Let It Shine

The sun is out today!!! Yay!!!  But it’s so bright against the snow it’s practically blinding!

pics 025pics 027

In the midst of all the snow though, it’s given me a good excuse to finally buckle down and start transferring needed files from computer to computer…yep, I have three.  One is for work though.  I’m not that well off.

pics 001

Oh, but the snow last night was crazy.  It was horizontal.

pics 016

The winds were gusting at over 60mph and eventually knocked the power out when I was trying to read.  Gave me a good excuse to go to bed since it was getting late.  Not before letting Honey play with a mini snowball:

pics 015

She was content just licking it.  Funny kitty.

I woke up to a serious amount of snow, where I thought it was only about 2 inches but in some spots, it was more like 4 or 5!  Madness to me!  Of course because the temps were 24 with a real feel of 8 I had to have my favorite apple, pb and cranberry oats.  It’s been 4 days since I’ve had them!

pics 021

I was cracking up over the little pearls of snow around my oats…I kept wanting them to magically turn into Dip’n Dots so I could have that for breakfast instead.  No go though.

pics 023

Honey thought about braving the snow but after a gust of wind shot some into her face, she was gone and back to her warm spot on my bed.

pics 026

I couldn’t help but laugh at this though…I’d like to think it makes me a hardcore food blogger…hot oatmeal bowl makes awesome imprints in fresh snow.  Makes for pretty pictures!

pics 028

Honey, look at that snow you brought in.  Clean that up!”

Honey: Lick lick.

pics 030

After looking outside and watching my neighbor try to get her car moved away from the gutter frozen solid, I waited until it warmed up just a bit before braving the ICE COVERED ROADS to get to the gym and grocery store (blasphemy, I ran out of tomatoes and had to get some…I know you would too).

I went to the gym and ran a sweet 5 miles with a mile walk afterwards and came home to do some arm work since…it’s been a while. It’s amazing how weak my muscles get after such little time…I could barely do two sets before I was exhausted…and Whit called so I had to take that call of course.  I miss that guy!

Anyhow, I cleaned up fast because I was starving!!!  I had one leftover soy sausage from when I made my Vegetable Sausage Sausage-less Soup and had frozen, so for protein at lunch I knew this would provide a punch!

I cooked that baby up first on the pan so it would heat through properly, then wrapped it in a FlatOut Wrap with some hummus, leftover roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts, spinach and tomatoe (many nerves were sacrificed for those suckers).

pics 032

It came out absolutely perfect.  I love the spices in the sausage because they give a good kick to the meal!  I sided it with a cara cara orange (Every time I write cara cara it reminds me of the oddest falcon in that family, the crested caracara.  So big for a falcon…)

pics 034

I read the afternoon away with an apple, my Jodi Picolt novel and walking back and forth to the laundry room in the cold…it was like a full on trip since I had to put my snow boots and jacket on.  Aggghhh.  Honey appreciates it for the warmth though.

pics 035

I guess she doesn’t like the temperature I keep the apartment.  She’s got fur, she’ll live.

I’m on a kick for actually cooking up a meal and tonight goes to show it!  It’s simple I assure you, but is nice and tasty!  I picked this Multigrain Pilaf up the other week at TJ’s and was waiting for the right opportunity to use it.  Tonight was the night!  I liked the simple ingredients and flavors in it, along with the variety of grains!  It made for a good difference in texture while you eat!

pics 036

I knew the medley wouldn’t be enough even though it does contain soybeans, so I scrambled up two eggs and added in leftover roasted veggies, lots of broccoli and some spinach.  Such a great dinner bowl!!!

pics 048

Oh, and did I forget to mention that I also spent the afternoon working on a variety of my Boysenberry Oatmeal Bars?  I tried one batch with the WW and AP flour combo and the other with just PB Flour…lets just say the PB Flour makes the bars…crunchy?  Maybe I’ll just smash it up into granola…ohhhhh….

pics 041

I ate one after dinner to satisfy the need for some dessertand may have eaten another because there wasn’t enough room in the tupperware or the extra bag I had to stick them in for the freezer.  Sacrifices have to be made, right?

I’m hoping the ice won’t be as bad tomorrow so they’ll open up the freeway and I can get out to work and not be trapped in town.  Yes, I was trapped here…ok, that’s a lie, I could have taken the freeway West but really, if you’re gonna close it going East (since there were numerous crashes from the ice) I’m pretty sure it’s going to be just as bad going West.  Geez.

Alas, I need to finish up work tomorrow so fingers crossed…but I doubt it since it’s currently 23*F and supposed to get down to 18*F tonight…I have never felt anything this cold in my life and seriously, it hurts my face…

Happy Almost New Years Eve!!!  I can’t believe 2010 is almost over!

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10 Responses to Let It Shine

  1. Katy says:

    Woah, your sausage wrap looks AMAAAZING!! And the snow looks so pretty, I'm so jealous!

    Your cat looks like one of the cats that you'd find on http://icanhascheezburger.com/ hehe


  2. the actor's diet says:

    like the oatmeal in the snow pic. that TJ's multigrain pilaf is a pantry staple for me – combined with some frozen veggies = quick quick dinner!

  3. Katy (The Singing Runner) says:

    Your food always looks amazing! :)

    I love the oatmeal in the snow! :) You are a true food blogger! :)

  4. Amanda says:

    That snow is so pretty! But I definitely would freak out about driving in it.

    18? That is SO cold! I freeze when it gets under 50!

  5. leftcoastcontessa.com says:

    Honey is SO CUTE! My cat hasn't seen snow in almost two years and I'm sure she doesn't miss it. Hell, she complains where there are some drops of water near her food bowl. Also, I like the TJ's multigrain. So easy and tasty but I always add to it too.

  6. Christine (The Raw Project) says:

    Beautiful snow pics, wow! And you cat is so cute. The oatmeal looks perfect and is making me wish I had some in my pantry for tomorrow!

  7. Gabriela says:

    Dippin' Dots!!! They always remind me of this colonial fair I used to go to as a kid. I found it so funny that they served "the ice cream of the future" at a fair of the past.

    Three computers? I'm still begging my brother to bring my other one back so I can stop lugging my laptop home!!

  8. From Here to There. In Purple. says:

    i always forget to put apples in my oats! i love the taste though– like apple pie!

    wishing you a happy healthy and safe new years eve!

  9. sophia says:

    Brr…that is cold. I feel like a wimp still shivering in this 40+ degree weather.

    Happy New Year, Melissa! I'm glad to have found your blog this year. You really have some great insights that I appreciate.

  10. Missy says:

    Oh…I hear ya from a fellow Florida Girl.
    I moved to Austin TX for about 6 years and was like….what the heck is this? Iced in? What?

    Oh and don't get me started on realizing the winter lasts like…until April. I was like ready for it to end in December and people were like "it hasn't really begun yet Missy!"

    I'm glad you have an upbeat attiutude about it and spend a cozy day being productive~

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