Last week was one of recollection, and laughing over some of the crazy and stupid stuff I’ve done.  

And realizing…how much I still am like I was then.  Just as rambunctious and clever as ever. 

1. I took my first solo trip when I was 10 to Maryland.  I spent two weeks running around, catching my first jar of fireflies and realizing exactly what humidity was.

2. I took my first international trip when I was 12 to England, Ireland and Wales with 7 other girls and my 8th grade English teacher.  I saw the changing of the guards, stayed in a haunted hotel and was offered beer at a pub where I ate french fries.

3. When I was growing up I wanted to ride horses professionally.  I wanted to own one.  Yet to this day, I’ve never ridden one.

4. Every summer when I went to Mammoth I was always fascinated with the rocks and formations on the way and while we were up there.  Red Rock Canyon?  Devil’s Postpile?  Obsidiam Dome?

5. I still own a folder I made where I pasted every single article written about marine life in my local newspaper.  I believed I was going to travel the oceans and save the whales and dolphins.  And sea otters.

6. I loved the beach growing up.  I could spend hours running in and out of the waves bashing against me.  No matter how cold the water is in SoCal during the summer…55*F.

7. At one point I had one of those daily calenders based on animals.  I taped each and every one to the walls of my room.  And the ceiling.  Even the fan.  Windows too.  I would read my favorites each and everyday…which included facts about Orcas, Blue Whales, Sea Otters, Rainbow Lorikeets, and Red-tailed Hawks

How it related to me later?

8. I worked on a project in college to help birds and phytoplankton in a bay in San Diego.  We discovered the ecoli count was above health regulations for both humans and animals alike.

9. I also was forced to show support for a debate class on dams, ski resorts and cruise ships.  It was the hardest argument I’ve ever had to make.  I hated it.

10. I chose to study in Australia because it was different.  I didn’t want to go to Spain, England, Italy or Greece because everyone went there.  Since when do I do what everyone else does or say I should do?

What childhood memory can you think of that might have led you to where you are today?  What did you want to be when you grew up?

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