Half Way There…

Oh goodness…I’m going to be a bore, AGAIN.  Sorry about that.  There is just nothing exciting going around since all I’m doing is work, work, and oh, work.  There is running in there too, but with this weird leg feeling I’m trying not to hurt myself before it gets any worse.  It’s just, weird!

The heat is still in the air so I’ve been focusing on foods that won’t upset my stomach…which includes nothing that has to be cooked!

Apologizing for the redundancy but not the taste…oh how I love cold fruit in the morning:

Besides, when you wake up at 5am and have to get out the door in 45 minutes you don’t want to think about food….

Which is why you always pack food the night before for the next day.  Oh yes, that’s how I roll.

Add an apple to this berry bar and we’re set for the morning.

What?  You don’t think you can pack a salad to eat out in the 100 degree desert without it tasting like nast?  I shall prove you wrong!

Spinach with tomatoes, carrots, tempeh, butternut squash, salsa and bell pepper.  Oh yes I did.

After 10 hours of work I came home to another apple and therapy.  It’s going to be an interesting weekend based off of that…lets just say dress shopping is not a favorite thing of mine to do.  As a matter of fact, I hate it.  We’ll leave it at that.

By the time everything was done, I had picked up some groceries and sent off a fax, I was famished and with a pounding head.  I was supposed to do a speed workout today but you can bet that didn’t happen.  I’m feeling horribly guilty about it yes (for more than one reason), but I’m trying to relax over it.  Trying being the main word…alas…

A bit of humidity was sitting throughout the town so since I had my veggies at lunch, I figured I could have a smoothie for dinner.  But I stuck spinach in it anyhow, that counts right?

A frozen banana, frozen blueberries, USVAB, 2T PB Flour, guar gum and spinach later…

Followed by a very large vine of green grapes and some Attune Chocolate Granola Munch later…now I’m on a guilt trip.  Lots of work and food and no working out?  The feelings arise…

So to ease my mind, I’m playing with Honey.  She can always make me smile.

Oh, and I’ll leave you with a picture of me looking like Tarzan’s Jane…except in the desert:

Beauty is not my priority in the desert…just putting on sunscreen.

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7 Responses to Half Way There…

  1. Mama Pea says:

    You ARE beautiful!

    I want to go dress shopping with you! Can you fly here before the Festival and then we'll fly down to SF together? :) It's a thought.

    Love you!

  2. Bee says:

    You have eaten very little and it sounds like with your soreness and head ache you NEED to miss a workout. No guilt because in the long run (pun not intended) you will feel better and be able to work out minus horrible symptoms which makes exercise enjoyable rather than compelling and painful. You have done the smart thing and honey will be delighted she has someone to cuddle :)

    take care petal!

  3. kate says:

    You still look gorgeous in the desert! I love your hat.

  4. Natalie says:

    you're the cutest tarzan jane i've ever seen! halloween costume?! :)

    no need to worry–listen to your body and it sounds like it's saying REST! i used to struggle with this soooo much (and have learned the hard way)…our bodies know best!

  5. Jessica @ The Process of Healing says:

    OH girl :( Don't feel guilty… you are gorgeous and your body is strong and perfect.. one day of not working out will NOT make a difference. I half a$$ed today in the gym because i just wasn't feeling it and I knew I wouldn't be able to work out tomorrow and I felt guilty at first but then I smacked myself and woke up… one day is NOT the end of the world. There are other days for working out… and no room for guilt. Life's too short hun. Love you!!

  6. runwritetherapylife says:

    I definitely struggle with guilt when I don't work out for a day. But it's really just one single day. And it sounds like you were listening to your body in terms of hunger! Maybe you were extra hungry from yesterday's run or something. That happens to me sometimes. :)

    You are such a cute Jane. :)

  7. Krista says:

    That's a great photo of you, Melissa! And I want that bowl of veg and tempeh right now…it's almost lunch time here!!

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