Why I Don’t Moonlight in Fashion

Because I spend the majority of my day(s) looking like this:

pics 004

Yes yes yes…I know I look hot, sporting that awesome green head/earband with sunglasses and the wind-made Snookie hair bump.  But wait?  The marroon jacket and grey and black wind breaker!?  I would show you my lower half, but I think you’d be embarrassed.  Ok, it’s not that bad…I was wearing jeans and converse…with mid-calve high blue wool socks.

I know you want my fashion sense.  And no, I did not wear this on my date…I do have normal clothes.  Like, three.  Hahaha…

Ergo, I work in the field because I don’t know how to color coordinate and never get to see a single soul for 8 hours straight.  Oh yes…that is my life.

Do you have a staple style? Colors? Let me in on the secrets…because I obviously don’t know any of them.  I normally try to follow the three color rule to get in some variety but otherwise I’m boring.  I don’t even accessorize…

Anyhow…another cold morning for this chick.  And what better to warm me up that oats, apple, cinnamon and almond butter?  This stuff tastes great and sits like a brick in my belly…oh yeah.

pics 002

Nom, nom, nom.

The morning didn’t start off quite as well as I would have hoped it would…since I woke up an hour late!  Honey is usually good at waking me up just before my alarm clock but today…cat alarm fail.  The sun was up when I opened my eyes when it should have still been down.

Luckily I made that delicious breakfast the night before and only had to make my lunch and it was quick.  I went and did a bit of shopping yesterday and picked up some reeeeeeaaaaaal cheese.  I’m sick of using the fake stuff because seriously, it just doesn’t hold me over and keep me full!  I mean really?  Why do I even think of eating things that aren’t real.  Yet another turning point for me and my eating…yay.

Alas, I mixed an entire egg with some hummus and cooked it up.  If you have not done this, I highly suggest mixing the two.  It will chance your life.  Ok, probably not, but it is certainly tasty!  I laid it out on some real sharp cheddar cheese with a huge chunk of tomato and lettuce.

pics 005

With a banana.  Awesome filling and satisfying lunch.  Held me over for hours.

As soon as I got home from work I jammed an apple down my throat and went out for the windiest run on the entire planet.  I was actually fuming mad as it was blowing in my face and I think it was the only thing that kept me going. 3.5 miles later I was home, showered and off to see my counselor.

When I got home I was STARVING. Too bad the cat wanted to play because I had been gone all day.  Which also resorted in a very large, deep and bloody cut on my right leg. Honey = 1, Melissa = Bloodied.

Thank goodness I had rice cooking in my cooker before I left so all I had to do was make the veggies and protein for my stir fry!!!  After seeing Jenn’s stir fry from last weekend, I had to have some. 

pics 006

Brown rice sided with a mix of onion, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, zucchini and a chick’n burger.  All mixed with low sodium soy sauce and some ginger.

pics 009


And yes, that picture was taken on my balcony.  I was loving the colors, and natural lighting…since I was actually home for some.

Whooooo nelly!

Even after 9 hours of sleep last night, I’m still exhausted.  So early bed tonight.  Of course not after catching up on your blogs.  Or at least trying.  I’m trying my hardest!!!

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12 Responses to Why I Don’t Moonlight in Fashion

  1. Jessica @ The Process of Healing says:

    You know I haven't had a stir fry in WAY too long.. must fix that!
    Girl, I'm bad at fashion too. No help here..

  2. Jenn (eating bender) says:

    Your stir-fry = 1. My stir-fry = 0. Seriously, it looks gorgeous! And so yummy!

    Love your fashion statements. You are much more my style – I definitely don't moonlight in fashion seeing as how I wear pajamas a lot of my work days. ;o)

    Hurray for real cheese!!!!

  3. Mama Pea says:

    Be yourself! That's the best style ever.

    I've recently revamped my wardrobe, though…leggings, skinny jeans, big sweaters, cardigans, belts and boots. But I don't really do the jewelry thing so much :)

    Can't wait to see you in a week!

  4. Gabriela says:

    Yay I feel like this post is just overflowing with positivity!! My favorite style tip= lots of black haha. It's easy to match and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. I love adding a pop of bright color to it as well!! Oh, and dresses always make getting dressed 100x easier.

  5. ktbwood says:

    your stir fries rock.. im w. everybody
    girlfriend my fashion includes SWEATSHIRTS, t shirts, and sweatpants, jeans, workout clothes! haha!

  6. Beth @ bride in the little white dress says:

    I find now that I'm in my mid 20s my style is changing again. I am going for more neutrals with a pop of color whether it be in the scarf, purse, shoes…etc. I love to wear brown (more towards tan & camel) and black together. I think its so elegant and chic.

  7. Amanda says:

    As far as fashion goes, I try to get some staples that I can do a lot with. I love dark skinny jeans, leggings, cardigans, a trench coat, boots … and have been accessorizing with belts and scarves!

  8. Krista says:

    Mixing hummus right into the egg sounds like an excellent idea!

    My fashion sense isn't so great either. I have my staples for work, then it's yoga pants time at home! I might throw some jeans on over the weekend. *might* ;)

  9. bein good to me says:

    I've been following your blog for a while now and thought I'd come out of the dark! :)
    In terms of fashion, I always feel like I'm put together mostly but then one piece is off–be it my shoes, my shirt, my jeans, my purse–there's always one piece that doesn't work! Oh well, I do my best.
    So I have a question for you: you mix the hummus right into the raw egg before you cook it? So it's like scrambled eggs with hummus? Sounds delish, thanks for sharing your secret!

  10. balancedhealthylife.com says:

    I love stir fry, I think its one of the best dinners ever!

  11. the actor's diet says:

    i'm very boring with my color scheme – navy blue, black, white, and grays. i only get adventurous with my bags and scarves

  12. greensk8r says:

    Egg + Hummus = HEAVEN!!!!!!!! LOOOVE that sammie combo…deff a fave :)
    As far as style tips go…here it goes–dress weather accordingly and comfortably. So many people associate looking cute with being uncomfortable, but that is a MYTH! If you LOVE soft fabrics (as I do!!) choose cottons, a few pairs of sweats for work, sweaters (these are SUPER versatile…can go from work to date with a change of pants, shoes and hair!) khakis are good for basically all seasons…just remember to dress like YOU would dress! Have fun mixing and matching! ;)
    Stir fry sounds DELISH! Hope to make it soon!!

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