Record Breaking…

That’s what Southern California was filled with today!  Downtown Los Angeles got up to it’s all time recorded high of 113 degrees!  Holy crazy that’s hot!  It got up to 95 where I live, but it was that hot by the time I left the Mojave at 9.45 after finishing surveys.  Thank goodness for AC in cars and fans at my apartment!  Even if I did wake up from my nap covered in sweat…that’s a whole other story…

Alas, I was strategic today and chose to do the shortest survey so I wouldn’t have to be out in the hot hot hottness!

There is nothing like being outside before the sun rises…it’s been a while since I started work that early!  But it was to beat the heat, then I’ll take it!  And you see that road in the 2nd picture?  I drove up that…yeahhhhhhh I’m badass. :)

I had breakfast before leaving and it was none too exciting of a peach and cereal, and there was a snack mid morning of 1/2 a Banana Bread Odwalla Bar and a Golden Delicious Apple.  It was interesting so see the moon and sun while I was birding though!

I got home at 10am to finish off the day, just as it was hitting 95 degrees in the desert and then did some bird research where I tortured my poor kitty with bird calls…she was chattering like mad and probably would have started salivating had I gone on any longer!  Too funny.

A headache started to come on which is a sure sign of hunger for me if it’s been too long and my stomach isn’t I jumped at the chance to eat my leftover veggies…I had a smoothie on the mind but my apartment was actually cool so I figured I might have one for dinner of course!

A FlatOut Wrap filled with Laughing Cow, Hummus and lots of veggies, with my killer grapes.  Half of them were eaten even before the picture was taken…oops.

It wasn’t much of a filler so I had one of my PB Raspberry Oatmeal bars, heated just a tad to unfreeze them and make it nice and soft…the raspberries are so sweet!  Yay for being locally grown and ORGANIC!

A 2hr nap ensued where I fell asleep cool and woke up drenched in sweat.  Yuck.  The heat was killer!

More research (I’m such a bird nerd, what can I say…I like to know my stuff!) and a Jonathan Apple later I was out the door for a run as it had finally cooled off.  I was supposed to run hills today with my running buddy but she asked for a raincheck with the heat…and Monday night football.  Meh.  Instead I ran a 4.7 mile block, running the 1st half harder than the second to give it a bit of a tempo bit…besides, tomorrow will be hills (hopefully) so I need to not exert myself too badly!

Of course I was hot after finishing so I made that smoothie I wanted from lunch!

That sure doesn’t look appealing but it sure was tasty!  Smoothie in a bowl including:

  • frozen banana
  • frozen blueberries
  • spinach
  • 1/4C fresh apple cider
  • 1/2C water (I’m out of USVAB! Wah!!!)
  • 2T PB Flour
  • ice

Tasty topped with some High Fiber O’s!

And now, it’s time for more sleep.  Gotta get up way before the sun tomorrow to beat the heat again!!!

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8 Responses to Record Breaking…

  1. Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) says:

    Oh man, it was ridiculously hot today! Horrible.

    I woke up sweaty at 5am, that is seriously weird.

    "Bird nerd" cracked me up! I love that it rhymes. :)

  2. shelby says:

    That's so weird b/c it was only like 85-90* today in Tucson. And they say Arizona is the hottest ;)

    Mmm smoothie in a bowl!

  3. Maria @ Chasing the Now says:

    YOUCH! Take care of yourself in the heat! :)

  4. Mama Pea says:

    You are addicted to the PB&J smoothies in a bowl. Guess what. Me too.

    Love you!

  5. Courtney (Pancakes and Postcards) says:

    dang!!! i usually love LA weather (i miss it so, so so much) but glad i am missing THAT! but i still want to make a smoothie…

  6. Bee says:

    Gotta love a cat nap :) So weird I keep waking up all sweaty except the weather here is rather chilly! Its so bizarre!

    I hope you don't mind but I've added you to my blogroll :)

  7. ratzxfink says:

    Hi melissa, your raspberry bars look really good, do you have the recipe, would you mind sharing it? thanks

  8. Krista says:

    I love, love those sunrise photos! Totally worth waking up at the crack ass of dawn for…

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