Do What You Can With It

In an effort to make the days seem so much better, I’m looking at what I can do during the day to make myself well, smileWhat made you smile today?

My trip to TJ’s last weekend sent me on a hunt for my favorite 0% Greek Yogurt but lo and behold…they only had 2%.  Years ago, even a few months ago, I would have totally tripped out.  Now?  Bring on the satiety baby!

pics 001

Combine that thickness (seriously, so much thicker than 0%) with strawberries, a small apple, kashi h2h and TJ’s LF Vanilla Almond Granola and I was set for the morning, or so I thought.

A few hours into field work and I was feeling kinda off, belly a bit cinched and either needing some serious sleep or food.  Since I couldn’t sleep, I went for food.  I realized after I bought these pears that I didn’t know if they were in season…since that is part of the things I Want In 2011Luckily the internet led me to know that two kinds are summer fruits, but the others are winter and since pears aren’t good if they ripen on the vine, they stay dormant in the cold until you bring them out and let them sit!  Yay!

pics 003

I paired (get it? haaha..ok, maybe not) it with a mini larabar in pb and chocolate chip and OMG larabar you have finally done yourself some justice in my bag.  I found these at TJ’s and bought one even before I tried the mini one…thank goodness.  I want to make these babies at home since they cost a $$$ at the store.

The morning was a bit rough but I was ready for lunch when it came and wow, it was tasty.  I realized as I was eating it that I was practically eating last night’s pizza in a sandwich form…I should have just brought my leftovers!  Those are being saved for tomorrow when I’m gonna be in a super rush.  Ick.

Alas, the sandwich was packed with hummus, marinara, mozzarella cheese and spinach.  On the vegetable bread it was a delight.  And since I’m smart like that I wrapped the sucker in foil, left it on the black dash under the window so it could heat up and get nice and toasttttttty.  Yep, who needs a toaster/panini maker eh?

pics 004

Pair that with a gargantuous apple and I was set for the afternoon, or so I thought.  But before the next round of hunger engulfed me I set out to make sure I took in the environment…

pics 005

Lots of sun…

pics 006

Blue skies…

pics 007

Green…bushes?  There really aren’t that many trees out here…

pics 009

I was driving home and started to feel funny again so I snacked on a blackberry oatmeal bar to keep me over until well, dinner that I had no idea what to make.

pics 012

I was talking to Mara about dinner and she suggested making black bean burgers…I thought I had everything to make them but oops, I was missing one essential ingredient…onions.  Sorry peeps, but those burgers need onions…actually, I think everything need onions!  Woohoo!

I totally lucked out when I dug deep into the freezer (ok, not that deep) and found my last Morningstar black bean burger, which is seriously one of my favorites.  I bet I could make better ones if I tried.  I smashed it into some bread with mustard, spinach and tomatoes, sided with an orange and some sweet potato fries (ok seriously, where did the pink/red ones go?! Now they’re all beige!!!) and ketchup.

And I ended the night with some GingerCats and Yoga…yep, yoga.  After dinner (somehow exercise has scared me if I do it after dinner…like I’ll be hungry again and have to eat…hah!) I did a 50 min video of my favorite yoga instead of running like I was supposed to.  A part of me felt guilty for not running this afternoon but really, I need to listen to my body.  It’s sore from strength training yesterday and super tired to boot, so I relied on yoga…breathe baby breathe…

Happy Wednesday!  I hope your day went well and the rest of your week goes great!!

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15 Responses to Do What You Can With It

  1. Runeatrepeat says:

    The lady behind me at TJ's had ginger cats yesterday and I almost got out of line to get some…

  2. CH says:

    I used to only go for fat free milk and yogurt, but I made the switch to mostly 2% a few months ago and IT IS THE GREATEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME. Not exaggerating. Every single meal and snack is better. You know what else is good? Butter!

    I just bought some ginger cats the other day! So yummy, although I think I like the plain cats cookies better.

    PS — I just moved my domain name (to and it seems like it isn't showing up in google readers. I'm still here, jsut a new address. :)

  3. Katy (The Singing Runner) says:

    Ginger Cats= Life. :D I seriously stocked up on them when I was in DC since we don't have TJ's around here!

    That sandwich looks amazing, I can't even lie! :D

  4. Katy says:

    I love that you weren't all that phased by the store having no 0% yoghurt! I absolutely love yoghurt with fat in it because fat=flavour in my book. Never again will I go back to low-fat ANYTHING!

    Your sandwich sounds absolutely AMAAAAZING! Like a pizza sandwich! Woah :P


  5. says:

    I love that LB flavor! It's one of my faves.

    and yay for yoga! I have dialed my planned running down a little bit in favor of going to yoga twice a week and I can see a difference in both my strength but also in my mental state. Nothing makes me feel more calm than yoga.

  6. greensk8r says:

    YUM. Gotta love the larabar :)
    Have a good day!!
    follow me!

  7. Jessica Joy Daly says:

    Melissa, I have to whole-heartedly agree with your assessment of onions in just about anything. I honestly think I go through 3 whole onions in a week. Sick, I know. But I love em.

  8. Gabriela says:

    Next time you're at a place like TJ Maxx or Marshalls or Homegoods, check out the discounted food section. I've found many a Lara hidden in there…

  9. Rebecca says:

    i love trying to squeeze in random moments of joy throughout my day. i try to be mindful and sneak in a smile at the most random times!

  10. mymarblerye says:

    just switched to 2%. DELICIOUS. Makes a huge difference and keeps me full!!! Glad you are OKAY with the 2%.

  11. kathleen says:

    your job looks amazing. it's very rare to find something you look forward to do everyday that actually makes you money. you look like you really enjoy your job. how did you land it?

  12. lovenrunning says:

    those larabars are delicious!! Your sandwich looks amazing!!! :)

    I love reading your blog! :)

    Your job seems so much fun!!!!

    What made me smile today: my puppy and a nice note in my lunch box from the fiance!

    Love ginger cats ;)

  13. Amanda says:

    I love onions in black bean burgers too. So delicious!!! Sometimes the onions that come in the csa are insanely delicious. I love eating organic for that very reason. The sweet yellow onions are some of the best I've ever had!

  14. Christine (The Raw Project) says:

    Great eats, the sandwich looks good. Again, gorgeous field pics. Great that you listened to your body, sometimes I need extra rest after longer runs because my legs are wiped. Surviving this week and solving some big issues at work made me smile today.

  15. Krista says:

    That sandwich sounds like a winning combo! YUM! Haven't had black beans burgers in a long while….

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