Morning Morning!

The weekday I get to sleep in because I know the weather is going to hamper anything productive to do for work, I wake up earlier than I ever have to.  I blame the wind.  And rain.  Oh the rain!

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I’ve got my own little river goin on.  I once stepped in that in the dark.  It was not a pleasant scene, but made me laugh when I realized I knew it was there.  Oiy.

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Nothing too exciting going on this morning other than waiting for the snow to get here.  They’re saying this afternoon, but it’s like 45* right now and I don’t know if the cold air they say is coming is gonna make it snow…Oh well, I don’t like driving in snow anyhow!  So frustrating and ice scares the live’n shizzle out of me!

I had time this morning of course, so I finally dove into my greek yogurt!  Oh GY how I have missed you!  With all this cold weather I don’t like eating things that are cold, at all.  So smoothies and yogurt have gone out the door…

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But this morning I bundled up (ok, I’m really always bundled up since you know how low I keep my thermostat!) and braved having yogurt for breakfast…it was so danged tasty!  I love the mounds of cinnamon I can put on that stuff to make it taste awesome w/o added sugar!  I used to eat fruit flavored yogurts all the time (yoplait oh how I basically swam in you) until I slowly transferred over to plain and added fruit and realized I didn’t need all the sugar they put in those things, along with high fructose corn syrup!  Yuck!

What kind of yogurt do you eat?  Are you a greek yogurt fan, a plain or flavored yogurt person?  I used to love the peach and raspberry yoplait when I was in college…I never went a day without one!

Besides, it gives me an excuse to add chocolate chips to the whole mess…with kashi go lean crunch and a diced apple.  Happy girl here!

Now I’m off to put a dent in a very very long to do list…this is gonna be a few day debacle.  Hopefully it’ll help make time go by faster since cold weather makes me feel like a sloth!

PS Thanks to everyone for their sweet comments and emails about my post on Gena’s blog where I talked about the importance of counseling!  If you have any other questions, never fear to email or leave me a comment!

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6 Responses to Morning Morning!

  1. Erica says:

    The weather is so out of control! Stay safe (and warm) over there- I am always cold too. I am SO a fruity greek yogurt person. I don't mind buying plain and adding my own though. Deliciousness.

    Thanks for your sweet comment :) I actually said to Meghann that I really wanted to meet you hehe

  2. Maddi says:

    im a oikos greek yogurt fan! That or vanilla yogurt, but i forget the brand my mom buys…haha.
    stay warm as you can! I drink lots of hot drinks-tea and cider! :)

  3. Christine (The Raw Project) says:

    Oh man, we got hammered here all night with wind and rain! And I'm not a fan of driving in the snow either.

    I haven't tried any of the vegan yogurts yet, but I eat chia seed pudding like yogurt.

  4. caffinatednut says:

    its kind of nice to see some people aren't burried under mountains of snow like I am!! haha

    ahh i love greek yogurt :) It is by far my favorite, but in all honesty i am just a low-fat plain jane

  5. Katy (The Singing Runner) says:

    I love Chobani plain Greek yogurt! It is delicious! :)

    I used to be scared of Greek yogurt (a SLIGHTLY higher calorie content) so I always stuck to non-fat plain yogurt. But I am so glad I changed to Greek. More protein by far! :)

  6. the actor's diet says:

    i prefer plain yogurt that i add my own stevia or honey to. but for some reason if i add PB to the mix i don't need any sweetener at all.

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