Bring It!

The weekend is here!!! Yay!!!  I may have only worked 4 days this week but I’ve been so excited for the weekend! Rain? Cold? Ain’t gonna stop me from a good time!  I’ve got a fun run planned along with a date…one day I’ll let you in on some details, but for now, you can just keep guessing.  Unless you find the few people I’ve talked to about him and pry them for information.  Go ahead and try; I dare ya. (wink wink)

Anyhow, today was a normal day for me.  The weather actually cooperated and warmed up with just a slight wind.  I got to wear just a t-shirt instead of 10 layers of tops!

pics 001

If you guys are getting tired of looking at sunrise just le me know.  I think they might be starting to all look the same…Maybe next time I can get pictures of the squirrels…they’re feisty though!

pics 004

What? You don’t eat your Apple Cinnamon Almond Butter Oats (I promise they will change up soon; I’m a creature of habit and hugner) out of Juniper Trees?  Well I certainly do.  Ok, I held onto the bowl and didn’t eat straight out of the tree…but I bet I could; no one to catch me and feel embarrassed! LOL!

pics 006

Hours and lots of beautiful birds later I had lunch: leftover brown rice, TJ’s Marsala Burger, cucumber, tomato, bell pepper and spinach.

pics 008

And my last of these bars…I need to figure out how to make them more peanut-y flavored, like my favorite Odwalla Bar.  Mama Pea, can you recreate Odwalla Bars Peanut Chocolate Chip Bar? I’ll pay you in babysitting.  Yes, I’ll fly to your home just for this.

pics 010

I snacked on a small apple on the long drive home and then had every intention of doing some P90X when I got home, but I was starving.  Enter, snack dug out of the freezer with almond butter.

pics 011

That did me no good appetite wise as I was still hungry shortly afterwards.  I guess my lunch wasn’t as protein or packed as much as I thought it was…dang those whole grains for not holding me over.

I wanted something quick and simple so I went with leftovers: TJ’s Black Bean Soup with Flat Out and Cheddar Quesadilla.

pics 017

Paired with the brightest and sweetest pluot on the planet!

pics 018

I’m not currently debating whether or not to go and buy Halloween Candy for the kiddos Sunday night because truth me be told, I don’t like Halloween at all.  I have never really liked it and always felt ridiculous dressing up in costumes every year.  I know, party pooper but whatever.  It’s just another commercial holiday to me, which is what I feel like Thanksgiving and Christmas are turning into.  Makes me mad that holidays can’t just be holidays and about family anymore.

Oh, and I’m snacking on some PB Filled Pretzel Nuggets.  I think I’ve eaten 2 servings…IDK, cause it’s right out of the bag.  Oops.

But for some Friday fun, I got tagged my one of my fellow SoCal Bloggers, Kailtin, for a survey!  Basically 8 questions are asked by a blogger to seven other bloggers, who then ask 8 different/new questions to seven new bloggers!  Did you get that? I hope so, cause I don’t want to try and repeat it.  So, here’s my answers!

What was your motivation to start blogging?

-I originally started blogging to help me with my eating disorder.  I thought that by putting myself out there with my eats it would help me realize how distorted my views were on food and take the right steps to recover.  And I wanted to make some friends because I was living and alone and working a boring 9-5 desk job!

If you had to sum up your blog with five words, what would they be?

-“Running, Vegetarian, Birds, Environment, Recovery”

Do you have any embarrassing blog-related moments? If so, spill!

-Oh geez, I’m sure I’ve had more than one and can’t remember any…

What is a dish you’ve been too intimidated to try?

-How about everything I’ve never made?  Souffle? Gnocci? Lemon Curd?  Chowder?  Ice cream?  Moussaka?

What is your favorite dish to cook for others?

-I love to make stuffed Portabello Mushrooms or Mushroom Burgers for others.  I think it serves as a good example of how good mushrooms can be and they’re so simple to make!

What was the first healthy living, food or fitness blog you discovered?

-I first read Eat Like Me from Self Magazine’s website years ago.  It was such a great blog (and still is!) to see how to eat balanced!

Do you crave sweet or salty? Or both? Or neither? But if you say neither, I’ll assume you’re lying…

Both.  Story of my life. I usually crave sweet first, and then afterwards want something salty to balance everything out.  Maybe if I just ate something that was sweet and salty at the same time I wouldn’t eat/snack as much? Dark chocolate with sea salt?! Need to go shopping!

What is your favorite restaurant not in or very close to a town in which you live or have lived?

Holy mackerel…How about I take you to another country?!  Lake Barrine, Far North Queensland, Australia: Lake Barrine Tea House Restaurant.  Located on the lake side and serves the best scones, cream and tea around.  Was great after all those runs around the lake on the boardwalk and when it was pouring rain outside.

So, partake if you want, but don’t worry if you don’t; my heart will only break a little.  I kid.  A little.

1. Mama Pea
2. Meghann
3. Diana
4. Maria
5. Krista
6. Jenn
7. Jess

Ready for my questions?  I’m sure you won’t be impressed. Har har har.

1. What celebrity chef do you want to meet in person?  And what do you want them to make for you?

2. Favorite drink of choice?

3. What meal would you never eat ever again?

4. Baking or cooking?

5. There’s a fire in your kitchen, what would you grab first?

6. You’re cooking dinner for Barak Obama; What would you make him?

7. I’m coming to your house to run a race.and you have to feed me.  What is one thing from your city/town I must try?

8. How do you take your ice cream?


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12 Responses to Bring It!

  1. Katy says:

    It's crazy that some days, no matter how much protein you try to pack into your meals, it does NOTHING for your hunger.

    You should come here (to NZ) if you aren't a fan of Halloween. It's not much of a big deal here like Christmas is. There are a few that celebrate it but not as much as you do in the US!

    Your meals look delicious as always :)


  2. Daniel says:

    I feel the same way about Thanksgiving and Christmas – what happened to the spending time with family and friends, getting together for magnificent dinners or baking cookies and having fun? It's all about presents and material possessions now and it's kind of depressing. :(

    What made me really want to comment is your answer to the intimidating dishes. I made a souffle in my cooking lab recently and not only was it much easier than everyone makes it sound ("oh no, it's going to flop!"), it was my first time having one and it was out-of-this-world delicious. We made a chocolate and a cheese souffle and the cheese one was just fantastic. Give it a go!!

  3. Magdalena says:

    Ah…the scones and jam and cream at Lake Barrine…good memories!

  4. Emily says:

    ahhh, i never get tired of beautiful sunsets…so amazing!
    you are pretty talented if you can eat those oats while perched in a tree, too!

  5. brideinthelwd says:

    I'm with you on the holidays…. I hate how the retailers start doing holiday things in Sept. Our JC Penneys had decorated trees out in September. It takes away all of the special magic out of the season.

    Have fun on your date!

  6. Gabriela says:

    I'm not a big Halloween person either, but hey, it's an excuse to have some fun I guess. I'm definitely much more of a Christmas/Thanksgiving person as well…and spending time with my extended family is definitely my favorite part of them!!

  7. shelby says:

    I adore TJ's black bean soup! So tasty!

  8. Krista says:

    Halloween had never been a fave of mine, either. But, my kids adore it so I suck it up for them. I must admist that their enthusiam can be catching! :)

    Thanks for tagging me. I'll post about it this coming week!

  9. mymarblerye says:

    i'm so behind reading your blog!! Gah. We need to text chat soon..hopefully gchat my dear? So happy about this date…is it the 3rd one? Anyways glad to see you out there and HAPPY. :)

  10. Jessica @ The Process of Healing says:

    Aw thanks for picking me beautiful!! I will be more than happy to partake. I used to have a slight addiction to myspace surveys…
    Eat Like Me was the first blog I started reading too! I haven't read it in years though.
    That bar looks amazing, and so do your oats! I haven't craved them in forever but they just might be breakfast tomorrow…

    Love you!

  11. kathleen says:

    awesome pictures. it must be nice to work in nature everyday. we just moved back into a city and i am anxious for a hiking trip or something to get me outside surrounded by trees and various animals.

  12. Kaitlin With Honey says:

    Woo! Thanks for playing. :)

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