And We’re….Back In The Game!

I feel sooooooooooo much better today!!!  I can’t not exclaim it enough!
It may not have started off looking that way…there’s a banana buried underneath that mess of kashi go lean crunch and tj’s fiber o’s…
pics 004
But it got much better after that.  My appetite was in full swing and the abundance of sun just had me goin!  I slammed an apple down my throat mid morning while driving around in the desert and marveling at the tremendous amount of hawks in the sky…they’re taking advantage of the sunlight and drier days since they probably didn’t get to eat or hunt much when we had those 6 solid days of rain just over a week ago!
I was in a hurry going out the door this morning, though shouldn’t have since I didn’t know there was ice on the porch and fell nicely on my left hip, with all my gear on, and falling on me.  Ouch to the max.  And bruises to boot. 
Because of the hurry I made a veggie sandwich with the few veggies I had left in the fridge (hummus, spinach, tomato and roasted red bell peppers) and paired it up with a pear that was on it’s last leg.  I had pears that are too ripe. Rawr.
pics 002
I am trying to cram all of my work into yesterday and today since we’ve got a nasty winter storm moving in tonight until Thursday and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to go anywhere.  A homebody I will be for the next two days.  Too bad my boyfriend isn’t here or I might be able to stay entertained…instead he’s here soaking up the warmth I want:

Don’t be fooled, that’s almost where he lives.  Jealousy runs through my veins.
Alas, I was finishing up my last point when my belly started growl’n again so I obliged with a favorite of mine:
pics 003
Don’t lie, I know you want it.  Believe me, it’s absolute chocolate-y goodness in a bar.
I didn’t blink twice as soon as I got home and jumped straight into my gym clothes to do a nice steady run.  As I was driving over there I noticed that even though it was rush hour time for town, there was no one on the road. Whaaaaat?  I guess everyone has work off this week?  I guess I never realized that was normal for everyone…or is it?
Anyhow, I warmed up with a 1/2 mile walk on the treadmill, then ran 4.5miles in 43 minutes, warming up from 6.0 to 6.7 and back down for the last 1/2 mile.  I then walked another 1/2 mile before heading home to clean up, cause you can sure as heck bet I was a mess!  But boy did it feel good to run!
The whole time I was running all I could think about was pizza, but knew I needed to use up the black beans that were sitting in the fridge…Mexican pizza it was! I layered some sharp cheddar cheese on the Flat Out Wrap, topped it with a 1/2C of black beans, some defrosted bell pepper strips and raw broccoli, then added some salsa after it came out of the oven to make it complete!
pics 005
I figured dessert should be a bit more healthy since I’d already had that chocolate-y bar earlier in the day, so I nuked up an apple with some cinnamon and topped it off with some pb…if I had had some graham crackers to sprinkle on top it would have been a makeshift apple pie!  So tasty!!!
pics 009
And because my sweet tooth started to rawr soon afterwards, I had a cookie or two that Jessica sent me as a sweet little Christmas present!  All while catching up on some of my favorite blogs.
pics 011
Now I’m off to comfort my poor kitty who’ I’ve neglected through all the work the past few days and start reading some more of House Rules by Jodi Picoult.  I bet I’ll be done by tomorrow.

PS Check out my guest post on Gena’s blog about what I believe is the most important thing in recovering from an ED: Counseling.

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6 Responses to And We’re….Back In The Game!

  1. Katy says:

    That really sucks about the storm coming through but at least you got your kitty to play with :)

    That mexican pizza looks amaaaaaaze!

    And your guest post on Gena's blog is so great! Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)


  2. mymarblerye says:

    um….too many delish eats…and clicking on your guest post…NOW.

  3. mynaturallife says:

    Glad you're feeling better!

    Where in the world is your boyfriend that looks like that!? I want to go to there!

  4. Val says:

    Your Blog truly inspires me especially with dealing with an ED myself!

    Good job on your run :)

    The pizza looks so delicious :) I love warmed up apple with cinnamon and peanut butter :) best dessert!

  5. greensk8r says:

    AHH!! That pizza looks so good!!

  6. Krista says:

    So glad to hear you're feeling better!!!

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