Hey guys.  Not much goin on over here other than taking full advantage of the SUN being out and the temps in the MID 60’s!  You can imagine my enthusiasm is bursting at the seems!

Yesterday was nothing to roll over, other than seeing Black Swan with Whit, which was a total trip. I was literally speechless by the end of it and still have no words for it.  I just…yeah.  Let’s just say our moods were out of whack so we made up for it and enjoyed some fro-yo to brighten our moods!

But to start the day off right I tried one of my long time favorites that hasn’t been present much lately: Breakfast Cookie!

Mine is a combo of 1/4C oats with a banana and vanilla, refrigerated overnight.  I topped it off in the morning with chunks of pb, blueberries, greek yogurt and more cinnamon.  You know I was excited for this!

pics 003

Lunch was out in the field and yes, I’ve been using foil, which I’m not proud of since it’s not very reusable. I suppose I’ve been justifying it’s use because I have used the pieces to wrap my sandwiches recently to cover lots of veggies previously cooked in the oven.  So…there.  Back to my reusable bags next week!

This sandwich was super flavorful, filled with laughing cow cheese, marinara, avocado and spinach.  The pear tasted awesome too!

pics 005

Dinner last night was a la Tj’s before the movie and fro-yo afterwards.  Great way to end the night!

This morning though, I was excited for my Abundant Harvest box!  Look at all the citrus, KIWIS, broccoli, carrots and KALE!!!  I am totally going to make kale chips this time…I haven’t tried them yet so this should be interesting…I need new ideas for going Vegan next week anyhow (hosed by Morgan at Life After Bagels)!

pics 008

You can bet that produce was put to good use for dinner tonight!  But not before getting my long run in with my town running buddy of 8.32 miles in 1:35.  She’s a bit slower than me but it was nice to take my time running the distance since I’m still a tad bit sore from the ST session earlier this week.  My quad muscle is still unhappy.

Dinner was surely tasty though! You don’t see them here, but I roasted up 1/2 a butternut squash with the broccoli and cauliflower from my AH box, all in the fresh herbs I got last week!  I can’t wait to eat them this week! How should I use them; suggestions?

pics 010

My actual dinner consisted of the plate shown above, but not the crackers and salsa.  By the time I finished the spinach, organic refried beans w/ extra onions and butternut squash I was pretty stuffed!  Amazing for me!  Maybe the running hunger hasn’t nit me yet!  But I was dig’n the butternut squash cooked in TJ’s Taco Seasoning…totally added to the Mexican flare I was going for!

I guess I just ate that stuff on the plate pretty fast because a bit later I was dig’n into my citrus stash with a clementine and orange, along with a banana chocolate chunk muffin…the last one!  We know what I’m going to do tomorrow!

Tomorrow should be pretty relaxing so I’ll be making some Valentine’s Day cards, scrapbooking, being outdoors in the heat/sun and spending time with Honey…since she too is having some skin issues and has me worried.  Poor kitty.  And no, I will no be watching the Super Bowl, so don’t ask me about it.  I barely understand football itself!

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8 Responses to Highlights

  1. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    SO JEALOUS OF YOUR WEATHER!!! That breakfast cookie looks amazing! So, should I see Black Swan??? I love having running buddies! Have an amazing Sunday gorgeous girl!

  2. Katy (The Singing Runner) says:

    Mmmm that breakfast cookie looks delicious!
    Kale chips are amazing! :) Although I seem to eat them all in about 5 seconds flat. ;)

  3. Erin says:

    LOL! Girl, I am with you. Football…like…what is going on!? It takes forever to score. They barely move down the field. YAWN. Give me basketball anyday!
    I'm glad Black Swan wasn't triggering. I have been sort of scared to watch it!
    Have a beautiful day sweet Melissa :)

  4. Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

    kale chips are pretty good I have to say – but be warned . . . you'll eat the whole batch as soon as they come out of the oven, no really you will!

  5. Joanna says:

    Hmmm I think I'm going to really try that Harvest Box. It looks so fresh and yummy!

    I walked out of the theater the EXACT way you did when I watched Black Swan. I LOVE Mila and Natalie but seeing them all crazy made me feel weird! haha

  6. Christine (The Raw Project) says:

    A co-worker took his wife to Black Swan expecting a cheerful ballet movie and was completely shocked and she a little pissed at him. :-P Yum on the breakfast cookie! We're getting great weather too here, no jackets needed and beautiful sun – so thankful for it!

  7. Jessica @ The Process of Healing says:

    I reallllly need to try a breakfast cookie. Just oats, vanilla, and banana? YUM!
    And i'm SO JEALOUS of your box!
    Love ya lady!

  8. Krista says:

    Black Swan isn't something I'm sure I want to see. It's sounds so "heavy", if you know what I mean. I do, however, feel very jealous of you box of veggies! AND your weather! Haha!!

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