How Did I Do?

So, it’s that dreaded time of the year: revisiting our 2010 goals/resolutions.  I actually forgot about most of them specifically throughout the year…so we’ll see how I faired through the year!
1. Give Yourself A Break: I’m always too hard on myself.  And I never give myself enough or any credit at all…
-I think I did pretty well with this one, as well as I could maybe.  I have let myself enjoy more things than ever before and allowing myself to really take part in things that I want to and have fun in!  Take the Oregon Half Marathon for instance; I totally didn’t think I’d be able run the race under 2 hours and thought I would fail miserably.  But by reassuring myself that no matter what, I was there to have fun and visit some of the greatest bloggers in OR!
2. Be Brave: Seriously, no joke, I’m probably one of the shyest people you’ll meet.  I won’t open up to you in the beginning and if you want to be my friend, you have to come to me; I won’t come to you.  I’m horribly terrified of first impressions and always think mine are horrible, so making friend’s has never been easy for me.
-This one, I can boast about.  No joke. I made friends. I traveled to Florida again for work. I took the plunge for a longer job in an isolated town.  I started dating a boy.  I ran races I thought I couldn’t do.  I started going to therapy for bigger and better help for my eating disorder.  I started writing Side Notes for the blog. 
3. Open To New Experiences: This one stems off of being brave.  I’m always hesitant to try new things and this year I want to be able to say “I’ve done it!”  I was able to learn so much about opening up and being brave with Brad in Florida, that I would give anything to let myself be that brave, without the help or pushing (and/or forcing) or others.
-Mountain Biking? White Water Rafting? More Airboating? I did at least a few things!
4. Be More Mindful of What You Say and Do: I tend to have a big mouth sometimes.  I need to think about what I’m saying before I say it.  Many times I want to say something and it comes out more harsh than it needs to be, so that’s my biggest dilemma.
-Um, I did take this into count the first few months.  Then I fell off the bandwagon and cursing ensued.  Err, that’s never a good thing!
5. Strength Training 2x a Week: I really think this is going to help me with my running.  I realized this while training for the San Antonio 1/2 Marathon and want to keep up with it.  This year I want to incorporate more weight into my moves (I got 5 pounders for Christmas, I want to be up to 10 and 15 lbs by the end of the year) and to try new ones.  I tend to stick to the same thing. 
-Almost! I started ST’ing once a week with Self Flashcards the first half of the year then started working with DVDs like P90X and Jillian Michaels for the second half.  I can tell the difference in my body but I have a tendency to slack off every once in a while. I would like to make this more of a normal thing.

6. More Yoga: I really want to perfect my downward dog.  I’ve been doing yoga off and on for years, and this has always been my problem move.  The best way to describe it right now, is that I look like I’m doing a very whacked out push-up with my butt high in the air.  The problem seems to be my shoulders/back that are too tight and I can’t get my upper body to straighten out.
-Fail.  Ok, not total fail because I did do well for a bit, then stopped, then started, then stopped, and have just started up again.  Ok, I’ve only done it twice in the past two weeks but hey, better then not at all, right?  Yes!
7. Running Goals:

  • Speed work: I have been relaxed about this since I got out of high school where we did speed work every Tuesday and Thursday.  I’m going to try to get something speedy in with short repeats at least once a week, and maybe a tempo run along with the speed work (on a different day) every other week.
  • This did not work out well. I probably did a total of a dozen speed workouts the entire year, but I have an excuse: my knees.  The faster I go, the more they hurt and I have to take time off of running.  How does that work out?  I have no idea…does my stride lengthen during those runs and my knees hate it?  I’ll look into it more next year.
  • 5k: Under 24 min.
  • I ran one 5k this year, in 27 minutes.  It was the worst feeling 5k ever.  I never had a chance after that to run another in race form.
  • 10k: Under 52 min.
  • I ran one 10k this year in 54 minutes, so I wasn’t too far off.  I had a second planned that I was going to train for but a knee injury kept me in the dust and not competing for it.
  • 1/2 Marathon: Under 2 hrs.
  • Hell yeah I did!  I started off with 4 minutes to close on at the start of the year, then within a month was down to 66 seconds to beat then broke it on the hilliest course ever by 55 seconds!  Thank you OR Half Marathon!


  • Marathon: ??? Let’s just try to get that half marathon done shall we?  But I’m being optimistic…since last time I trained for a marathon I got so hurt I was out of running for almost two months and it was absolutely devastating to me.
  • That for 2011 people…it’s gonna happen.  I already paid for it!

8. Less Stress/Anxiety: Takes things one day at a time.  I need to seriously, just chill out.  I stress out over the tiniest things and always have to have a schedule.  And having a schedule is nice, but if I learned anything from last year, is that spontaneity can be fun.
-This was a journey all year long.  I think it was the worst at the beginning of the year, then after I started going to see my counselor it was so much easier to deal with.  Our discussions about my rational and the reality of the situation was what made it easier to deal with.  But above all of that, it was realizing the emotions sitting behind the anxiety that was looming over my head…lonely? sad? depressed?  I had to see what I was really feeling to be able to understand where the anxiety was coming from.
9. Save Money: I work probably around 9 months out of a year while the rest is spent traveling on my own dime.  I need to start saving what money I can since I don’t get paid much with the jobs that I do and one day I’m going to have to settle down and live a real life.  I also have student loans to finish paying.  Yikes.
-With the new job I got the middle of this year I have saved up quite a bit of money.  There are certain props to my job so saving money becomes a lot easier than most other people out there.  Lets just say I’ve saved enough that I’ve thought of replacing my car, have looked into grad schools, am taking several trips across the US (maybe even the Pacific!?) next year…  Yep, I’m a big girl now!
Hanalei Pier on Kauai's North Shore
10. School: Take the GRE’s and start the GIS Certificate program with Penn State.  My goal is to study like a mad woman and take the GRE’s by the end of January, at the latest mid-February.
-Haha…nope.  I’m a big advocate of believing that standardized testing is the stupidest thing on the face of this planet.  It doesn’t represent my intelligence at all…maybe next year, since the GRE is changing majorly.
11. Blogging:

  • More Centered Blogging: Although I don’t hate that my blogging tends to be all over the place, I would like to focus on more specific things like recipes, workouts, eating disorder awareness, and environmentalism.
  • I don’t know about this one.  I guess in concern for my ED recovery it has been more centered with my new Side Notes feature.  It has helped me center around my struggles and the activities I try to make me feel better.  Otherwise, I didn’t do half the environmental blogging I wanted to, or the exercise posts I was planning on doing for race training.  I did start posting more recipes, along with my Single Serving Recipes on my Recipes Page for all those single people out there!
  • Posting: I need to get it in my head that if I don’t post everyday, it’s not going to kill me.  I love blogging, but sometimes I go to write a post and it’s so boring that I feel bad.  I need to move away from feeling so obligated to do it and enjoy more of the content and the ones that I read.
  • This one has definitely worked out well!  I didn’t post every single day and didn’t feel bad about it!  I did it when I wanted to and with the content that pleased me…if someone thinks my blog is a “train wreck” then go away and stop reading.  I’m just say’n.

How did you do with your resolutions!?  I’m sure you did excellent!!! 

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7 Responses to How Did I Do?

  1. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    Girl you have accomplished a lot this year!! I love the goals that you have had and how important they are! Amazing 1/2 marathon accomplishment!! I am so excited for your marathon you are going to rock it. I love the goal about being easier on yourself…I am totally doing that this year:) Hope you are having a great day girly!

  2. Katy (The Singing Runner) says:

    You accomplished so much this year! I never really wrote down my goals for 2010, but you better believe that I am doing it for 2011! :)

    I love your response to the GRE. I am not a fan of those types of tests either, but I need to take it soon because I'm starting to look at grad schools. I want to take it before the format changes this summer!

  3. caffinatednut says:

    wow you accomplished SO much in 2010!! you rock girl :)

    ohh marathon training should be fun!! I can't wait to start running 16+ miles. Crazy? perhaps but its on my bucket list!! haha

  4. Katy says:

    The most important thing that you accomplished (in my opinion) was that you succeeded in being brave!! GO YOU!!

    I didn't make any resolutions last year and I don't think I'll make any this time around either. I like to just go with the flow and stay in good health :)

  5. mymarblerye says:

    you've come a long way baby! Can't wait to see what 2011 brings you. I think your FIRST goal would be the emotional/anxiety one cause once you fix that…life goes by pretty smoothly. :) Ps. trips this next year=visit me?

  6. Lindsay and James Cotter says:

    i love seeing how things worked out this year. Seems like a lot of good energy was put into this past year and definitely made you a stronger person. It can only get bette rnow. Cheers to 2011!

  7. Krista says:

    I think you've done great, Melissa!

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