk to get our out and back route done for the 10 miles.  Sadly Whit hit a breaking point just before mile 4 where his knee was in some serious pain and he ended up walking back to the car while I continued to run.  Even though I had lost my running buddy, I had a good attitude and the beautiful beach on my side, along with this being old cross country stomping grounds from high school, to get me through the 10 miles!

I ended up finishing the run in 1:33:33 and felt pretty great afterwards!  I was sweating like a banshee though and man was it hot, and more humid than the mountains, which I had forgotten about!  My body was actually having a hard time adjusting to the moisture in the air and felt like it was overheating…so what did I do?

I braved the elements and ran in just my sports bra and shorts.  What what?  This is nor a normal occurrence for me and something I would stress over but I got to a point at mile 6 where I felt way too hot and needed the breeze on my body!

After I caught back up with Whit and we got back home I was in a bit of pain because I had some pretty nasty chaffing on my back…happens every time bear skin gets exposed to my camelbak backpack…lets just say taking a shower was not a very pleasant experience!

I was starving by the time I cleaned up and made another veggie sandwich on the tomato bread but this time but instead of hummus used guacamole and leftover grilled veggies from dinner.

vegan 029

I was no where near satisfied so I also snacked on a muffin slathered in pb and an apple later on in the afternoon with some cashews and raisins.  Hit the spot until dinner!!!!

vegan 035

Then, it was off to our Valentine’s Day vacation in Redondo Beach at The Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club!

vegan 047vegan 037vegan 038vegan 040vegan 042vegan 044

How pretty is this place!?  And we’re located right next to the marina with all the boats!

vegan 046

We walked around a tad to see the area but then were getting hungry so we headed out to dinner at a vegetarian/vegan restaurant Whit found close to the hotel! Woohoo!  Fits in perfectly with me being vegan this past week!

Enter: The Green Temple

vegan 052vegan 053

They had the whole Valentine’s ambiance going on and the whole place and filled with colorful blankets and Buddha’s!

The menu had a nice variety of dishes for vegetarian’s and meals that could be made vegan.  I was super excited for that!  But we’ll start with Whit’s dinner because it looks so much prettier!  He started off with a house salad with a pesto type dressing and a piece of their homemade bread on the side.

vegan 057

For his main dish he decided to get the White Lasagna, which was filled with veggies and according to him totally delicious!

vegan 059

I wanted some volume so I went for their Sproutalicious Salad but what you don’t see underneath all those greens is a corn tortilla with black beans, rice and lentils along with a very spicy to me salsa!

vegan 058

But O.M.G.  That is not the best part of the night.

The night came to and end with the best dessert I have had in a very long time.  They had a great variety of desserts when we asked, and other than the two cheesecakes, all of their scrumptious desserts were vegan!  No doubt that Whit decided it would best for both of us to try the Chocolate and PB Mousse Cake.

vegan 062

The crust was heavenly and the two layers of mousse were to die for.  I was in love with the chocolate layer, and although both were very rich, they weren’t so sweet that you went into a sugar coma. Topped with a variety of nuts, chocolate and coconut, you know that we finished every whip of chocolate left on that plate.  And then so stuffed I could have cried!

We’re ready to call it a night tonight before Whit gets in some surf tomorrow then we hit up the nearby piers and villages for some sight seeing and shopping…because even though I live a mere 30 minutes from this beach I’ve never been there before.  Tragedy, I know.

What do you ladies have planned for Valentine’s day?  Anything special with your man? Or you stringing single and hanging with your girls!?  I know I used to do that, even when I wasn’t single! LOL!

Btw, I’ll write my review of how my vegan week went for you guys tomorrow!  Sorry it’s coming late!  But I think I’m gonna keep up with it!

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12 Responses to Visit Time!

  1. Runeatrepeat says:

    I was in Huntington on Saturday morning!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. ELC says:

    What a packed weekend! Huntington Beach is really gorgeous, I agree!

  3. L. says:

    Sounds like a great weekend. Happy you were able to enjoy it.

  4. Dorry says:

    Happy Valentine's Day! Delicious eats in this post. Celebrating Valentine's Day with my husband cooking dinner at home tonight! And lots of chocolate.

  5. Christine (The Raw Project) says:

    Yum, the marinara-hummus mixture sounds divine! And awesome time on the run! We had great weather here too and it made my long run heavenly.

    You hotel room looks wonderful, love the view! Looks like a fabulous weekend.

    Hubby is taking me to dinner tonight, but he still won't tell me where. Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Abby says:

    Wow, beautiful hotel! Sounds like you guys are having a fantastic time.

    We're staying in and I'm making a nice dinner of some of the boyfriend's favs, including salmon and cheesecake. We generally keep Valentine's Day low-key since our anniversary is only a couple weeks later and we save the fancy dinner out/presents for that.

  7. says:

    OMG sooo jeal, i'm coming home in one week YAYUHH!! WHat a gorgeous and fun V-day celebration, I should take my mom to that restaurant she would loveee it! I was wondering where ur working now…but I just saw on FB, that's so great that you are semi-close to home AND the beach!! :D

  8. Lauren @ Spiced Plate says:

    The green temple looks like where I'd go — to worship amazing looking food that I can actually eat! It always makes me excited to see restaurants with good lovely and healthy food, even though I'm across the country!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) says:

    Yum! That food looks so good. I love grilled veggies. I want to try marinara and hummus!

    Huntington beach sounds like such a fun place for a run. I love it there!

    That dessert..YUM!

    Andy and I just made a fancier than usual dinner together. Nothing big this year!

  10. the actor's diet says:

    green temple is one of my fave places – that tofu sauce they pour on everything is incredible!

  11. Magdalena says:

    I spent Valentine's Day driving to NYC and prepping for a four-hour interview I had on Tuesday. Not that I have anyone to spend it with aside from my kitty anyways. :)

    A suggestion for the chafing that might help is to buy some flannel or use an old jersey cotton sheet and make strap covers for your camelback so that what is against your skin is very soft fabric. I don't know if it will work for sure, but it might help.

  12. mymarblerye says:

    holy crap! running in just your bra and shorts? That is a HUGE step for you!!! :) GAhhh so pretty!! So happy for you right now!! Vday was casual for G and I…since I'm sick. :(

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